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  1. I would say you have a cracked block. The pressure of the oil pump pushes the oil into the coolant. This is a common problem on Continental F140 engines. An internal crack usually after over heating leads to frothy oil in the coolant.
  2. Ten spoke wheels in front. 12 in rear. Some one took the headlights but the brackets are still there.
  3. I own an original 1948 f 4 stake rack my father bought new. Never repainted. The grill is silver no pin stripes, as is the one in the picture. Could be 48 as well.
  4. I am sure there is a technical name for the machine. Please let me know what it was / is. In the day they used to make a bench machine that you could put a regulator on, off of the car, and set the output etc. My generator starter guy, who does incredible work, does not have one of these as they are long obsolete. Who may have one? I need to get a regulator setup for my car.
  5. That serial number falls right in the GE Dictator type 2 range. It is a GE six.
  6. Thanks for the correction. The car was labeled as Babcock by the Jefferson County Historical Association. i see now a plate on the firewall clearly says Stearns. They had another roadster labeled as Babcock. When I blew up the picture it is a Baker Electric. I wonder, were both these cars bodies made by Babcock? They made bodies for a lot of makes.
  7. I believe this may be the same car as the first photo but in another location.
  8. Here is a picture of the Babcock factory in Watertown.
  9. The sign on the side of the building indicates he sold Grey automobiles as well.
  10. I ran across this image of the Watertown, NY Studebaker dealership from 1918 Thought it might interest some of you. The car in front is a Studebaker but what are the ones on the right?
  11. I ran across this winter scene of early thirties cars trucks and buses. How many can you identify? Given the time of year thought the picture appropriate.
  12. I noticed that there is not much information on here about the Babcock car of Watertown, NY so I thought I'd post this picture from a 1976 newspaper. The fine print says it is a 1910 Model 30. The picture is taken in front of the company offices.
  13. If it is a light six, then 1920 to 1924.