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  1. It appears to be 1925 Dodge Brothers.
  2. Hi Mike, Got a few minutes for some phone time on Friday afternoon. Seems a lot of shops were closed but a few said they would have their relevant worker call me back this week after the holiday. Two places seemed to understand what I was looking for right off the bat and felt they would be able to help us out. I will let you know once I hear back from them next week.
  3. Mike, Before you give up on having a correct/authentic glass made, let me check around a bit. We have a lot of antique dealers/restorers here in my area so maybe I can come up with something. Where are you located? If you are contemplating spending $60 plus for an incorrect part then maybe spend a bit more for a correct part makes more sense.
  4. Mike, a suggestion might be to make contact with an an antique furniture dealer/restorer. They often must replace glass in cabinets and these often have beveled edges as well. Maybe someone can point you to a supplier in your area.
  5. Thanks again Ed. That’s about what we’ve been doing for years as well. No sense in changing things at this point. Sorry to have bothered you so much while you are busy with the White. I envy you that car. It reminds me so much of the original 1913 Jeffrey 6-cylinder touring I had many years back. Best of luck with it. Bob
  6. Thanks Ed, I found and ordered it today. It should get here Saturday. Hopefully I will have a clean water jacket in a week. Any input on antifreeze / coolant reccomendations?
  7. It’s definitely not a Dodge Brothers vehicle. It might be an Oakland from the mid-twenties from what I can make out though.
  8. Ok Ed, I went out to Home Depot and got all the hoses and fittings to put this beast together (I hope). That last piece of the puzzle is the heater. What are you using and how warm/hot does it really need to get to maximize the cleaning action? Do you guys let the system run 24 hours/day? Finally, and I know this question will probably open a whole other can of worms, but now that we will have nice clean rads and blocks what is the best coolant in your experience? I’ve been hearing/reading a lot about the waterless stuff (like the stuff Leno seems to like) but have never tried it. I’ve always
  9. Just received the info on the set-up from Matt today. I’ve already ordered the pump and will pick up the necessary fittings and tubing tonight to put one together for a current project. By dumb luck I mentioned what I was planning to a buddy that stopped by the shop today and he offered me a new unopened 5 gal bucket of evapo rust he had leftover from a recent project. Wow, sometimes things just work out. Sort of scares me though. Looking forward to seeing how clean I can get this block!
  10. What Ed said, especially with the rings having been chromed! Embrittlement can be a serious issue after plating. Another thing to carefully examine is the bottom groove and the flange that the ring fits into. I have seen the results of them failing from rust/thinning during inflation or while under way. There’s a reason that they put truck wheels in a safety cage when inflating these things. If you’re not experienced with them find someone that is to help you, at least for your first time. Don’t know where you’re at but if you are near So. Central PA you can PM me and i’ll give you a hand. We
  11. My first car I purchased with money from lawn work and snow shoveling was an unrestored (very) 1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Car. I was just shy of turning 15 at the time. That one took me 6 years get restored correctly winning it’s AACA Senior award the year after completion. There was no Grand Nat’l award back then. My first daily driver car was a 1966 Chev. Bel air 2-Dr post coupe that I bought at a Bell Telephone equipment auction for $212.50. It had a 250-6 cylinder w/auto and I kept it for a year until I lucked into a ‘66 Pontiac GP 421/4-speed that was a great car. It’s one of a very few
  12. Contact Myers Early Dodge Parts in Michigan. They will fix you up. You’ll need to get to know them anyway and they are super folks, Tom & Cindy that is.
  13. There were a lot of those cars built and I don’t believe a frame would be that difficult to locate. I recently acquired a virtually complete ‘25 running gear sans the actual frame just as spares for my own ‘25 DB Roadster and I have been kicking around the idea of picking up a frame and throwing a speedster together just for fun. I have a lead on a pile of stuff that supposedly has a few frames but I haven’t had time to go check it out yet. If you shoot me a PM I will let you know what I find. A frame from 1924-26 (early style 116” WB) will work. Good luck.
  14. If ;you can pick up a copy of James Melton's book, "Bright Wheels Rolling", you will find the car pictured and discussed there.
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