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  1. I’ve seen earlier Cases with the larger T-head engines bring 6-figure prices. You’re also correct about the tractor collectors. The real serious ones make us car guys look cheap!
  2. Looks like the front seats have been recovered in some sort of cloth.
  3. Try “Totally Stainless” located in Hiedlersburg, PA. They have virtually any type of slotted head screw you will need, along with all type washers, nuts etc. The prices are often less than what the hardware stores charge for their junk, much stronger and better quality. They generally can ship same day too. Luckily we are only about 15 minutes from them so I rarely even think about going to a hardware store. They have a website with their whole catalog to shop from as well.
  4. So, would a late straight-8 ( say ‘52-54) be a better choice from the standpoint of reliability and ease of maintenance?
  5. I remember one of my friend’s parents would let him and his sister use their stamps. I was a little Jealous because my folks wouldn’t shop the places that gave out stamps. My dad said those places just had higher prices to pay for the stamps. Looking back I realize, like most things, he knew what he was talking about.
  6. I had heard someone, many years ago, refer to something like this from the Harrah library but never saw a copy. If printed nicely or high quality scanned so that good prints could be made I would be interested. Quality printing has never been cheap, not talking about xerox copies here. Many years ago I managed to acquire a full copy of Bill Harrah’s auto biography which he did for the UN history collection at the Reno campus. I had it bound in two volumes by a local bindery and was surprised at the cost that they told me the actual printed pages would probably have cost ( I got it courtesy of a Harrah family connection) if I’d had to pay for it. I’ve got a fair sized collection of Harrah related materials and it’s a fascinating read, not just for the automobile collection references but the insights into his business and personal life as well.
  7. Myers sells new caps for $75. They are reproductions and are black instead of the original brown, but they work just fine. Used ones show up on eBay from time to time but you have to be careful of cracks. I have bought complete distributors in the past if the price is right and have harvested the cap, rotor, condenser and point set. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. Good luck.
  8. Looks to be a decent place to start. We did a 1930 Marmon “Big 8” some years back for a customer and I can tell you it won’t be a cheap restoration. These are big cars with some good engineering and design work.
  9. The problem you will likely have with the free floating panels will be anywhere the paint bridges it will end up cracking. We have done several panel type bodies on early brass vehicles and have had few if any problems making the bodies tight.
  10. A very good friend and Mercer owner has a favorite saying that a Type 35 Raceabout is a “lethal weapon”. He has been most generous over the years allowing me wheel time with one of his and I can attest to that. Driving a well performing t-head raceabout is the most thrilling thing you will probably ever do with your clothes on! Sadly very few ever get that type of exercise any more. One of our often recanted stories involves a time I stopped by to visit with a friend along that had never ridden in a raceabout so my buddy said I should take him for a ride. There happened to be a large orchard next to his home with a lot of great dirt tracks so away we went (think shades of Barney Oldfield). About half way around the “track” there happened to be a large shallow water puddle just coming out of a nice right hander that if taken just right would throw up a world class cascade of water along the left side engulfing the unfortunate passenger. I managed to set it up perfectly and when we returned back to the owner’s barn my riding companion dismounted, shaken and totally soaked with water still dripping off his hair and glasses. The car’s owner and I still laugh about that one to this day.
  11. If 6 volt horn is the issue, find yourself a Northeast Model X from a Dodge Brothers of the late teens to mid-20’s. They are all 12 volts. They aren’t that scarce and a decent one won’t set you back more than $75-100.
  12. To what purpose? Higher RPMs? (not that good an idea, starter-generator is a limiting factor), Smoother can be obtained by a comprehensive balancing. Curious where you’re going.
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