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  2. You don’t want to use MAPP gas for brazing or soldering as it is not clean enough! This was told to me by the Rep from the welding supply company. mapp is used mostly for cutting and heating . The old heavy electric soldering Irons work well. Rince the tank out or I put them in the electrologist tank and that gets rid of the rust and other gunk then you can wire brush it up and soldier it and you should have a good repair. Check the spots where the bands go around the tank. I use a old camper fibreglass bath tub to to do some of my bigger items. Those plastic barrels works good also. When you are done with the repair I would put one of better sealer's in the tank . this will help keep rust out of the gas line.
  3. You can jack up 1 rear wheel and put the clutch peddle in the disengage area and take that wheel and rock it back and forth til it comes unstuck We have a 800 Ford tractor and that Clutch stuck so we wired the peddle down and left it for a while then then I put part of a drive shaft on the pto and put the pto to the in position and gave it a good tug and it came loose.
  4. The original carb will be hard to find. . I use a Zenith off a Allis Charmers tractor.
  5. Try ebay or any place that sells old books if you look at my thread on My 1930 Chrysler the book is mention there mine is my shop and Im in the house .
  6. I bought the motor tranny and rear end out of a 1928 Chrysler from a guy was making a hot rod of the car and have two back wheels . The motor has the distributor on the top of the motor. If you need anything contact me.
  7. I started driving with a old pickup and always had one around. I drive my 1939 Chevy pickup and the 1930 Chrysler that was made into a dumping pickup back in the depression hopefully will be back on the road again. The 39 Chevy I have owned since 1967.
  8. You also can clean the coffee stains out of the coffee pot, and will help clear a plugged sink drain.
  9. It will clean a lot of crudd out of hard to get spots . It works good on carburettor's also but keep a eye on them as the pot metal may start to slough off. If you have screws that dont want to turn after they are in the water lemon juice bath as while the screws come out easy. YOU WANT THE REAL LEMON JUICE LIKE THE WOMAN USE FOR CANNING
  10. IF that Master Cylinder is one of those with the flat top that is bolted on take it apart and clean the whole master cylinder from rust and debris !! I strip them all down then put them in a electrolysis tank to get it back to a clean casting . then i rinse it and see if all the rust is gone if not back in the electrolysis again , then when it is clean I hone the bore the I put it in a crock pot with pure lemon juice and boil it a while the rinse it out and spray it down with carb cleaner and dry it and put it together. There can be a lot of rust and junk on the tops of those cylinders and best to get what you can out.
  11. Is there a way that a back yard mechanic could age today’s gas to see what it would be in 5 yrs 10 yrs etc Something that you would to expect if a vehicle was put in storage with today’s gas in it. I may put some in a glass bottle and see, a glass bottle s one for regular 87 and one for no ethanol gas.
  12. Thank You Spinneyhill; , I wrote it down on paper so I down lose it this time .
  13. I lost the contact info for I think they call him the clutch doctor and he relines break shoes and in MN. If someone can repost it or PM me I would appreciate it
  14. I got gas in my every day truck yesterday and was $2.87 a gal and 3.38 for the no ethanol . I think it is worth the extra .50 cents a gal . Each grade of gas at the pump has different ingredients in them . There is a uitube on that if I can find it again.