Don Wiss

A circa 1916 car to identify

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Okay guys. I like to program. With all the scans that my brother sent me. And all the information posted here in my three topics asking for help in identifying cars. I created a section on The Wiss Family Cars. There is a menu listing the 10 cars, with navigation between car pages.


In reply to Jeff Brown: Yes, I would like to someday include ads for the cars. But only for the specific model. This constrains new feature expansion.


Thanks all for your help and compliments.


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Don, I'll tell you a quick Wiss car story, that I actually did not know until today, at least the connection to your family!


About 30 years ago, I was working at White Post Restorations.  A transport company pulled into the front lot there, to deliver or pick up a car.  My great friend Greg, who (whom?) was working there also, and owned then,and still owns, a Stoddard Dayton, found out that there was an SD roadster in the truck.  We immediately went to the truck and started crawling around the roadster.  Pictures were taken, grins and all.


Part of the rest of the story is that we both got in trouble, our late boss Billy Thompson was very unhappy that we were not only skipping work but also taking pictures in a trailer.  We were fussed at, at length, but we both went away smiling.


The rest, of the rest of the story, is I now understand that car was in transport from the Wiss collection, on it's way to a new owner who (whom?) I won't mention but know who (whom?) it was.


Small world in the car collecting community!  

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