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  1. poci1957

    1958 Pontiac trans

    +2 on Steve Peluso
  2. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Good to know, I have a 1957 GMC 347 stashed in storage and thought I recalled it had the usual Rochester 2bbl, I will have to take a look, thanks, Todd C
  3. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Interesting to see such praise Jon, just for my own curiosity what was the OEM application for that carb?
  4. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Hi Giorgio, take a look at www.pontiacparts.net for a specialist in 1950s Pontiac parts. They have a catalog and are probably accustomed to overseas sales, good luck, Todd C
  5. poci1957

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    The haze and suction cup marks on new cars are very common but they do usually clean up. Last year my aged Miata had some sort of water etching or environmental film on the outside of the windshield that would not clean off with normal glass cleaner. I looked around for a stronger treatment and found this kit from Meguiars that worked great (could not find it in stores though, only online): https://www.amazon.com/Meguiars-G8800-Perfect-Clarity-Glass/dp/B06XDFRZ81/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1539272687&sr=8-7&keywords=meguiars+window+cleaner+kit It was relatively low cost and provided enough for several treatments, I guess this is sort of their version of Rain X but it worked for me polishing up the glass, Todd C
  6. poci1957

    Need Help with 55 Buick Treadle Vac

    My 1957 Pontiac has a Treadle Vac and despite my long experience like yourself it caused me trouble after doing my own rebuild. I sent it to Midwest Power Products at www.midwestbooster.com and it has been working great for several years. I was very impressed with the owner’s knowledge so if you need a different expert you might check with Rich at 877-966-0550, good luck, Todd C
  7. poci1957

    '62 Grand Prix Dash ?

    Yup, 1963 and 1964 both used the design as described by Pfeil and Gary although the actual parts were changed slightly and not directly interchangeable. A very attractive design with the three pods, Todd C
  8. poci1957

    Door alignment on 53 pontiac

    That is what I thought too, not bad. Also, unlike many people you are adjusting now before you paint, good thinking, Todd C
  9. poci1957

    1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible top problem

    WOW indeed, that is sharp, you are a lucky man!
  10. poci1957

    Raymond Loewy design....

    I knew Raymond Lowey was credited with the design but had not heard the interesting back story, thanks for posting it, Todd C
  11. poci1957

    There's a new '54 Star Chief in town

    Looks really good and great job sticking with it!
  12. poci1957

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    That is an exaggeration that old timers like to spout off about a popular old car with good parts availability. There were well over 1 million Chevys a year made in 1955-57 and there are nowhere near that many left, it only seems that way....
  13. poci1957

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    The comparison is skewed depending on what point in history you are comparing from. In 1957 you are comparing a three year old body shell (Chevy) to a brand new one in two sizes (Ford) at a time when ALL NEW and LONGER, LOWER, WIDER were shouted out as a very big deal. The larger size Fairlane 500 was marketed as a reach up into the lower medium priced field and in fact there is a vintage sales film on You Tube comparing it (and compellingly so) to a base 1957 Pontiac. So from a marketing perspective when new the 1957 Ford really moved the needle and the Chevy was just another refresh. A pretty good refresh, but still bad news in the 1957 market. But as a used car, say, 5 years later in 1962, the Chevy looked pretty good. New cars had returned to more subtle, restrained lines and fins and bold two tones were passe. So now a 1957 Fairlane 500 or Plymouth Belvedere looked like an old 1950s car and the Chevy that was a bit behind in 1957 now looked much less dated than the others. The basic 1955-57 Chevy body was comfortable and a convenient size compared to the bigger, lower cars that came later. It was also of better build quality and rust resistance. I contend THIS point is where the 1957 Chevy began to become an icon, as a solid and serviceable used car. Of course IMO a 1957 Pontiac is better but it was not destined to be such an icon, too bad for me. The engines mentioned by our own capngrog were a factor too. Magazines of the day make me think to the new car buyer in 1955-57 the Ford Y Block was considered just as good as anything. But by 1962 the small block Chevy was recognized as more serviceable, especially by the teenage owners that would covet the 1957s later in life. As Grog points out by then the new Ford small block was coming out and that pretty much admitted the Y Block had run its course, Todd C PS--I agree with others that the dash of the Chevy was odd looking and the Ford headlamps were the weak point of an otherwise very good design
  14. poci1957

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Thanks to you too David, it is great to have someone of your experience helping us on the site, especially with the less common skill of dealing in early upholstery, Todd C
  15. poci1957

    '52 Skyliner?

    I have seen no evidence of this ever being produced. Could be a prototype, could be homemade, one can never say never. But when in doubt I suggest assume homemade until proven otherwise with hard facts, Todd C