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  1. A very good friend and Mercer owner has a favorite saying that a Type 35 Raceabout is a “lethal weapon”. He has been most generous over the years allowing me wheel time with one of his and I can attest to that. Driving a well performing t-head raceabout is the most thrilling thing you will probably ever do with your clothes on! Sadly very few ever get that type of exercise any more. One of our often recanted stories involves a time I stopped by to visit with a friend along that had never ridden in a raceabout so my buddy said I should take him for a ride. There happened to be a large orchard n
  2. If 6 volt horn is the issue, find yourself a Northeast Model X from a Dodge Brothers of the late teens to mid-20’s. They are all 12 volts. They aren’t that scarce and a decent one won’t set you back more than $75-100.
  3. To what purpose? Higher RPMs? (not that good an idea, starter-generator is a limiting factor), Smoother can be obtained by a comprehensive balancing. Curious where you’re going.
  4. The thing that confounds me more than the outrageous prices, to begin with, is the fact that these folks continue to re-list those same items at the same prices month after month. I see some things being re-listed for over a year! You would think that they would get the idea that no one is interested in them, at least at those prices. After a while it becomes laughable.
  5. That is how my 1925 Dodge Brothers roadster is set up.
  6. Hi mike, I might have found a shop that can do what you need. If you can call me we can chat about it (717) 645-0334.
  7. It appears to be 1925 Dodge Brothers.
  8. Hi Mike, Got a few minutes for some phone time on Friday afternoon. Seems a lot of shops were closed but a few said they would have their relevant worker call me back this week after the holiday. Two places seemed to understand what I was looking for right off the bat and felt they would be able to help us out. I will let you know once I hear back from them next week.
  9. Mike, Before you give up on having a correct/authentic glass made, let me check around a bit. We have a lot of antique dealers/restorers here in my area so maybe I can come up with something. Where are you located? If you are contemplating spending $60 plus for an incorrect part then maybe spend a bit more for a correct part makes more sense.
  10. Mike, a suggestion might be to make contact with an an antique furniture dealer/restorer. They often must replace glass in cabinets and these often have beveled edges as well. Maybe someone can point you to a supplier in your area.
  11. Thanks again Ed. That’s about what we’ve been doing for years as well. No sense in changing things at this point. Sorry to have bothered you so much while you are busy with the White. I envy you that car. It reminds me so much of the original 1913 Jeffrey 6-cylinder touring I had many years back. Best of luck with it. Bob
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