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    Native of New Bern for 55 years. Been in love with old cars all my life.

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  1. Bill Harmatuk

    Heated Running Boards

    I noticed the spot of red reflection on the top of the hood. The red on the drivers side hood trim piece. Then the grill. Thats what I was going by. I do remember the red on the backside of the grill on the 36 Chevrolets. ( my favorite as a kid ). I'm with you, Hudsy.
  2. Bill Harmatuk

    Heated Running Boards

    Give away price. By the way. That is a reflection of something red. Not rust on the grill. Bill H
  3. Bill Harmatuk

    collector cars in California fire

    I saw the picture. Very sad. Bill H
  4. Bill Harmatuk

    ALSA Chrome Paint

    The choice is yours. I may have 300.00 total in these 30 Chrysler reflectors. Not sure about the price, but I only wanted to do this once. Very reasonable. First you get them nickel plated. Then send them To Bill @ Uvira. On the west coast. Same aluminized glass coating as the light in the dentist office. Its a process but I can't be happier. Very professional and a GREAT guy to talk to. Bill H
  5. Bill Harmatuk

    Stupid question

    Conifer from NAPA. Did my brakes and fuel lines on the 30 Chrysler. Easy to work with. Easy to flare. Bill H
  6. Nice automobile.!! Bill H
  7. My 30 CJ has the same hole, on the cross brace, on the spare tire carrier. I do not recognize the lower hole. It appears to be a fabricated cross brace below the carrier, made of square tubing. The same square brace the turn signals are mounted on. I have none of the lower brace and hole on my car. Bill H
  8. Bill Harmatuk

    1938 Packard again...

    Once again. Lord Have Mercy. A long way from N.C. Bill H
  9. Bill Harmatuk

    1929 Dodge Bros (DB) DA6 (changed title 8.23)

    Nice car. Just saw this thread. What a deal. Bill H.
  10. Bill Harmatuk

    Leatherette Source?

    Its illegal to trap naughas anymore. Therefore you can't get Naughahide. I guess vinyl will have to suffice. Bill H
  11. Bill Harmatuk

    Free is good, right?

    The underside of an old city transportation bus is one of the most God awful places I've ever worked. Everything that had fluid of any kind has leaked and absorbed ALL the grime from the city streets. Believe me.!! Bill H
  12. Bill Harmatuk

    What do you think?

    Need some help getting it out of your stash.?? Bill H
  13. Bill Harmatuk

    Saw this type 46 Bug' this morning.........

    What kind of automobile.?? Show the car some respect. Thats not a Bug. Bill H
  14. Bill Harmatuk

    ID this mystery Hershey emblem

    Kind of looks like an AMC Jeep J-10 truck emblem. Bill H
  15. Bill Harmatuk

    Why? Why?

    She's a "REAL" Classic. Bill H