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  1. That's all the pictures I could add at this time. Thanks would trade for a 1933 grill 57 bel air rear seat and interior
  2. I have a original pair of front fenders. They have surface rust but very solid! No rot through They will tool out very nice! Not even welded at the usual spots. I will post pics soon or you can send me a text if you wish 469-358-4233 and I will send you the pics. I have shipped a few pairs via Grey hound and that seems to be the cheapest. $1250.00 Pair will not separate. Thank you
  3. still have this if interested Offers considered! specs on lens are paint I believe
  4. Open to offers or trades - I also have 33 bumpers, brake pedals, master cylinder, small parts for Trade. Looking for 33 Grill 31 wire wheel hub caps "dodge" Rad cap or Ram Rad cap
  5. I have this single head lamp from what I was told is a 33 DB8 New Old Stock. The lens is a Concornan Brown TriBeam "LEFT" The lens has #1205 stamped on the glass ring area. I was told it was for a 1933 Dodge DB 8. This was purchased from a vintage headlamp test facility. This was never installed on a car. This does have shelf wear. The chrome has couple very small dings and light scuffing from handling for the past 80+ years. the ring screw still has the retainer and the spindle mount and plug are like new. I am not able to get the trim ring off to confirm the #1205. I can unscrew it and spin the trim ring but I do not want to force it off. The glass lens looks perfect but has spots or dust on the inside. if you have any questions please ask. Need measurements or better pictures etc... looking for a 33 grill and or shell and insert. I have bumpers listed and some other miscellaneous parts from a 33 Dodge for sale or trade. Also a 35 dodge truck grill for sale. $675.00 Shipped to lower 48 tracked and insured.
  6. No 34 grills or steps- This is the only Truck Item I have The rest of my parts are from a 30 3w and a 33 sedan. Thanks Reg!
  7. I have this original grill and insert as pictured. The body and grill are nice and solid no rot! As you can see the lower half is gone. The original grill is welded in but you should be able to remove it for restoration. This would be an excellent builder is you have a damaged top portion and or missing a grill insert. $675.00 OBO shipping will be about $80 PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE I NEVER GET INFORMED IF YOU POST ON THIS THREAD. will trade for 33 shell and insert. Other items 30 dodge differential will separate carrier and or axles etc.. 491 gears 33 dodge back sea top sedan Front and Rear Bumpers other miscellaneous stuff
  8. I pulled the cover and ring gear ratio 491 #309938 - 2-5-30 Date. (the 3 is questionable in the # ) It all turns nice but the ring has one chipped tooth at the very tip and two have some small pits on back side. The pinion gear has two chipped teeth also at the large side of the gear. Looks like the bearing cage is split. But it all turns nice. I think it was restored in the 60's 70's the cover had a weld so maybe had some work done at one time. it would need new bearings and seals at least. One axle the wheel nut thread is half stripped. This has all the brake shoes etc.. PICS available from my phone
  9. This like a ford nine inch style carrier but the housing does have a back inspection cover. Let me know if you need pictures of the exterior assembly. Thank you
  10. I still have the differential from my 30 dd6. I have never taken is apart or looked inside? You think it may work? let me know