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  1. A pic of the front cross member would help
  2. Having some racing background/experience behind me, though not in pre-teens extreme engined type vehicles, one thing that always concerns me when I see these machines being operated at speed is the tires. I doubt that they are running high speed rated tires. Many I see are running the same high pressure tires like most of us run on our brass-era cars. This is a disaster waiting to happen. I guess in many cases it’s the only thing available to fit the vintage sized rims but having seen the consequences from a tire failure at speed it still gives me chills.
  3. I’m interested as well. I’ve sent a message but didn’t get any response. Also the phone number in the ad doesn’t seem to be working.
  4. I’m about 5 years from my 50 year pin. Bought my Life Membership when I was 16. By my figures it’s one of the best investments I ever made.
  5. The biggest (but not the only) potential problem/danger with these wheels is the rust that often occurs in the bottom of the groove that the lock ring seats into. It can thin or weaken the rim to the point that it can break and send the ring flying when you inflate it, causing sever injury if you happen to be standing in the wrong place. I’ve only actually seen it happen once but judging from the dent the ring put in the wall i’m glad i wasn’t in the way. Inspect everything carefully and make sure the ring is fully seated before putting any air in, and then only a bit at a time checking things as you go. I’ve mounted a number of these on mine and customers cars with no issues.
  6. With the current situation I know that few are traveling, however I just thought i’d throw this out there. I have 4 wood wheels with rims and tires mounted plus a spare rim with tire and a front axle that need to go from South Central PA (think Carlisle / Hershey area) to Witchita, KS area. Not a rush job but if anyone, or someone you know, is making the trip and has some extra space they might be able to help, and pick up some traveling $$$. Thanks
  7. Beautiful show room. Really like the Bronco Roadster!
  8. Great pics! The info is much appreciated, Thanks
  9. OK, looks like that pretty well firms up the requirements for the running boards. Again, thanks Tony. Now i’m Curious to confirm what the trim was that was used around the floorboards. Given the tight bends involved I don’t think it was the same as used on the running boards. Anyone have floorboards with the original trim, especially the pieces around the pedals, shift tower, and handbrake?
  10. What Ed said... The Lowes, Home Depot, Hardware store stuff today just doesn't do much. Luckily I have an aircraft restoration facility nearby and we often swap/help each other with current projects. The aircraft stuff works much better.
  11. Thanks for the photo Bill. One problem is that Rest. Supply only sells the stuff in four foot pieces. The 1925 running boards require a piece 4’- 8-1/2” long.
  12. I would also like to see what the original running board trim looked like, possibly with dimensions. Also how was it installed, i.e. were the corners mitered, butted or lapped?
  13. There was some discussion that it might be over with due to a lack of personell to host/run it