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  1. Old cars do not have expansion tanks to catch excess coolant like modern cars do. You may actually have been over filling it previously. I would try not adding coolant and driving it. If it doesn't over heat and it doesn't leak then it should be fine. The foam may be caused by using modern antifreeze in the system.
  2. This problem seems like it could have several different causes. I once rebuilt a continental engine that had incorrect factory timing marks on the flywheel. I eventually retimed it using valve travel and compression stroke observation to locate where the timing gears should mesh. Then I noticed two little scratches at that point on the timing gears that some one had put there. Before I reset the timing gears the engine barely ran and it boiled right away. Another thing to consider since it should have a similar water pump is how is your pump impeller?? When i rebuilt my 1940 Commander six t
  3. According to the August 1928 parts book for the GE Dictator the complete pump is part number 127501 and the body is part number 127505. Is this a different pump than the one list in the previous thread or did Studebaker change the part number? Maybe they are different but interchangeable???
  4. They are similar to the brackets on my 1928 GE type 2 Royal Dictator with rear tire mount. The same brackets were used on all type 3 GE Dictators with rear mounted spares. This being said they used the same style of running light brackets on many models that year and I think? 1929, but I bet they aren't interchangeable between models.
  5. Actually the W stands for 4 door sedan. I am assuming the 3 is separated from the body number, so it is a w-3 which indicates level of trim. These trim level definitions changed from year to year. The rest of the number tell what body number off the line. I have a hard bound standard six/ dictator six chassis parts book from August 1928 that shows all the running changes, would be glad to look up anything in it for you. Bryan:)
  6. The air filter and separate pipe are on the left center. It should have a wire element in it that you oil. This was a common type of air filter for many years. They are as effective as modern paper filters just more work. You have to clean and re-oil the wire element regularly.
  7. Well I am going to try this. Here is a scan of the page from the August 1928 parts book for the pars for the air cleaner option on the EU Dictator. The book has part numbers for the GE but no illustration. I assume they would be similar./Users/bryanthompson/Desktop/air cleaner022.jpg
  8. Have you tried Studebaker international? They have a kit for 1941 to 63 hillholders. Most of the seals are the same as in a 1939. I used one on my 1940 commander and my hh works fine now. Could you use o rings in some applications?
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