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  1. Yep. Most here don't like hot rod people. They and I don't like to see nice original cars. Most discussion here is about original cars. Yes. I have an original, rebuilt, numbers matching, 1968, 327, dual exhaust, 4 barrel motor and transmission in my barn. Gonna hang on to it. Just Google the heck out of what you want to do. (LS-1 in 68 Nova.) More reading than you can do in a week, I'm sure. The HAMB is a good place to start. (Hokey A33 Message Board.) Catalogs are probably full of kits that will supply everything you need. A phone call to some of these suppliers...
  2. Does he rebuild / repair many 29-30 Mopar 3 speed trannsmissions.?? Just asking. I may give him a call. Thanks for the info. I have a 1930 chrysler trans with a noise in first gear. I do have a spare and would like to have the original repaired.
  3. Priceless piece, if someone is restoring / replacing. OR, needs a pattern for sheet metal, roof replacement. Realize that every wood component is either Oak, Ash, or Maple, Cut to a specific arc. Front, sides, top bows. I just stole these pictures for the wrap and dumb dumb application on the underside. That alone is worth money. I bet you could ship this. I don't need it. I have a pristeen original for my Chrysler CJ. Good luck. Hang in there. Put it on the Plymouth Forum.
  4. About 20 years ago I turned down / walked away, from a yellow, doe skin velour interior, Chrysler, maybe 1978??. Imperial Crown, station wagon in mint condition. Was parked. 1 owner. 440 cid., power everything. Was just another huge , ugly, old car, owned by a skating rink owner. Parked out back. If I'm not mistaken, it was the largest production, station wagon made by Chrysler. 2500.00 It haunts me. When I see a station wagon , I immediately shake my head, with the remorse. Beautiful wagon you have. What a head turner.
  5. Finally moving forward with the 30 Chrysler CJ-6, 4 door. Finished up interior painting. Gorgeous. Spent 3 days sanding Ospo off the entire exterior. Sanded some more. Taped off interior, inside firewall and everything from overspray. Sprayed with 2 part epoxy. Topped it off with 2 light coats of 2K sealer. Done. Stabilized again. Beautiful. Satisfied. Nothing left undone. Not a run to be seen. Sorted out other body parts. Did a little sand blasting. Setting up to spray the black fenders and splash aprons, gas tank cover. Prepar
  6. Marty Lumm made 2 beautiful running boards for my 30 CJ-6 Chrysler. Exact duplicate of original. He offered. I payed a fair price for excellent craftsmanship. I think he copied the boards from his Desoto K. Has anyone heard from Martin lately.??
  7. I'm going to need a CORRECT rim spreader for 19 inch wheels, on a 1930 Chrysler CJ-6. Wheels are wooden with detachable rims. Point me in the right direction on EPay or PM me. Thanks.
  8. Heat it up almost cherry red and melt pure bees wax in / on the hinge pin. I was once a Pulp Mill mechanic. All mechanics had bees wax bars in their tool boxes. The store room had it in stock.
  9. Well said, Matt. I agree 100%. Happy New Year.
  10. Thanks. I watched it all. Now to trade the 2015 Mini Cooper High Gate.
  11. Had to find this. Thought you guys might like to see.
  12. Some times the Red Neck comes out in me. Security would have been called and I would have gotten kicked out of THAT show.
  13. I'm surprised that GM didn't issue a service bulletin to cover their butts like they did with the 2007 Tahoe. When the motors started using oil... at 75,000 miles, GM issued a bulletin saying it was SUPPOSED to use 1.5 quarts of oil between changes. I was asked to join a class action suit. I gave the Tahoe LTX away. My friend put a motor in his 07 Avalanche. He couldn't keep oil in it. When the "gas saving" mode kicked in. The same cylinders would drop out. Hot, cold. Hot, cold. Hot, cold. The piston rings couldn't stand it. Thanks, GM. My whole family drive
  14. Check The Filling Station. They sell Chevrolet parts but they have the windshield kit. At least they did. Thats where I got mine for a 30 Chrysler CJ-6. Good luck. Thanks for the pictures and illistrations. Bill H
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