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  1. you want me to keep an eye out for parts you need? Will be hitting some swap meets , one is next week but not shur im going it is inside.. I have some stuff out of a 1928 but a lot is different than the 1930. I bought mine at a auction in the early 1990's I got it on the road and when work got to busy I let it set 20yrs and hope to have it on the road this summer . had to redo the breaks used the dot 5 this time there is a guy here in Michigan that will make the break hoses let me know and Ican send you his contact info.
  2. Are those pictures good enough ? I went to the barn and its cold here and the lights didnt want to come on . So i tried a couple shots and the camera battery went dead. Do you have any pictures of your car? Would like to see it.
  3. I have the breaks up and working will go over then in the spring . and have some small things to go over. I want to thank every one that helped me with this project.
  4. I would also say its purple It looks like it was clear coated or what ever they did back in the day.
  5. I ll try to get you a picture of mine later today or tomorrow i have to go to the barn anyway.
  6. The last clean up is the hardest . Mother in law had a card table of full or partly full prescription pills. If they have been opened the Cops wont pick them up.
  7. Im sorry to hear of his passing, He helped me a lot when I was ( am) working on my 1930 Chrysler..
  8. You should have left it on the stand and tasked that oil off it and put some water in each 1/4 inch or so the put some kerosene in each hole ant light it and let it burn then push the pistons out.
  9. will make up new break hoses and if you need he can use your ends to keep things looking original. He also has copper crush rings if you need
  10. I stay away from the wd40 and such as it will dry and get sticky with time. Marvel Mystery Oil and kerosene works good also. When you do put the oil in the cylinders put enough in each one to cover the top of the pistons. and put the spark plugs back in if you are going to leave it ! Has the car sat in that same garage for he 30 years?
  11. That car grandpa drove it where it sets out of the weather ? I would not worry about the oil pan. take the spark plugs out and put some Marvell Mistery oil and you can mix it with some ATF and put some in each cylinder.. then attempt to turn the motor over by hand if you have a crank for it that would be good if while you are trying to turn it over it comes to a stop ! don’t force it it may be a stuck valve if this happens take the valve cover off and see if you have stuck valves. I got a 1942 Packard straight 8 the owner couldn’t get it running. I had to free 14 valves and she starts right now. or valves . if every thing looks good and it turns all the way over then hook a battery to it and spin it over a bit then put the plugs back in and you will need to clean the points in the distributor Grandpa should be able to help you with that. when you get spark .I use a lawn mower gas tank and hook it right to the carb.. keep a fire extinguisher handy . and a little gas in a squese bottle in that hole in the carb with the air cleaner off there will be about a 1/4 tube on a angle put some gas in there and it should start. if that all works out then it will be time to clean the gas tank . you may need to clean it and seal it. You’ll love it when you get it running . you will probably have to rebuild the fuel pump and carb. If you run into trouble just ask here . Let us know how you are coming on the project. I own a 1939 Chevy Pick up for 54 years and drive it til snow comes.
  12. I didn’t have any luck getting a sheat metal screw to catch and hold so I made a taper pin and plugged the hole in the block. If it goes to making any noise Ill pull the pan and do what needs to be done. Thank You for the help. Happy New Year