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  1. Hi Pete, I can't thank you enough for all the trouble you went through to get me the photos. They are just what I'll need. We should be able to easily scale the curtains for my car with them. I don't know where you are located but if you ever find yourself back this way (I'm about 1/2 hour south/south west of Hershey) please let me know and stop in for a visit. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a set of top saddles for you. Some time back there was someone posting that they had a pair on this forum. You might want to search back through past posts and see if you can find it. I also got a lead on a guy that might have a set of original curtain rods. If anything comes from it I'll let you know and if you still need a pair I can make you up a set while I'm making mine. If there's anything I can help you out with please don't hesitate to shout out to me as well. I'm still hoping to find an original top boot to copy as well. I'd even use a touring version, just scaling it back slightly for the 3-bow roadster sizing. Again, thank you, Bob
  2. No Problem Pete, If there's anything you're looking for let me know and I'll keep my eyes open through the flea market.
  3. Thanks Pete, I can't wait to see what you've got. Sounds like you didn't make it to Hershey. The weather here today was really nice. I got really lucky and picked up a correct wiper motor for my '25, so it was a really good day for me. If you'd like you can email the photos to me: . Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Pete, So far as the rods go, If we can come up with even one correct rod, it won't be a problem to replicate a couple of sets (they are just mirror images so having one will give me all the information required to make a pair). Any information regarding curtains and a correct top boot, even decent original photos will really help. Thanks, Bob
  5. I'm surprised that no one can offer any information regarding side curtains and/or boot for a 1924/25 DB Roadster. Maybe the right person just hasn't seen this post so I thought I'd try again just in case. I'll be at Hershey just in case someone could bring something I could take a look at, measure and/or photograph. I'm also still seeking side curtain door rods that I could buy or copy as well. Thanks again.
  6. We've had many discussions regarding our trailers on this forum such as axles, suspension, brake systems, hitch types, and tow vehicles. I'm curious about what some of you do regarding securing your trailers from either outright theft and/or break in while your trailer is parked at a show or even at home while it's not in use. This topic has come up in a discussion around the shop lately and there doesn't seem to be a general agreement. For instance, there must be 30-40 different ball locks (sometimes referred to as coupler locks) on the market today. If you look at the various reviews on line none seem to really receive overly positive reviews. I'd like to hear from you folks on how you address this issue.
  7. Specifically what type of insurance? I.E. general liability, coverage amount, etc.?
  8. I would never have a spare tire/wheel mounted up on a wall inside a trailer. First, just having to lift it off, especially while having a car in the trailer, is not fun, nor sometimes not all that safe. Second, if that sucker ever comes loose just think of the damage it will do to your car while bouncing all around inside your trailer as you're still heading down the road. That's a surprise I just don't even want to think about seeing when I arrive at the show site!
  9. No, sorry but it was sold very quickly.
  10. let's never forget "Uncle" Tom McCahill!
  11. Check out "TOTALLY STAINLESS" in Heidlersburg, PA. They are just down the road from us and are great to deal with, and good pricing too.
  12. I'd take the Shelby Ser. I before the Zcar! I've enjoyed quite a few miles in our son's and I can say it's a lot of fun to drive.
  13. The round step plate was used on the 1903 Cadillac, one on each side for entrance to the front seat. The rectangular plate was used on the rear sides (not on the back) for entrance to the side entrance cars in 1905-08.
  14. I'm currently starting to plan for doing the top, side curtains and top boot on my '25 Roadster over the coming winter. My car still has it's original top in good condition so we're good to go there. However I have no curtains or boot to copy. If anyone has originals that I could borrow and/or photograph and measure I would be very interested. Thanks. Also need curtain door rods to copy.
  15. I have driven the Snake numerous times in my son's 2006 Ford GT. Wow what an experience! I have some road racing experience and the GT was a great car for that stretch of road, BUT I wouldn't even think of seriously taking it on in a 'Cuda or any other muscle car! He also has a Shelby Series 1 that I've taken over there, but while it's certainly better handling than a 'Cuda it's still too much of a muscle car type vehicle (supercharged with over 600HP) for serious road racing work.