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  1. Goretex, rope. Probably 1/4 0r 5/16. I used to use it on anything from steam flanges to huge pump casings and oil reservoirs in Pulp and Papermaking / machines / and equipment. Has sticky tape on one side and flattens into a gasket. It is a white teflon type material. I have some 1/8 inch rope that I use for packing sink and outdoor water valves. Hope you find it. Good stuff. McMaster Carr has it. Bill H
  2. This is what I used. Fill to the top. 1930 CJ. Should be the same.
  3. My dream car. Broke my heart when I couldn't buy this one. Bill H
  4. It has only been a few years since Proctor and Gamble let a camera inside a Pringles factory. I may have met him and didn't know it at the Weyerhaeuser Tech Center in Tacoma. Weyerhaeuser and P & G worked closely with each other in the fluff pulp sector. I was involved in some experimental trials there at the Tech Center and P & G had a section walled off with guards outside the door. I spent 37 days without parole in Tacoma. Neat stuff, back in 1987, I think. Bill H
  5. Love it. I wish I could end this discussion. Thanks for the great reading, guys. Bill H
  6. I'm considering Model A LED, 6 volt, tail lights for my 1930 Chrysler CJ-6 Sedan. I need to use my brackets. I have 2. What is the center to center measurement of the bolts on the tail light bucket where it mounts to the bracket / stand and license bracket.?? Thanks in advance. I sold the 30 2dr sedan I bought in high school about 6 years ago. I bought it in 1966 for 350.00. Running driving and no rust. Bill H
  7. Thats what you do when you are snowed in for 5 months out of the year. With some good drugs. Bill H
  8. Incredible.!! Would have never guessed or believed it. I'm squirreling them back so if you run across anyone that needs them let me know. I have 24 and a few flat washers that were with them. Bill H
  9. When is Toyota going to build a convertible sports car with the 5.7 in it.?? Just saying. I've been watching a car I bought new in 1979 and in 40 years it has almost gained back its sticker price. I think 14,000 and some change. Not a good investment. Datsun 280 ZXR. 1 of 1001 built. Bill H
  10. What are these? 24 of them. Came with a box of "Junk" from a 30 U. Bill H
  11. Listed as 28-31 Chrysler Tail Light Lens and Bezel Item #323689317819 No Bids. 89.00 I think, New Old Stock. 3 5/8 Diameter. I need to figure my tail light situation. Getting close. Fenders are in the paint shop. I have one original, tail light. I would like 2 tail lights. Most people with 28-31 cars go with the Model A repo, pair, in LED. I would like to use a correct stand in case I find a correct tail light. BUT. It would save money and most of all time, if I just go with a left and right Model A complete. Just saying. My car will be a driver. Bill H
  12. Thanks, John. Should also work for a 30 Chrysler CJ. Bill H
  13. Love history. Love stories. You are so fortunate to be able to gather all the history of your family. AND, put it all in one place. I've learned something today. Yes!! I have several sets of Wiss tin snips. New and antique. The best. Thank You. Bill Harmatuk
  14. Thats it!! Thanks everyone. It does look like it was made as a stabilizer of some sort. 30U Plymouth. Those Chrysler Corp guys were ingenious. I don't need it. Its free for the postage. Bill H
  15. I have no clue. There is a space inside main body. Is put together with crimped bushings in the bolt / mounting holes. Was in a box of bolts and random brackets from a Plymouth 30U and possibly a 30 Chrysler 66. Thanks.