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  1. I do, the Desert Bar, 1990 I think. I bought a box thinking they would amaze my friends back home, Todd C
  2. Yes, this took a turn regarding the white paint thanks to me, sorry about that. HOWEVER it could be relevant in that lots of these cars that were restored in the 1960s will have incorrect colors and this way you can be aware that a white car 1920s car is probably not authentic 😉
  3. I also think 1952-53 is about the beginning of the time frame. Looks like Ford provided the 1953 Indy 500 Pace Car in ivory white and by 1955 they used bright white widely in two tones and with matching two tone interiors featuring bright white vinyl. Before 1952 you might see off whites like light gray or cream but never a bright white like later, Todd C
  4. Interesting comment, as by then white was being widely used, especially in two tone combinations.
  5. Before my knowledgeable fellow members critique me note I am aware that there were popular brass era Buicks and others painted white circa 1908-10 and that coachbuilt cars could be ordered in any color desired (the excuse used for many questionable restoration color choices). But my understanding is that in the 1920s and 1930s white was not usually used both due to the ambulance/milk truck association AND that white paints had poor durability and would turn chalky in a relatively short time. Does anyone know if that was the case?
  6. My understanding is in the prewar years white was considered only suitable for ambulances and milk trucks and almost never used on passenger cars, it is a little pet peeve of mine to see a white prewar car, Todd C
  7. The ones for corvettes seem to come from Quanta at gas tanks.com
  8. It could be an issue for me and something we might not always think of
  9. Hello pkhammer, I am about your age (52) and are similarly interested in 1920s cars although I do not own one. I think the "nickel" era is a fascinating time in automotive history but the cars themselves have been overlooked for years due to often bland appearance compared with the earlier brass cars and the later classics. BUT many 1920s cars were restored and driven by hobbyists in the 1960s and 1970s and an older restoration from an estate would be perfect for you and bargains can be found IMO. Regarding what kind, I notice others keep mentioning 1920s Dodges and I would suggest also consider 1920s Chryslers and early Plymouths. The 1920s Chryslers were said to have had superior performance for the day and 4 wheel hydraulic brakes from day one so they should be more drivable than many contemporaries. There will be some out there in garages and sheds that were restored in the 1970s and could be mechanically and cosmetically freshened up to be good drivers for a reasonable price. An open car would cost more than a sedan and I would also suggest if you find an open model make sure you can comfortably fit to drive since those 1920s roadsters and tourings can be tight in the front seat. Good luck, Todd C
  10. Here is an interesting article on the subject: https://www.nailhed.com/2014/05/cranked-up.html While there were probably other versions earlier it claims that the long-forgotten Ternstedt Manufacturing had the patent on a practical window regulator in 1916 (pending since 1911) and built a plant to supply Fisher Body in 1917, then Fisher bought them out in 1920 after the death of the founder, Todd C
  11. Here is one from the Petit Jean Museum in Arkansas
  12. I bought a set for my 1963 Pontiac too about 18 months ago and was very pleased. Regular production 14" tires like this have been hard to find for years and these look good and only cost $65 each, I have seen them often on 1960s and 1970s cars at shows, Todd C
  13. Apparently this one went to auction last year too https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-357109/1950-oldsmobile-sedan-delivery/
  14. Here is an interesting article about that one Charles https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/car-of-the-week/car-week-1950-oldsmobile-sedan-delivery
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