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  1. So I'm up here in the real North (Eastern Canada), freezing weather, 2 feet of snow (3 feet in some areas), trying to get the snow-blower started. But Ed, I'm not one bit envious! Got a set of snow tires for that beauty? LOL.
  2. So sorry to hear this news, I'm restoring a very rough 1931 Chrysler CD8 and had a million questions over the past 4 years on here. Seems Spinneyhill chimed in on most of them with great advice. Will miss his great contributions on here, all the best to his family and friends.
  3. I shipped a set of wooden spoked wheels for a 1929 Dodge to Australia from Canada 2 years ago. I made up a wooden crate , strapped together solidly. When the shipper arrived he said the crate would not meet Aussi customs requirements, it had to be cased with pressure treated wood product. He directed me to an on-line site for details. Remade the case (cost buyer an extra $100) with PT plywood, and off it went. Buyer told me the shipment was impounded at his end and he had to pay to have the wheels de-fumigated. Quite a process I guess, but he was happy to finally get the wheels.
  4. Looks like a great buy for someone who is hands on. Rare car for $12.5K.
  5. Very good pair of front fenders for circa 26/27 Dodge, been in long term storage (40+ years), $200 for the pair plus shipping. Send me a PM if interested.
  6. Thanks AzBob, and in return, here is the photo "straightened". Causes some changes in format, and a bit of detail loss at edges. It was about 10 degrees off.
  7. John, I didn't intend to suggest for a moment that rural life back then (and even now) did not involve long hours or hard work, and even in many cases hardships of all sorts. But, the term "rat race" was not an accidental term, it was used by many to describe the hectic, frenetic and some might say crazy pace of urban and big city life, both back then, and today, a race involving commuting to work, trying to quickly climb the ladder of success, and a constant desire to outdo or out-earn the next guy. The same "slow pace" in rural areas applied to growth, where population and development in most small towns would be virtually unchanged for generations, and even the same families lived there for generations. It was indeed a lifestyle many still fondly remember and miss in spite of some shortcomings. Great picture of the "Wagon Train", slow moving all right, anyone recognize the valley, anyone on here who can photoshop it from being tilted 15 degrees?
  8. hmm.... 90 years old and looks great. Will probably look the same 20 years from now. Be careful applying anything, many products can speed up the drying process, or cause other issues, not sure I would do anything. 2 cents worth.
  9. Enjoy reading these sorts of finds and anecdotal stories of cars in the past. reminds us all of a different era, when especially in rural areas, life moved along very slowly. Either of the Buicks would be great to see pulled from their hiding spot and displayed in some respectful manner.
  10. Final bid $26,200. I think a pretty good fair deal for buyer and seller if it goes through.
  11. The absence of pin striping may suggest the paint is old but not original. Most original CD8's I have seen had pin striping on edges of fenders, belt line etc. In this case it would have likely been a shade of light green similar to wheels. Not a big negative, but might influence price for some, I see it is over $23K now with 2 days to go. if reserve is $25K as someone suggested, should make that. My initial thought was $30K.
  12. Maybe he's bidding on the '31 Chrysler CD8 Coupe on eBay, fills his request perfectly!
  13. Pretty rudimentary, thinking perhaps tractor, and thinking the sterling gauge is a later add-on, manufacturer would have done better job of locating it. If tractor, it would not be unusual to have headlights well back from the front.
  14. Agreed Keizer31, but what can one do with this? I suppose someone could spend $30K or more to develop a driver that would then market for $10K. Or part it out for say $2500 if you are not concerned about the time to dismantle doors, trim, handle sales, etc. Awfully large car for a rod of some sort. Like you say, way too nice to scrap. Maybe someone who loves Desotos will buy it and park it in a barn for another 30 years.
  15. That looks like a great buy on a sure fun car.
  16. May be Freddie Mercury?
  17. For the machinery geeks out there, Heavy Duty (or "extra low" as some called it) ratio was 3.627-1, starting gear (1st gear) was 2.483-1, 2nd gear (accelerating) was 1.383-1 and final drive (also called speed or direct) was 1-1. Reverse was 3.137-1, so extra low was even higher ratio than reverse. Final drive in Extra Low at rear was about 15-1. Don't know just why they went to this "extra low", most likely seldom used.
  18. BB, yes there is a thermostatically controlled gizmo that opens the grill as engine warms. There is a butterfly valve in manifold as a heat riser to warm fuel in bowl etc at startup, with a pull on dash. I like the fact this car appears so original, ad says drives nicely, suggesting one could buy it and drive it just as it is. I expect it would be a big attraction at nearly any car event.
  19. I see a very nice "survivor" 1931 Chrysler CD8 Royal Deluxe Coupe on ebay today, wonderful patina, looks original throughout although may have an old repaint. Be interesting to see what it sells for (if it sells), has a reserve. ebay# 303432299568. Maybe someone on here who knows how to load ad onto AACA forum. Not Mine, car is in Michigan. Pretty rare car.
  20. Gunsmoke

    Reo maybe?

    Shouldhaveknowntocheckgooglefirst!! Have never seen one in retail stores, most clerks said no. Must tell my children that it would make a great birthday gift in March! Thanks TI.
  21. Gunsmoke

    Reo maybe?

    Guys shirts always overlap left to right, girls right to left, and men buckle belt with end to the left (if right handed!) so suggests first picture is correct, RHD car. Could be taken in Britain. BTW, I'm left handed, so put my belt on in opposite direction. Did you ever think a right handed person wears their watch on their non-working left hand. However a lefty also has to wear it on his left in order to be able to wind it. I don't think any company ever made a watch for left-handers. TMI!!
  22. Thanks Jeff, probably disappear into the vegetation in a few months.
  23. A brianj gave a pretty complete dissertation on this topic in AACA forum on Dec 21 2011, including some other posters (like keizer31) thoughts on pyramids (a universal symbol of power), delta (Greek D), the whole intertwining thing, as well as some observations on the possible freemasonry aspect (their symbol is similar, a 3 point draftsman's compass pointing up and a 3 point carpenter's square pointing down), with further thoughts on machinists fraternities etc. Most research indicates the correlation to the "Star of David" is at best coincidental. Many phrases or symbols of the past have been given modern meaning without provenance, this is likely one of them.