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  1. Kanter Auto Products has a lot of that kind of thing. Call them in New Jersey.
  2. Interesting information. ChuDwah. Thanks. As far as I recall, there was no screen or spark arrestor like this. I THINK I recall just removing the cap, and staring down into the gasoline, looking for debris. But I was a young apprentice sheet metal worker at the time...so that means it was...Oh, wow...well over 40 years ago!!!!!
  3. Many years ago I bought a cheap, older-restoration 1930 Model A tudor. I decided it would be fun to drive to work every day. But the darn thing would be running down the road and suddenly stall, for lack of fuel. Pull over to side of the road, pull gas cap to check, and it would start right back up. Ah, HA! I thought it must be the legendary "gas-cap/radiator-cap been swapped" problem we've all heard about. But even with the gas cap off the entire time, it kept happening. There was some kind of blockage. So I put the carb-end of the fuel line inside a 2-liter soda pop bottle, wrapped a rag aro
  4. My GUESS is that it was a pretty good price, IF there were no hidden disasters in there anywhere. If I had garage space and some interest in a pretty darn cool roadster just then, I would simply have gotten in my truck and driven there immediately. I've done it before, and had some great adventures along the way. Often I turned down the car in question, but enjoyed the trip anyway. Other times, I came home with a car which I was very glad to have.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Maybe someday these can be identified. And if so, I'll bet that somewhere, there is someone who would be really glad to have them!
  6. I recently bought the remnants of a 24 Hupmobile from an estate. Now I am learning that some of the parts I got weren't Hupp at all. It would be great if I could sell some of those pieces, to help recoup the costs of the Hupp parts & the related adventure. Anyway, I THINK the part in question this time is a shifter column for a 3-on-the-tree manual transmission. And I noticed some older Chevy 6 cylinder engines lying around in that old garage when I was there, so maybe this is out of an older Chevy truck? Please, anyone, if you can help, let me know what I have he
  7. Looks like a gas cap for a 1971 to 1973 AMC Hornet to me.
  8. Wait! Is that John Wayne at left, on the horse? LOL
  9. I recently went to South Carolina and bought a 1924 Hupmobile chassis with engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear axle assy, and miscellaneous parts. In the pile of Hupp part were also some other items, and I'm asking for your help to identify them, please. First up is a chrome-strip/center hinge section for a 4 piece hood. Looks like a truck of the late forties to me...and I recall that there were some old Chevy straight six engines in the same garage. Does anyone recognize this thing?
  10. Wow, awesome early muscle! I've never even heard of one of these with a 4-speed. I'll bet these things were real sleepers. Thanks so much for sharing, and for the bonus information!
  11. I bought a tray of small parts at an automotive swap meet, not long ago. This interesting little oiler was in the tray. I ASSUME it is not automotive. But it is sort of old, so before I scrap it...does anyone recognize it, per chance? (sure wish that tag was at least partially legible!) Thanks again, gang. You folks are my heroes.
  12. For myself, I have guessed at exhaust pipe hangers, and lamp brackets. What do you folks think?
  13. Hello all. Like many of you, I have cool older items laying around that I'm not sure what they are for, but they are too nice to throw away. I've had this pair of brackets for decades. I took them to Hershey a few times, and put them on display (among other unknown items), with signs saying, "What am I?" That tactic worked well, and I was able to ID many items. But these two brackets have stumped me. Yet they are STILL too nice to discard. The u-bolt circle seems to be just 1.5" (3.81 cm). For the record, I got them from an old auto repair garage in Three Rivers, Mass
  14. Never had much experience with a Renault Dauphine. But a high school friend had the newer "econo" model, the Renault 10, as I recall. The local dealer ran TV ads offering them brand new for $50 down, and $50 per month. I rode in his car often (better than walking a mile home from school), but even though he generally kept the pedal glued to the floorboards, it still wouldn't keep up with a good Toro self-propelled mower. LOL. As I recall, the Renault 10 cars in our area were known to be problematic, and within about 2-3 years of service, I never saw one of them on the road again.
  15. Note the lack of "pointed ends" on the front of each fender, beside the headlights. The Torino fenders that year were quite pointed, but the OP's photo shows relatively blunt front fenders. I concur with the theory that it is modified.
  16. We do this kind of work at my small business. My brother is a former champion atv racer, and has made many decals out of materials that can withstand chemicals and other abuse. The challenge is, that a roll of special vinyl film must be acquired to do a job like this. And rolls of quality vinyl can cost 5 grand or more apiece. It's hard to buy a roll to run out a few dozen decals, and then put the rest of the roll on a rack and hope you will be able to sell it some day.
  17. What IS that car? I'm sure I should recognize it, but I don't. Maybe it's the dust...or maybe the photo angle? I note the 4-lug wheels, like a Falcon or Chevy II. But that front fender is neither of those, I think.
  18. Over 40 years ago when I was young, fearless, foolish AND dealing with a horrific family tragedy, I bought a souped-up 900 Kawasaki motorcycle, constantly riding it hard and fast. Motorcycle buddies called and warned my young wife that I was definitely gonna die on that bike soon. Then I got a major traffic ticket. My sweet, beautiful little wife swelled up into a raging volcano, and the ONLY way to quell that eruption was to sell the hot rod bike. I put an ad in the paper, soon had a buyer at the door. Three 18-19’ish boys stood there with no shirts, no shoes, wanting to test driv
  19. Beautiful cars, and tremendous knowledge! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Ron.
  20. The Grant Motor Co exported Grant Six automobiles to New Zealand (I ASSUME this photo is from Kiwi-Land, since the OP is NZcarnerd). My parents once bought a very uncommon 1921 Grant Six chassis from a Mr Black in New Zealand, and had it shipped here as a parts car for the 21 Grant Six roadster they owned at that time. At first I wondered if this one could be a Grant, but the hood seems too rounded, and if I'm seeing the hood-side louvres correctly, they are way down low on the side of the hood, and pretty short.
  21. I agree with Craig. This handle looks pretty delicate, with that long, thin hand-grip portion. Yet the steel hexagonal shaft is pretty beefy. I hate to throw it away...but...?
  22. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, Greg! You know, I actually thought of that a few minutes after answering Wheelnut, and just got in. But I've worked on that for an hour, on and off! A strategically-placed comma in there, and maybe putting the word "one" after the word "which" might have made it make sense, even to an old man like me! LOL. Thanks so much!!
  23. Thanks for trying to help, Wheelnut. No luck. I tried "Trailer Bus," with no luck, and then tried "train." Both duds. Guess they want to keep us dumber folks out!
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