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  1. While in Kalamazoo, Look into a place call the “Air Zoo”. Our tour stopped there on the recent Celebration of Brass HCCA tour. The Air zoo is a fantastic air museum heavy in early and WWII planes and even has an SR71 and a B1 stealth bomber. It’s all air conditioned and has a cafeteria. Was a nice surprise for me just three weeks ago.
  2. I believe SRB is Standard Roller Bearing though for a long time I thought was Single Row Bearing.
  3. With respect to lamps and instruments, Locomobile gave the choices to the customer. There could be standard lamps which were Solar, or Rushmore at additional cost, or Solar Eclipse also at additional cost. There was even a credit for providing a car without lamps. With repect to instruments, same story. However, in 1912, Locomobile was discounting a combinationn of Jones instruments provided together with Kimball windshields. See attached. Yes, there was choice of windshields, choice of plating as brass, nickel, or gun metal, or brass and black. and of course choice of color.
  4. Attached, please find a photo file of a 1910 Traveler. I found on the web some time ago. Beautiful details on a beautiful vehicle. Please add to your Registry Thanks Bob
  5. I believe it is earlier than you think. Perhaps a 1912/13 Prince Henry Benz.
  6. This Stevens is a 1911 Model AA Torpedo. It lived here in Northeast Ohio for many years with two collectors. It was 4.25 x 4.75 bore and stroke for 404 cid. 128 inch wheel base, three speed progressive shift. $3750 USD in 1911 not including windshield. Bob Mcanlis Chagrin Falls, OH
  7. Well. There was a car called a Coates Goshen which it says on the running board box.
  8. Nice photo. Not sure what this car is, but definitely not a Loco.
  9. I believe the third photo of the speedster is a Chalmers. 1911/12.
  10. No, that is an acquired photo, but all I would need to recreate would be a pair of suspenders and the right tree...
  11. Beautiful car. Good luck with the windshield springs. If you would, Please share a photo of the engine. I am sure all will find it amazing thanks bob
  12. Bob McAnlis


    My first inclination is 1911 Speedwell. There is an advert on eBay showing this same rear fender Paint scheme called my attention to Speedwell at first glance.
  13. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/326651-1918-packard-3-35-twin-six-touring/?tab=comments#comment-1877961
  14. Ron. You should be able to use a compression tester on each cylinder to see what psi you are achieving. That should give forum input on compression worries and either address them or focus on getting full power to the starter as others have suggested above.
  15. I believe it is a Welch about 1907. This would be 75hp.
  16. Al: I have good luck on selection with Century Spring. You can shop on line. https://www.centuryspring.com/ Thanks Bob McAnlis
  17. Based on the type of core in the radiator, I agree it is a Peerless. as franklinman suggests.
  18. I have been using OO grease in my brass cars transmissions and rear ends. Google OO grease. that is OhOh rather than ZeroZero. It is pourable grease. Very sticky. I have used maybe 20 gallons over the last half dozen years. I have used different brands. All are more greenish hue. Very good stuff.
  19. No. My car was part of Hartline collection from early Fifties until I obtained in late eighties
  20. Yes, the upper picture is 1912 Loco. 7p touring. Attached is a photo of my 1911 Loco 48. The first year for the 48. It has a 4p Torpedo body and was the forerunner of the Sportif. I won the Grand Champion Award at the OlD Car Festival at GFVillage in 2016.
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