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  1. Also, what part of the country are you in? I have lots of Chevy V8 enthusiast friends around the country. I can try to connect you with someone.
  2. The 3970010 Chevy block first made its appearance in model year 1969, as I recall, and went on to live for many years. If you look on the same cast flange where the "3970010" raised letters appear, near the top-center of the back of the block, you'll likely find a casting date code, which is the best way to determine the year of the block. Look for two impressions of screw heads in the cast iron, with 4 or 5 alpha-numeric characters in between. Example, you might find something like: "F1673." Since "F" is the sixth character of the alphabet, you know that the block was cast in the sixth month.
  3. Very cool cutaway display! A friend and member of our chapter of AACA made cutaways of various things for a living, back when I was a kid in the 1960's.
  4. Call Coker Tire in Chattanooga, as a starting point. They'll help you figure out what tire size you actually need, and they make/sell more of them than anyone. There are other sources too, but Coker is a great place to start, as they have knowledgeable folks on their phone lines.
  5. It is correct that most Osage trees that I have seen are fairly small. There is indeed a large one near my home, which must be 3-4 feet in diameter at the trunk, and 35-40 feet tall. I'll stop and see how big it is one of these days...
  6. Thanks, Ron. Just the kind of info I was hoping for. And, I am AMAZED that you have a real steam tug boat of your own! WOW. How about some photos?
  7. Very cool! Love the originality of this car, and the fact that you still drive it. I see that Zasu had different headlights on it in that photo. Wonder whatever became of them?
  8. I agree with the "pass" decision on this one. And I'll admit that I really enjoy following your threads about your search for a project. Thanks for sharing, Peter.
  9. I know less about wood for antique car bodies than any of the previous posters here, but I do have a question based on other experience I have had with wood. "Instinctive" archers shoot bows without any sights or mechanical systems to increase the speed and energy of their arrows. Instinctive archers who are also enthusiasts of "primitive" archery like to make their own wooden arrows and bows. For the bows they often use Osage Orange (sometimes called "hedge" or "hedgeapple.") In reading about these hobbies, I came to learn that osage orange wood is extremely dense, and extremely
  10. JamesR, Yes, that was definitely a popular color for Chevrolets in both 1956 and 57. IF I recall correctly, it's called "Sierra Bronze" and "Adobe Beige." The latter is the cream-like color. Great memories!
  11. SIMILAR to 1963 Chevrolet quarter panel moldings, which would have read "IMPALA" inside that that groove. But this one is not for a 63 Chev.
  12. Definitely an airbrush retouch on the black car. It may have had some sunlight glare, or a big shadow, or just blended in too well with the background. If you look at the back window, you can see that it's not level with the rear windows of the other cars, and not quite lined up with the roof line or trunk. It's likely that the artist was not a car expert, and since he/she could not see sharp lines of the rear windshield, they simply guessed at where it must have been.
  13. Ray, Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your restoration! I know what it's like to get lots of different recommendations from lots of different folks with vintage automotive issues...and then see even different information online. Which one are you supposed to believe?? So this post is merely intended to reassure you that most all of us on the AACA forum have come to trust the carburetor expertise of Jon "Carbking." I used to set up a vendor booth at Hershey directly across the aisle from Jon, and was constantly impressed with his deep knowledge of these vintage carbur
  14. My brother-in-law has a LOT of hubcaps from this vintage. I have sent him your photo, to see if he has the right one for you. ------Jim
  15. Nice project, 55nailhead! Hope you'll enjoy the project. I personally suggest that you should see if you can get it running, and then mechanically sound (brakes, tires, etc)...or at least sound enough to drive it around the block a few times. Then make you decisions as to the restoration project. Wishing you all the best with this high-potential project!
  16. In about 1956 when I was 2 or 3 years old, I fell and cut my hand badly, severing tendons. Doctors told my parents that I needed home therapy with grasping round things, like a trapeze bar, etc. So they hung a trapeze bar for me, but I quickly got bored, and didn't stay with it without being forced. So my dad had an idea, and got together with family friends to build me a little gas engine-powered car out of lawnmower pieces, so I would WANT to ride it, grasping that steering wheel. Eventually I was invited to drive it in a St Patrick's Day antique car parade in Middletown, Ohio in 1957.
  17. MUCH better image, 1914princess. Neat car! I definitely don't have any lights like those. Ask Terry Bond. He is our resident brass light authority.
  18. Thanks, Steve. I am certainly interested to learn anything I can about these neat old lamps. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  19. 1926 Buick, I think? Used to have some of those.
  20. Looks like that dash insert was engine turned at one time. Interesting dash.
  21. I tried to zoom in and lighten the bottom area of the plug, but this is about all I can do with it. I would really look closely at that slight raised ridge around the hollow area in which the porcelain insulator is enclosed, and see if it might possibly show any evidence of having been sheared or cut off.
  22. Looks to me like the threaded part of the plug (which would have had the ground-electrode attached) has been broken or cut off. Can't see well enough in your photo of the bottom side of it, but that electrode in the bottom which is surrounded by porcelain sure makes it look that way.
  23. Neat little car. I've never seen a 1914 Princess car before (or any year, for that matter). Can you possibly get a much-closer photo of the lamps in the sketch in that ad? Or, maybe we can find other photos or images to help ID what you are looking for.
  24. Padgett, 1965 can't be right. My grandparents took me and my cousin across country, deserts included, in their brand new all-black 1959 Ford Galaxie. I remember the trip well. Are you sure about that date?
  25. NOTICE! The date for our February, 2021 swap meet was listed incorrectly on our little yellow schedule cards which we passed out at our other events last year (we got our wires crossed with fairgrounds, and screwed this up). The CORRECT DATE is Saturday, February 20th, 2021. PLEASE help us, by sharing this information on your Facebook page, and mentioning it to all your friends who enjoy cool cars n trucks. We don't want folks showing up on the wrong week! You GOTTA BE THERE! Address: 4401 South Charleston Pike, Springfield, Ohio 45502 (at the intersection of intersta
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