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  1. studeboy

    Early 30's Cars

    I ran across this winter scene of early thirties cars trucks and buses. How many can you identify? Given the time of year thought the picture appropriate.
  2. studeboy


    I noticed that there is not much information on here about the Babcock car of Watertown, NY so I thought I'd post this picture from a 1976 newspaper. The fine print says it is a 1910 Model 30. The picture is taken in front of the company offices.
  3. studeboy

    Aluminum Transmission parts

    If it is a light six, then 1920 to 1924.
  4. studeboy

    Aluminum Transmission parts

    It looks very much like the transmission in a studebaker light six. It could also be for the big and special six. I think the bigger cars used a larger version same setup.
  5. studeboy

    Isenglass (Eisenglass?) in early brass cars

    As a kid I used to play in an old eisenglass pit mine. My understanding was that the large sheets of mica were used to make stove windows. And yes there were boulders of mica in the pit. We used to have competitions to see who could peel off the largest sheets. I don't think we ever got larger than 12 by 12 in all our attempts.
  6. studeboy

    Need id on a carburetor

    Marvel wa used on Case, Massey Harris, and Ford tractors, and some continental stationary engines. The zenith was used on Oliver tractors and some others.
  7. studeboy

    What make of truck?

    The radiator and the cab look about right for a Pierce Arrow. Picture was taken in NYS so plausible.
  8. studeboy

    What make of truck?

    An idea what make of truck this is?
  9. studeboy

    makes of cars?

    This photo was taken in 1922. How many of the cars can you identify?
  10. studeboy

    Universal something joint - looks 1920s

    Or if it is smaller than standard pto size may be a universal from a steering shaft of a tractor. I had a Massey Harris tractor with one in the steering linkage.
  11. studeboy

    1912 Hudson

    Thought you Hudson guys would like this photo taken in 1915.
  12. The cover on my ge was rusted out. I took it to a good welding machine shop 10 years ago. Fabricated metal to replace the bad part. It is still working 10 years later. In doing the repair the repair person said the original was pressed out of a single sheet of metal.
  13. studeboy

    Make of truck?

    Thanks for all the interesting responses. It looks to me like the truck in question has a thermo-siphon cooling setup. Would that narrow the possibilities?
  14. studeboy

    Make of truck?

    Any idea of the make and model of this truck?
  15. studeboy

    Franklin Automobile

    Trying to date this photograph. What year is this Franklin touring car. It seems to be in the 1917 to 1920 range. When did they go to the large rectangular rear window?