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  1. I haven't had time to be one here for a while but I want to thank you all for your helpful suggestions. We found a machine shop that will make the part for us. With the original part being pot metal, even if we were able to find another original we may just end up having the same problem when we try to put it to use. The new one will be aluminum and so much stronger. Hopefully this will solve the issue and we will be able to get the car in motion.
  2. Sounds good...If I see one for you I will definitely let you know.
  3. But we have some pieces missing so even then it wouldn't work...but thank you.
  4. Thank you Articifer Tom...I will try calling there.
  5. Thank you, Mike in Colorado...but it's made of pot metal and I don't think this can be welded.
  6. My husband and I are working on a 1930 DeSoto. We have it running but now to get it moving...need a main drive gear bearing retainer. The number on the piece is T2C-6. The part number might be 42954, but not certain about that. The transmission is WG T2C-1. Any help finding one of these would be greatly appreciated.