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  1. Well said, Matt. I agree 100%. Happy New Year.
  2. Thanks. I watched it all. Now to trade the 2015 Mini Cooper High Gate.
  3. Had to find this. Thought you guys might like to see.
  4. Some times the Red Neck comes out in me. Security would have been called and I would have gotten kicked out of THAT show.
  5. I'm surprised that GM didn't issue a service bulletin to cover their butts like they did with the 2007 Tahoe. When the motors started using oil... at 75,000 miles, GM issued a bulletin saying it was SUPPOSED to use 1.5 quarts of oil between changes. I was asked to join a class action suit. I gave the Tahoe LTX away. My friend put a motor in his 07 Avalanche. He couldn't keep oil in it. When the "gas saving" mode kicked in. The same cylinders would drop out. Hot, cold. Hot, cold. Hot, cold. The piston rings couldn't stand it. Thanks, GM. My whole family drives Toyotas. Bill H
  6. Check The Filling Station. They sell Chevrolet parts but they have the windshield kit. At least they did. Thats where I got mine for a 30 Chrysler CJ-6. Good luck. Thanks for the pictures and illistrations. Bill H
  7. A machine shop could possibly make and or reproduce the "snout". My spare transmission needs one also. I don't need it yet. Bill H
  8. So I'm not the only one. ALL the shows have that stupid guitar sound. No way you can call it music. Just noise. I can't stand to watch a whole lot of the shows. They all have it. Just irritating. Bill H
  9. When my 2007 Tahoe LTX started using oil..... General Motors put out a service bulletin saying that the V-8 was supposed to use 1 1/2 quarts of oil between changes. Nope.!! The problem was the gismo that cut out cylinders to save fuel. The same cylinders cut out / dropped out, time after time, which caused the SAME cylinders to go hot, cold, hot, cold, hot,cold which doesn't work with the rings on an internal combustion engine. I was contacted by a group to be part of a class action law suit. I didn't respond. I'm now the owner of a 2015 Land Cruiser, 2017 Tundra, 2019 4Runner and a 2008 Yaris. They owe me nothing. I used to and still do work hard for my money. I didn't grow up throwing it away. As they say. Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly is to the bone. No more General Motors vehicles for me. My Dad loved Fords. Thats why I was a mechanic ALL my life. I was union for 32 years in the pulp and paper industry. If you want to know about the good, the bad and the ugly. Talk to a person that drives a roll back, (wrecker), in a big city.
  10. For what its worth. My 30 Chrysler CJ 6 has a Delco Remy 714 Q starter. Bill H
  11. Cleaning out the garage. Delco Lovejoy lever action shocks. Believe are for a Model U Plymouth. Not sure. (1) #43140 R-6 1590C 3 D long arm. (1) #43139 R-8 1590A 3 C short arm with linkage. 100.00 plus shipping. For both. No leaks, no rust. Used. With original bolts, nuts, backing plates. Private Message Me
  12. Won't fit the Mini. Need to get rid of this. Fits 30 Model U. Presentable crank hole cover. Could stand a little polishing.
  13. Don't loose that crank hole cover. They don't exist. If they do exist, a 1930 crank hole cover is expensive. Bill H Thanks for the picture. from the side it looked like there was 3 bumpers. Good luck with your baby doll. Nice truck. Keep it as is.
  14. 30 Chrysler poking her head out of the garage door. Bill H
  15. I'm gonna need one for my 30 Chrysler CJ. Do ya think this would work?? Bill H