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  1. Thanks John S, I was pleased to find them. How I had them so handy is that my local newspaper (and presumably others) put their whole microfilm archive online and charge an annual fee for access. The search engine for keywords seems excellent and I can access in seconds what would take days at the microfilm machine at the library. I have found the newspaper here had pretty extensive coverage of automotive issues from circa 1904 through the 1920s. They actually had a regular Sunday page of automotive news, lots of ads of course, and even a list of locals who bought cars that week and what kind(!) Very interesting stuff, Todd C
  2. Here is another article from 1908, after the first year of registrations, it says there were 14,000 in the first year 1907-08
  3. poci1957

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    I have a 1995 and compared to the Pontiacs I really appreciate the diminutive Miata for taking up less space. If I had the sense to focus on just them I could store 5 in the space of 4 normal cars and I have also told my wife it gets to be kept the cleanest since it is so much easier to care for so much less car, Todd C
  4. poci1957

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    Hello Mr. Buick, I just built in central IL a few years ago and experienced a few car workshop issues that may be relevant: I was living on a farmstead with a 3200sq ft metal machine shed. It was a Quonset, but sturdy and with a full concrete floor, and I expected my car storage issues were solved forever. Not exactly. It was so large it was impossible to insulate or heat without major expense and having the large sliding barn door (which I hated) I could not seal out dust or (especially) mice. I spent $5000 on walling in the sliding door and installing a regular roll up door and that helped but it was imperfect and yet another expense. In winter and spring the temperature swings in the metal building caused such condensation the walls and floor would sweat profusely; I still have rusted tools and parts. I actually considered building a wood frame garage inside the shed so I could have a space I could more easily manage light and heat. When I moved back into town I wanted a new 24x48 garage or pole barn with 10ft walls, not quite 1200sq ft. Much to my surprise the cost was very similar between the two and for several reasons (mostly zoning) I went with the garage and the cost was about $30,000 including concrete foundation & floor, one 16x8ft roll up door and one walk in door, vinyl siding and a concrete driveway approach about 20x24. That included the building and concrete (it did not include interior walls, electricity or insulation) and the building was all prefabbed and shipped to the site and erected in one day. I have found this a very convenient size for a hobbyist one man workshop with room for up to four cars and workspace. For an ideal setup one could have two garages, one for a workshop and one for clean storage. Just a thought as an alternative to a pole barn, especially if you wish to be in a town rather than in the country (with limited rural access to cable, internet, city water and sewer, etc). Just a few thoughts, good luck with yours, Todd C
  5. Hi Terry, see below for a 1907 local newspaper article related to your interesting little item there, Todd C
  6. poci1957

    New trimmer in the works

    Hi Joe, like others here I bought smaller pulleys and tried adjustments. I just bought one of the servo motors (see photo) and have been very happy. Note the switch on the side, that allows you to turn it down to (I think) 950 max rpm from the standard 3450. The motor here is only $115 on Amazon, mine was an easy install and even used the original mounting holes. It is quiet and smooth and I recommend it to any hobbyist, take a look at You Tube for videos, Todd C
  7. poci1957

    1958 Pontiac trans

    +2 on Steve Peluso
  8. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Good to know, I have a 1957 GMC 347 stashed in storage and thought I recalled it had the usual Rochester 2bbl, I will have to take a look, thanks, Todd C
  9. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Interesting to see such praise Jon, just for my own curiosity what was the OEM application for that carb?
  10. poci1957

    1955 GMC 100 truck with 287 Pontiac engine

    Hi Giorgio, take a look at www.pontiacparts.net for a specialist in 1950s Pontiac parts. They have a catalog and are probably accustomed to overseas sales, good luck, Todd C
  11. poci1957

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    The haze and suction cup marks on new cars are very common but they do usually clean up. Last year my aged Miata had some sort of water etching or environmental film on the outside of the windshield that would not clean off with normal glass cleaner. I looked around for a stronger treatment and found this kit from Meguiars that worked great (could not find it in stores though, only online): https://www.amazon.com/Meguiars-G8800-Perfect-Clarity-Glass/dp/B06XDFRZ81/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1539272687&sr=8-7&keywords=meguiars+window+cleaner+kit It was relatively low cost and provided enough for several treatments, I guess this is sort of their version of Rain X but it worked for me polishing up the glass, Todd C
  12. poci1957

    Need Help with 55 Buick Treadle Vac

    My 1957 Pontiac has a Treadle Vac and despite my long experience like yourself it caused me trouble after doing my own rebuild. I sent it to Midwest Power Products at www.midwestbooster.com and it has been working great for several years. I was very impressed with the owner’s knowledge so if you need a different expert you might check with Rich at 877-966-0550, good luck, Todd C
  13. poci1957

    '62 Grand Prix Dash ?

    Yup, 1963 and 1964 both used the design as described by Pfeil and Gary although the actual parts were changed slightly and not directly interchangeable. A very attractive design with the three pods, Todd C
  14. poci1957

    Door alignment on 53 pontiac

    That is what I thought too, not bad. Also, unlike many people you are adjusting now before you paint, good thinking, Todd C
  15. poci1957

    1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible top problem

    WOW indeed, that is sharp, you are a lucky man!