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  1. Thanks for thinking of me, but I sold it last fall. The power train was completely rebuilt, and in excellent condition. I suspect that someone on the forum might have a need for it. Thx
  2. Just wanted to mention that I found a stake pocket for the 1939-38 era Dodge and Plymouth trucks. I removed some metal from the bottom, the the original bed sides need to be taken off, and I'll leave that to you. I did hit the front with some glass beads to show condition. This one was on the front of the bed and as you can see, has the bolt holes in the left flang. Easy to fill. I think you will find it in excellent condition. I had purchased two of these when I did my truck and this is and extra. Please send me a note it you can use it. Asking $75 and actual shipping. Thx Vic
  3. Definitely give him a call. I'd be surprised if he couldn't help you.
  4. STANDARD TRANSMISSION REPAIR AND PARTS RESOURCEI recently had to have the Borg Warner T96 transmission and overdrive in my 1950 Jeepster rebuilt, and wanted to share the very positive experience I had. In the course of buying a part from a fellow on eBay, I met Dennis Maroudas of DME, LLC Transmission Parts & Service. After speaking with about half a dozen transmission shops and getting prices that would choke a horse, I was very fortunate to find DME.Dennis is located in Forest Hills, KY, just over the West Virginia border, and does all sorts of vintage and antique standard transmission work. As I am in the Pittsburgh area, I drove the transmission down to his shop and got the tour. What was so impressive is that my transmission needed a number of parts (the previous rebuilder forgot to install a clip, and the main shaft was moving, eating up the transmission) and Dennis had virtually everything in stock. And, his parts prices were significantly below other parts distributors. His entire cost for rebuild was at least half of what others had quoted me.Dennis shipped the transmission back to me and once installed, it worked like a dream. Nice and quiet and shifts smoothly, like new. One other mission I was on was to find cross reference information on Willys to Borg Warner part numbers. Helps in shopping for these parts if you know the OEM numbers. Dennis gave me a copy of several pages from a "Lempco" manual that lists all types of transmissions and their respective part numbers. Not relevant for this group, but he has this for virtually any vehicle. In closing, I just want to reiterate what a positive experience this was. I was very anxious about having this transmission rebuilt, and couldn't have been more satisfied with the work that Dennis provided. If you need any parts or service I highly recommend him.You can contact Dennis at:DME, LLC625 Forest Hills Road,Forest Hills, KY 41527606-237-6648Dennis C.
  5. Hi Alan. Haven't seen this for a while. Really coming along. Nice gob.
  6. Wow....super cool truck. And thanks for sharing your project pictures. So glad to see this being preserved. If you haven't done so, you might want to get a copy of Don Bunn's book, "Dodge Trucks" published by Crestline. It covers truck production from 1916 including the Graham relationship, etc. You have an incredible piece of history on your hands and appear to be doing it justice. Now, I want to come out and help:)
  7. I refreshed the link. Please let me know if it works now
  8. I am helping an acquaintance sell of a large collection of parts for a 1938 Dodge MC (also fits 1936-37 Dodge and Plymouth trucks). I have attached a Google docs link with a boatload of pictures and suggest that you browse this to see what's available. I did notice a nice pair of rear fenders and original tailgate, which we all know are as rare as hens teeth. Please do not respond to me with questions as I don't have any significant info on these parts. The sellers name and contact info is below. The parts are located in IN about an hour west of Indianapolis. Front fenders appear to be from an auto do we know if they can be used on a truck). He's asking $2750 (negotiable) Parts link: IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THESE PARTS, PLEASE CONTACT THE SELLER DIRECTLY: Bill Presslor: email
  9. I removed this working GM 2700 radio/cassette player from an old vehicle I acquired this past summer. It does work, but was not my cup of tea (I am into stock antiques). I am not sure what this fits, and will appreciate reader feedback. I have been told it is correct for a Camero, or Corvette, but once again, don't want to represent anything as it relates to fit. I am asking $125.00 plus shipping for the unit, and if you have any interest, please drop me a note. Thx Vic
  10. Hi Alan: Really looking nice. Looks like you are on the downhill side of this. Take care
  11. I am note sure if it's the same as that used on a car. If the car cover is from a side mount style, then maybe. Any chance you can post a picture or send one through PM. Thx
  12. Just wanted to mention that I sold my 1937 Dodge MC pickup. I also wanted to Introduce the new owner, Curwood (Woody) Sessoms. Woody is a discriminating collector from the Charlotte area, and my truck will be a nice addition to his collection. I believe he has joined the forum. BTW, he is interested in finding a spare tire cover for the truck. Realize there are very rare, but wanted to ask if anyone may have a lead on one. Photos below are from the Hemmings ad. I am moving on to a few other vehicles that have been preoccupying my time, and have enjoyed this forum and the friends I have made through it. Thx Vic Panza
  13. Not sure if this is of any help, but have one pic showing where they are. Don't have the truck any longer or would get you some better shots.
  14. Cleaning out extra parts and miss. stuff I have accumulated over the past few years and came across this old tool set. Thought someone might like it for their Dodge tool collection. I listed it on eBay but thought maybe someone of the forum might be interested in it. This is an interesting old tool. It's designed to remove and ream kingpins bushings. As you can see on the box, it is the required tool for a variety of vehicles including most Dodge and Plymouth vehicles from 1934-47. It also is speced for Kaiser/Frazer for 1946-47. Includes the original box and instructions. I have it listed for $49.99, but if you want it, just make me an offer. PLease send a PM Thx Vic
  15. Hi John: I got in late last night from a business trip and just getting back on my feet. I believe I have the wiper panel handy, and will talk to my paint guy about the red color. He may have custom mixed if frpm an original spot we found under some panel, but let me see. Thx