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  1. I believe those posted are 1963. 1964's are separate letters/numbers as 1962's are.
  2. In our part of the woods, they were known as "necker-knobs" as to allow the driver (typically male) to keep one hand free for "other things".... Use your imagination. :-0
  3. And I'm guessing those hubcaps will be replaced about the same time. Really like that car, Adam. She's a beaut!!
  4. You're always welcome to stop overnight here in your travels. I may have you take a radio back for the guy that did yours. Oh, and a tape to be transferred to digital media. 8mm with optical audio...kind of a weird format. The people are in STL that do the transfer. Dinner is on me this time!
  5. One must also be mindful of "Rabbit Holes" and at all cost, avoid the "While were here" syndrome. Both are just as bad as any slippery slope.
  6. I was in the Cats Lair just last week and had my own eyeballs on that piece of history....
  7. There are several on Ebay: Buick Skyhawk Hubcap Rim Wheel Cover Hub Cap 1979 79 1980 80 13" OEM USED 1089 | eBay Lot of 3 factory 1977 to 1980 Buick Skyhawk 13 inch hubcaps wheel covers | eBay Remember, the hard parts don't have to be Buick specific generally. Monza, Starfire, Sunbird and some Vega's all used the same parts as a Skyhawk.
  8. Beyond clueless... I gave up on GM in 2004 when they decided to void my warranty because I installed (quite neatly, I might add) a amateur radio. I asked if they honored a warranty for police vehicles and the answer was to the affirmative so why are you voiding my warranty? No answer. EVER. I now own a 2019 (with several in between) Ford Explorer. Zero issues and THEY DIDN'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID and take the government bailout. Wife owns a 2016 Lincoln and says she will never sell it as she loves it too much. Lost a loyal (like 50 years loyal) GM family, GM.
  9. Kind of partial to these two...Factory GSX Prototype and only Black GSX produced.
  10. Send him to me Barney....there are a few of us that can help him.
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