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  1. It appears from parts book 3 and four that your car used door handle part # 38523. This handle is listed for all 1922 models of Studebaker. In 1920 and 21 it was used on Big six and Light sixes but not on Special sixes. The same part # 38523 was used on special six and light six/ standard six roadsters and special six touring cars 1923 to 1925. It is described as "hard black rubber nickel plated ends". I hope this helps.
  2. Gary, I don't know if this is of interest or not but I checked my oldest Studebaker parts book and that number 9167 for Timken bearing 1751 was used as far back as 1919. The oldest listing I have. It was used in the SH that year. 1920 to 24 they used it in the Light six. So it was in use for a long time before the 30's.
  3. Thanks for all the input.
  4. The illustrations of the 31 Pontiac I looked at don't have the cowl light by the front chrome strip?
  5. What make is this late 20's roadster?
  6. The serial number would help to identify its original form. I can't read your photo of it. Is there a body number on the firewall?
  7. EJ is the first model designation for the Light six 1920 to 1922. EM is 1923 to 1924.
  8. My father bought a new 1948 Nash station wagon with his profits from selling turkeys that year. It hauled our family of 6 around until 1960 and 160,000 miles. It also doubled as a turkey delivery van with the back seat folded down. He sold the car to a man that used it to deliver bread to stores for a number of years afterwards.
  9. I had new pins machined. Salvaged lower bushings from my parts car. Upper bushings were fine. Works like new now.
  10. E-2 was for the Regal model with side mounts and rumble seat. So looks like the car in question.
  11. According to my parts books the E was for Sports Coupes first ( Standard six and GE book) and later also for Cabriolets (1928 to 1940 sixes).
  12. 1929 studebakers had a similar cap but I not quite the same.
  13. The hinges are repinned and painted and mounted on the trunk. Just need to make spacers to go under the hinges where they attach to the body. They were missing. Anybody know how thick the originals were?
  14. The instrument panel has 4 gauges in the middle and the speedometer on the right. according to the parts book that is what they call the first design dash. With four wheel brakes the serial numbers started at 1,314,286.