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  1. I have this 346 flathead. It was rebuilt during a full resto then I guess just left open. locked up and will need two sleeves for sure. I have the carb, front pulleys and idler, No exhaust. Has the 3 speed manual trans. and rear differential. The diff was out of another parts car. I don't know the gear ratio. I can bring it to a delivery service that can crate it. but you will have to find one here and willing to ship it all. $950.00 obo. i may separate the trans from the engine etc...I can ship Trans through Fastenal but you have to pick up at a local fastenal. I think the engine may be to
  2. look on facebook market place. I see them on run stands at the big swaps! good Luck
  3. Hello Looking for some front and rear fenders workable repairable is fine. Also a grill and shell decent steering wheel. Window cranks maybe a column. Lot of rust in mine and nothing is moving. Wind shield , side glass. Let me know what you have. I can weld and use back tail halves of fenders to correct mine. Thanks
  4. The one pictured is actually smaller which will not work with my windshield. Let me know if yours has the big gears on the outside. Thank you I wont need the fender.
  5. I placed the two big gears on the outside of mine pictured and the pins measure just inside the windshield bracket. Which is about the same as pictured for the 27-28. The two gears would have to swing opposite of each other to work. Mine pictured they each swing one direction. I do have side brackets that would mount such a piece on each side of the windshield. How ever that may also mount those other gears for the 29-31. I believe someone thought this was for a Buick. He also was from Australia or England maybe from an imported Buick. I know they had imported Dodges in Australia.
  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! THAT'S' IT!! The one I have the big gears are on the inside. Which makes it to small to fit in the windshield bracket.Maybe for a different year.
  7. Hello I am looking the windshield crank assembly for a 28- 32. The windshield rolls up and down. Please send picture and price if you have one. Also do you have picture of the interior trim around the windshield. What were the interior A pillars made of wood or steel? Was there a window channel on the sides like a door has? Thank you!
  8. That's all the pictures I could add at this time. Thanks would trade for a 1933 grill 57 bel air rear seat and interior
  9. I have a original pair of front fenders. They have surface rust but very solid! No rot through They will tool out very nice! Not even welded at the usual spots. I will post pics soon or you can send me a text if you wish 469-358-4233 and I will send you the pics. I have shipped a few pairs via Grey hound and that seems to be the cheapest. $1250.00 Pair will not separate. Thank you
  10. still have this if interested Offers considered! specs on lens are paint I believe
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