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  1. Just saw this today, Alex. Thank you for the modern view of the Peerless building.
  2. Hello George -- Thank you for the report on this new collection. I didn't know the unique 1915 Peerless Six-48 changed hands. The 1913 Cole Roadster is excellent, too!
  3. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    A photo of a 1929 Peerless Model 8-125 used as a radio-equipped patrol car in Cleveland: Cleveland Police Museum photo of Sgt. Carl Fix, Henry Spilker & Frank Hejna, standing. 138" w.b./114 HP Straight Eight/More HP than: Buick...........Ford........Chrysler........Marmon........Packard Cadillac.......Lincoln...DeSoto Chevrolet...................Plymouth LaSalle Marquette Oakland Oldsmobile Pontiac Viking
  4. You can't go wrong with a Miura. And just because I rode in one 50 years ago doesn't mean I'm prejudiced: it's the original Supercar.
  5. Looks like an original Peerless Eagle radiator mascot: $349.99..........ebay
  6. Caption from Detroit Public Library Collection said "Motorists with 1904 Peerless Green Dragon race car":
  7. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    An ad promoting the new 1923 Peerless Model 66 appearing in the December, 1922 Saturday Evening Post. After seven years of Model 56 V-8 motorcars, the 66 was built for two years, followed by the Eight-67 and Eight-69 up into 1928.
  8. I saw a photo of a massive Peerless 48 crankshaft built from scratch recently. Maybe it came from that shop.
  9. My Dad bought one new. He loved how it was a much cleaner design than the 1959 Mercury, which looked like an Italian battleship. He liked the 430, too. The car did its best to destroy a locomotive a year after he got it.
  10. 1926 Peerless Model Six-80 5-Passenger Sedan with Gotfredson Body. This one was for sale in Canada, and sold a week ago. No word yet on the new owners.
  11. Gee, Lamar, I didn't know you had any pre-1954 Buicks in your collection! Nice '38!
  12. The 6th Peerless listed -- the 2nd Coupe -- would be a fascinating restoration. In 1960, someone redid it as a lakebed racer, all the rage at the time in SoCal. The top was taken off and the I-8 was replaced with another I-8 (Chrysler Spitfire) and a LaSalle tranny, the huge headlights were replaced with small ones, and the wood or wire wheels with smaller ones to lower it, probably. I know where a replacement Peerless/Continental straight-8 motor is and the Chrysler mill might be sellable. It was running when for sale in 2015...the owner even posted it on the AACA forums once. The wheelbase was 118" in the Standard 8 and 125" in the Master 8. Engines 85 HP and 115 HP, respectively. New prices for these Coupes were $1,495/$1,995/$2,320 for Standard/Master/Deluxe Master.
  13. A.J., Yeah, you could put all the straight-8 Peerlesses from 1929-1932 known to exist in a KFC parking lot. 35 at most, counting some rumored cars and the one I told you about in a big barn find collection. Out of a production of 3,774 of the Sakhnoffsky-designed models and 1,163 of the 1929 8-125 models. I'll try to post photos of ones that have appeared in the forums. 4 of these are period images & 6 are more recent: <--1930 Peerless with Weymann coachwork <-- 1930 Custom Eight in New Jersey<---- 1931 Master Eight in Ontario <-- 1930 Standard Eight discovered in storage at the Blackhawk Collection, California, now in China The Last Peerless, Cleveland Police Chief George Matowitz's 1932 Custom Eight <---1930 or 31 Standard or Master Eight Coupe in a shed in Marin County, California and FS on Vroom 6 years ago<---1932 Master Eight in Hawaii<---1931 Deluxe Master Eight <--- 1929 Eight-125 in Ontario til 2019 <------ 1929 Eight-125 in California
  14. Dave....thank you for putting in this mention of the Eight-125 Peerless. I'm guessing that the photos are from the initial Concours it was presented at, Boca Raton, where it was awarded a 99.5 in CCCA judging. The restorer, visible here, told me crowds walked on by a row of Cadillacs and flocked around this '29 Peerless, never having seen this model before. There is a 1 or 2-minute video about the car on the Peerlesss Research Findings thread on the Peerless Forum here. The numbers built are about equal to total Duesenberg production, so they were rare when built. I believe there are 6 of these 8-125s known in the world today(I keep the registry). At the Peerless booth David Baird and I ran at Hershey in 2013 -- I met someone who had a Coupe version of this. Can you imagine this in Coupe form? Alsancle will say, "Yeah, with blackwall tires, though!" The owner here elected to be "Puttin' On the Ritz", as the old song goes, and it does stand out. Fourteenth year in the eight-cylinder field, first year for straight-eight. 114 HP. Available in these body styles: Coupe --- $2,195 Roadster --- $2,195 Victoria --- $2,195 Sedan 5 --- $2,195 Sedan 7 --- $2,295 Limousine --- $2,495 ----Jeff
  15. I agree, Terry. Calling that a coupe is like calling a 4-1/2 Litre Bentley a cheap six-banger. It is a very nice illustration from the period. The headlights lead me to believe it is a 1923 or 24 Model 66 Four-Passenger Touring Phaeton....that would set you back $2,990 at the factory. A little odd to see a Canadian Mountie trying to fix the little roadster in the background. Here is a comparable car for sale about 6 years ago:
  16. Here's the ebay listing ending 1 Day 19 Hours from Now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402850282790?hash=item5dcbbf7d26:g:bsYAAOSwwolgoWIN
  17. That, my dear DSW, is a 1924 Peerless Touring Phaeton. It could be a Model 66 with a 332 Cu. In. V-8; or a Model Six-70 with a 289 Cu. In. straight six, introduced at the New York Auto Show in January, 1924.
  18. LXX. A Peerless Instrument Panel is for sale on ebay. These don't come up for sale very often. This 6-Gauge one would be for 1928/1929 on the 6-80, 6-91, 8-69, 6-81, 8-125, to the the best of my knowledge.
  19. Hello Dave, I re-posted my picture of a World War Two Jeep in my post from 3 weeks ago successfully. My Dad spent a lot of time in those Jeeps in 1943, 1944, 1945, and 1946. Enough time to become fluent in Italian and German! Also, I wanted to add that the Italian Campaign I mentioned would have been a pushover, except for the 20 German divisions there until VE Day.
  20. TG57Roadmaster: Thanks for posting this from your collection of Peerless Company newsletters. I had never read that, or seen the pictures of the cars on exhibit there in Cleveland in 1927: a very good year for the firm. Must be 5 and 7 Passenger Sedans, Limousines, Opera Coupes, Boat Tail Coupes, Boat Tail Roadsters and Landaulettes in the 5 models crafted that year. ......................................6-60........................6-80........................6-90...................6-72....................8-69......................................... I would have written earlier but I have been traveling a lot. ----Jeff
  21. Norbert1....welcome to the AACA Forums. An honor to have someone from Poland exchange messages! I heard of two people who bought Peerlesses today, you and someone in Virginia who got a 1929 or 1930 Six-61 Sedan. Have you seen the AACA Peerless Forum yet? There are hundreds more about Peerless there, going back to 2007. Is your car the same one that was in Missouri, then Arizona, shown farther up in this thread? I know of about 30 Peerlesses in Europe, including one 1925 in Poland -- I met the owner at the 2013 Hershey Meet in Pennsylvania, where he had just bought it. Jefferson Brown, Idaho, USA
  22. There's a similar car for sale at Country Classics, Remsen, Iowa. So a guy, or gal, could have a matched set. The sales site does have a lot of photos, and they indicate a lot of wood framing under the fabric, so I think it's a fixed top. Text: "1928 Pontiac Oakland Coupe. 6 cyl., stick, motor is not stuck, no rust, AZ car, wood spoke rims. $6,200." photo by CountryClassics
  23. It's hard to tell which of the five models, but I think 1927 is right. I've seen this before in a book about Yellowstone.
  24. It looks a lot like one Trimacar had for sale 10 years ago, but gone down a condition level or two. I think his was a straight eight, though.
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