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  1. Cleaning out the garage. Delco Lovejoy lever action shocks. Believe are for a Model U Plymouth. Not sure. (1) #43140 R-6 1590C 3 D long arm. (1) #43139 R-8 1590A 3 C short arm with linkage. 100.00 plus shipping. For both. No leaks, no rust. Used. With original bolts, nuts, backing plates. Private Message Me
  2. Won't fit the Mini. Need to get rid of this. Fits 30 Model U. Presentable crank hole cover. Could stand a little polishing.
  3. Yep. Tidy. I can pull the motor in my CJ, but I'm not. I like the way it looks with painted frame and new complete wiring harness. It looks..... Original. And by the way. There are very few nuts and bolts on my 30 CJ that are not original to the car. They will just have to deduct points if I decide to show my driver. (if it ever gets finished). Bill H
  4. Don't loose that crank hole cover. They don't exist. If they do exist, a 1930 crank hole cover is expensive. Bill H Thanks for the picture. from the side it looked like there was 3 bumpers. Good luck with your baby doll. Nice truck. Keep it as is.
  5. 30 Chrysler poking her head out of the garage door. Bill H
  6. I'm gonna need one for my 30 Chrysler CJ. Do ya think this would work?? Bill H
  7. Finnish or buy.?? If it goes on my trailer its over with. Nice truck. The market is all about trucks in North Carolina. Just saw a 63 short bed step side in nice shape go for 2500.00 as soon as it hit Facebook Yard Sales. . I need to learn how to copy and paste the cars I'm seeing come out into the sunshine or from in back of the barn. Must be drugs or hard times or too much Barrett Jackson. Bill H
  8. Goretex, rope. Probably 1/4 0r 5/16. I used to use it on anything from steam flanges to huge pump casings and oil reservoirs in Pulp and Papermaking / machines / and equipment. Has sticky tape on one side and flattens into a gasket. It is a white teflon type material. I have some 1/8 inch rope that I use for packing sink and outdoor water valves. Hope you find it. Good stuff. McMaster Carr has it. Bill H
  9. This is what I used. Fill to the top. 1930 CJ. Should be the same.
  10. My dream car. Broke my heart when I couldn't buy this one. Bill H
  11. It has only been a few years since Proctor and Gamble let a camera inside a Pringles factory. I may have met him and didn't know it at the Weyerhaeuser Tech Center in Tacoma. Weyerhaeuser and P & G worked closely with each other in the fluff pulp sector. I was involved in some experimental trials there at the Tech Center and P & G had a section walled off with guards outside the door. I spent 37 days without parole in Tacoma. Neat stuff, back in 1987, I think. Bill H
  12. Love it. I wish I could end this discussion. Thanks for the great reading, guys. Bill H
  13. I'm considering Model A LED, 6 volt, tail lights for my 1930 Chrysler CJ-6 Sedan. I need to use my brackets. I have 2. What is the center to center measurement of the bolts on the tail light bucket where it mounts to the bracket / stand and license bracket.?? Thanks in advance. I sold the 30 2dr sedan I bought in high school about 6 years ago. I bought it in 1966 for 350.00. Running driving and no rust. Bill H
  14. Thats what you do when you are snowed in for 5 months out of the year. With some good drugs. Bill H
  15. Incredible.!! Would have never guessed or believed it. I'm squirreling them back so if you run across anyone that needs them let me know. I have 24 and a few flat washers that were with them. Bill H