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  1. I own a 1940 Studebaker commander. That is not a bumper for a 1940 commander or president as they took the same bumper. There are extra holes in the posted bumper that aren't on those two model Studebakers.
  2. I am not sure if these will help? They are from a late 1922 light six trunk. The metal edge of the trunk area is a separate piece screwed into the wood. It sticks up slightly above rest of body metal and the trunk has a curved lip that hangs over it. By 1925 they may have gotten more sophisticated.
  3. Based on my light six roadster. I would agree that it was a trunk opening as you mentioned the hinges were on the top not the bottom.
  4. I used a toggle switch that returns to the off position when you release it. Works well no danger of forgetting to shut it off.
  5. The wagner for 1920 is Wagner model EM201 studebaker part number 30468. They changed in 1922 to Wagner S 400 studebaker number 10542. The remy number is Remy 736A st part #39680 or Remy 732A st part # 105959. The latter was used at least until 1925. Some one who has worked on these can verify fitment. This is just from the parts catalog.
  6. I have the 1919 to 1922 parts book and the same parts as Gary listed are used at least back until the 1919 Big six.
  7. Here the tool I use to identify NYS plates.
  8. My Grandfather's first car was a 1917 Case car. I have the original registration for it. Is the car in the photograph a Case? My Uncle is the baby in the image and he was born in 1917.
  9. I bought this trailer made from an old pickup bed with a front axle from a Hudson under it 25 years ago at a neighbors estate dispersal. He was 90 some when he passed. I would like to know what truck it was from? It has a unique back cut in the front of the bed.
  10. I am a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club but not the ASC even though I am only interested in prewar cars. The sdc accepts and welcomes everyone who is interested in studebaker vehicles whether it is a scotsman or a president. The ASC from my experience is only interested in the high end cars of that era and the social status connected with that. Let me explain . I began a lifetime dream of restoring a 1940 commander in 2000. It took me 8 years doing all the mechanical and electrical work myself but farming out the painting and other jobs I did not feel confident about. I meticulously
  11. Also since it is just wear on one side before you adjust anything else make sure the wheel bearing on that side is properly adjusted.
  12. I'd try a jumper wire from the battery to the coil next. If it starts then you have problems with your switch or wiring to it.
  13. Is there current at the wire from the ignition to the distributor.
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