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The BCA welcomes a new Division!


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The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks.
The Buick Performance Group is now officially "The Performance Division of the BCA", complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family.

We would like to thank Sean Ryder, Brad Conley, and Ken Lisk of the BPG, and Alan Oldfield, Mike & Nancy Book, and the Board of Directors from the BCA for making this happen.

The BPG is a group of passionate Buick enthusiasts who focus on Buick performance as well as Buick history. We all feel that this new partnership is going to benefit both groups.

Please welcome "The Performance Division" to the Buick Club of America!


For Sean's comments to the BPG, please see their facebook page at



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Thank you. I am sure there will be some issues in this transition stage and I am monitoring the comments on various social media and Buick websites and responding to questions. So far the majority have been positive and the negative ones have been addressed by myself and others that have been around the BPG for years. Our Goal is to grow the BCA and open up new avenues for the BCA to expand. We will do everything we can to promote the BCA  Buick's and FUN.

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I am unclear on this new division.  A division is as far as I remember, a specific group of folks that have a defined focus within the BCA, such as the 1959 Group, 1937-38 group, Reatta Owners Group and so on.  When I first saw Performance, I figured it was modified. But Modified's already have a division. 


Was the BPG a club that has now dissolved?   Wasn't BPG and GSCA similar and aligned?   What is the mission of BPG and has the mission changed since joining the BCA?  

BPG never dissolved...BPG non-profit GSCA for-profit...Never aligned. To promote the performance end of the Buick Badge and bring new membership. Mission has always been about Buick's and Fun. Different than the Modified Division of the BCA. I will let the Directors of the BCA answer the question on the division topic ,but as you defined it we are a "specific group of folks" geared towards performance.

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i didn't know we were down to 67 members in the BPG


The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks. The Buick Performance Group is now officially the “Performance Division of the BCA”, complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family.



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i didn't know we were down to 67 members in the BPG


The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks. The Buick Performance Group is now officially the “Performance Division of the BCA”, complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family.



67 current members...we have not done a  membership renewal since 2014 as we were in limbo about the Norwalk Event and did not want to take monies if we were not going to continue.

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Is there a definition or mission for this Division? This may help members decide about joining. Performance can be a bit of a vague word, to some people meaning "banker's hot rod" or "go fast with class" to racing and the 1/4 mile.

I enjoy some level of performance but I don't yet have a turbo Buick nor a dedicated 1/4 mile car. The dual carbs on the '41 were a performance enhancement of the day, the Wildcat is capable for a 4100 lb car, and the pace car had some enhancements put on by a previous owner.

Just some thoughts....

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Let me see if I can share what I know about Divisions and possibly clarify your thoughts, or and some fuel to the fire.   Apparently, we will have to wait until the BOD post their latest minutes to be sure, but apparently the BOD can and has crested divisions without much forethought (my opinion).  For example, in questioning the office, the Pre-War Division was created with no formal Charter (as is required by Chapters) or anything like a Mission Statement.   The concept and purpose was to conduct After-Tours at a slower pace then BDE, but it also became a sounding board for those who wanted "all together parking", and now has lost membership (and in the BCA because some members felt they were not being treated the same as BCA members with more modern cars(read trailer queens, as opposed to driven, unrestored cars). 


I have yet to see a Mission Statement for the Performance Division, but I assume one will be forthcoming.  I think much like the PWD, without a Mission Statement, any marginally conceived Division is probably doomed for eventual disbandment.  Right now the 36-38 (Torque Tube) is attempt to include any Straight Eight Cars, somewhat infringing on the PWD concept.  I could not source a mission statement for the 36-28 Group.


I think, at Allentown, we will attempt to seek out active members of the PWD as to their thoughts going forward, and so far we have not seen much interest in conducting a three day After Tour for the PWD.


Once Allentown is over, I intent to petition the installed BOD to make sure each and ever Division has a Mission Statement, which is well published in the Bugle and Website so members and potential members will know what to expect from these Divisions.


Those are my thoughts at this time, and I agree that any enhanced performance, should make the owner eligible.  There are even quite a few Reattas eligible, I would think.  I think of Modified as being subject to their rules for judging, which is a step in the right direction.



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IF some might desire to find a "mission statement" for the BPG, then their regular website has one.  Whether or not it transfers completely to the new "division" remains to be seen.


To me, a Statement of Intent might be better than a Mission Statement.  By observation, some Mission Statements can be so broad and vague that they only serve as letters arranged in a sequential manner to be "words".


Certainly, "Consumers have choices they can exercise as they might see fit".  And, in the world of Customer Satisfaction Index surveys, just "Satisfied" does not cut it any more.  That means you're just as good as the other people in your field.  Now, it takes "Completely Satisfied" to know that you've exceeded the customers' expectations in a manner which indicates that those other choices are NOT choices they'll exercise in the future.  Think "Customer Enthusiasm" for your service/business.


To me, the Modified Division is aligned more with customized-body Buicks.  Chopped tops and other cosmetic alterations from stock, but which can also include powertrains the respective vehicles did not come with from Buick.  Street Rods and Street Machines, from the way I see it.


From what I've seen on the BPG website, the main focus of the group is on time-to-distance competitions . . . in a straight line.  There might have been some judged car shows at their national events, but probably not quite to the level of the BCA 400 Point System.  It appears that most events were held at drag strip venues rather than hotels.  Each car group has their own orientations as to what they like to do.  Be that as it may.


As I recall, I believe the BPG tried to get some needed repro parts made for their cars.  The radiator coolant recovery containers and some other items for the '70-'72 Skylark cars?  Nothing wrong with that, which probably led to those items being reproduced/licensed for others who needed them who were not in the BPG at that time.


Judged or un-judged national meets?  The BCA has created an award framework which requires that certain vehicles be judged every so often in order to maintain their status/certification.  There is some wiggle-room in that situation, I believe, but those who have freshly-done vehicles that desire them to be judged on any given year, initially, can get irate when the year they were going to/had been working toward becomes a non-judged meet (in their own backyard).  I remember those conversations in this forum.  Whether for the last non-judged Flint meet (not the Centennial Celebration, but the one a few years later) or the upcoming Allentown event.


As for customer satisfaction . . . I've heard the statement about not being able to please all of the people all of the time (or similar in the auto parts business, regarding what is in stock at the business location).  But to me, that's more of an excuse to just pass things off and not even TRY to see if the customer's orientations might be salvaged.  Key word, "TRY".  I've seen situations where an item failed on a vehicle, but what's really important is HOW the business reacts and "makes it right".  If the customer sees that you're trying to take care of them, in a reasonable manner AS THEY DESIRE, then things usually work out well and the customer's patronage is maintained into the future.  EVEN if it might be something of a "user problem", at which time a professionally-presented education of the customer might be in order.  Again, explaining what went wrong, how it happened, and how to prevent it next time with the intent that a full understanding, by the customer, in lay-person's terms, happens.  And, IF the service provider might have done something inappropriate, admit why it happened, state that this is to be used as a learning experience, and that it should not happen again.


End result is that you give the customer something that others haven't/aren't willing to give them.  Even if it takes extra effort to do it!


Problem with customer service, in the past, was that whom was giving the customer service depended upon how well it was given (or received).  If the provider felt that they did a decent job, end of story.  If the customer felt otherwise, then they exercised their alternative choices.  Not much over-sight, if any, either.


Just some thoughts and observations,


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  There might have been some judged car shows at their national events, but probably not quite to the level of the BCA 400 Point System.  


Mistaken there, Willis.  If anything, the judging at the BPG event was much MORE stringent that at a BCA meet.  The BPG's judging system uses the same 400 point system as the BCA's but our judges know these vehicles probably much better than the average BCA judge.  BPG had concours level judging at every single event we ever put on.


Believe me, I've shown and judged at both venues.  BPG was much tougher with much more knowledgeable judges, on average (I don't count Sid...).

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well back on topic...lol this is what the BPG is about


The Buick Performance Group

  Are you looking for reliable and helpful information about your Buick? Information that will help you improve and maintain the performance and appearance of your car? Information that is available to you in a variety of media formats including a printed newsletter, a website, and an electronic bulletin board? How about a club that is governed by its members through elected representatives? A club that is accountable to its members and encourages open participation and interaction between its members? A club that supports and promotes the reproduction of parts for your Buick(s)?

  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then on behalf of the members and directors, I would like to introduce you to the new Buick Performance Group (BPG).  Information about this exciting new club is contained below.  Please take a few moments to read the information and learn who we are and what we offer.  Also, please keep in mind that the BPG’s primary focus and responsibility is our members and their Buick powered automobiles.  

  What is the Buick Performance Group?

  The Buick Performance Group is a non-profit membership organization dedicated and devoted to the performance, preservation, maintenance, restoration and racing of Buick powered performance cars.  The BPG offers a member focused, family oriented community and encourages and promotes the sharing of information, development of new products, and open participation and interaction between all members.

  Who is the Buick Performance Group?

  The BPG was established by a large group of Buick owners to serve the needs of its members and their cars.  The BPG is governed by a board of directors elected by the members.  Our diverse membership includes many familiar Buick owners, vendors and restorers with extensive Buick knowledge, skills and related expertise. 

  What does the Buick Performance Group offer?

  The BPG offers members a number of things, both tangible and intangible, all of which we believe are important.  

      ·        Media – The BPG has a variety of informational products that include a quarterly newsletter titled "The Build Sheet;"  a website and an Electronic Bulletin Board to post and responds to questions, items for sale, parts wanted, etc.; and a National Buick Event that offers racing, tech seminars, restoration information, parts vending, a show, and more.

      ·        Member Participation – Members are entitled to vote for the individuals that will serve them as officers and directors to run the BPG.  Members may participate in all club events.  The BPG encourages member opinions and inquiries.  Members should express their opinions and ask questions freely without fear of censorship or reprisal, provided that appropriate standards of decor and professionalism are maintained (we are a family oriented community).  Members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter (The Build Sheet), the bulletin board, and the website.  We believe that the sharing of information and member involvement creates unity, builds friendships, and strengthens us all as a group.

 ·        Accountability and Professionalism - The BPG will be accountable to its membership, both financially and otherwise. Use of club funds will detailed in financial statements prepared and presented to the membership on an annual basis. The BPG is responsive to member requests and inquiries. The BPG and its staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner, including in all dealings with members, non-members and commercial organizations.

 ·        Diverse Membership - The BPG membership and staff are diverse and offer a variety of experience in different areas.  Our members include event coordinators, Buick restorers, Buick parts vendors, racers, car owners, enthusiasts, engine builders, professional mechanics, body shop and paint professionals, GM Parts Professionals, and many others.  We believe ALL members are important and value their participation!

 ·        Reliable and Helpful Information - The BPG will conduct parts comparison tests and publish the results without changes or modifications.  The tests will be conducted accurately and equitably to ensure fairness and the results will be published as they occurred.   NO favoritism to vendors will be shown.  The results will speak for themselves.  The BPG also will be documenting restoration projects and providing restoration tips along the way.  The BPG also will be publishing various technical, specification and other information to assist members with the maintenance, repair, preservation and restoration of their cars.

 ·        Parts Reproduction - The BPG will support the reproduction of Buick parts through a variety of means to ensure that our members' cars can be preserved and maintained with quality reproduction parts that will be available at a fair price.

 ·        Discounted Advertising - Members will be entitled to post free personal ads in the club media publications.  Businesses owned by club members will receive discounted rates on their commercial advertisements.

  What cars will be covered?

 The BPG is an inclusive, as opposed to exclusive, club. As such, membership is open to all Buick owners and enthusiasts.

  What does it cost?

 Membership in the BPG is $35 for a one year or take advantage of multiple year discounts. 2 Year $65.00, 3 Year $90.00 and our lifetime membership at $500.00

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To the BPG Members.  My apologies.  I had no intention of dilluting or hijacking your wonderful announcement thread with PWD 'history'.


Mr. Moderator, any way to cut and paste the PWD comments out of here and put them in a new thread and let the BPG enjoy their founding?


Thank you.

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Decline is for a reason.  What was the reason some of the membership decided to leave, what appears to be a steep decline from a relatively small number to begin with.


You described the GSCA as a "for profit" group.  But, it was my understanding many BPG members were GSCA members and obviously vice versa.  Wouldn't it have made sense to join the GSCA and / or homologate all of these "performance" groups into the BCA?


We refused to accept dues for two years knowing there was going to be a change hence the decline in memberships.  As Adam pointed out before, if we were at our "normal" state of renewal and new members, we would have been closer to 200-300 members.  All of current and past members information has been given to the BCA BOD's and to the BCA Office.  I am sure there will be a notice going to those current and past members of the BPG advising them of this marriage. 


The BPG is a 501c4 tax exempt corporation chartered in the State of Ohio.  Our bylaws, and the laws of the United States from my understanding, do not allow a tax exempt corporation to merge or buy a for profit corporation, such as the GSCA.  The GSCA is owned by, from what I understand, one individual.  He has done a fabulous job over the years keeping it afloat (over 35 years, BTW) but he makes (or attempts to make) a profit from club activities.  While most members of the BPG are also members of the GSCA, they are two different groups with different purposes.  I believe the GSCA could be PURCHASED from the current owner but that would have not served the members of the BPG properly by expending funds to merge.  The directors of the BPG felt, given the tax exempt status of the BCA, a better merger was with the BCA.  The BCA gets an infusion of a younger demographic population and a few more members with (somewhat) different ideas, ideas that can be good for the whole.


Why would the BPG division of the BCA NOT be all inclusive?  Maybe you should bring your car to a little performance test and tune session in the future.  You may just find you enjoy the performance side of your Buick.

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As a long time member of the BCA (BCA # 3030), BPG ( # 1215), and past members of the GSCA (#654) and Reatta divison (BCA),

WE all have a common interest , The Buick MOTOR CAR .

Being a member of a high performance club doesn't mean that they are all hot rods. Yes I own one of the fast buick wagons

around and I enjoyed racing it. I also have a rare 70 Buick GSX that I hate to drive because of the fear of some jerk doing

damage to the "X".

Our other Buicks include a 55 Special 2 dr sedan model 48 ( soon the be a clone Model 68 Century), 84 Century limited ( with

Olympic package) and a 2014 Regal "T".

What I am trying to say is that I am a Buick Owner First and a sub title owner second.

Many 40's 50's 60's and 70's have rested under my butt and they ALL had special place.!!!

As Brad stated above , judging in the BPG was almost as difficult as the crazy Corvette

owners with the chalk marks etc etc .

I think it was the right move to join the BCA because many member of BPG are already BCA members like myself.


Bill lagna

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