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  1. Mr. Man, I was not the original poster, it was Paco in the post above mine. I just was translating the Spanish to English in case you do not speak Spanish. Take care,
  2. Translated: Good evening: I need for my Buick X8-95 of 1.931, phaeton, convertible, seven seats and right steering wheel the whole system from the top (steering wheel) that carries two plates plus the horn to the bottom.If you have any of that, please send me some photos and price.Thank you
  3. And an all around great person.
  4. Nowhere close to California but rather northwest Ohio (area code 419).
  5. Nope. Unless the Riv is different than an Electra. As a wee lad of 16, I was very familiar with the operations of the transmission in my very first car, a 1964 Electra. Describing the operation as such: Place shift lever in "L" and it will hold first gear until you move the lever out of "L". My method was to hold "L" until the car would no longer accelerate, slap to "D" and back to "L". The transmission would respond with a very firm shift to 2nd gear, barking the rear tires on the Electra. Unless you moved the shift lever, the transmission would hold first (or second) gear until moved to "D".
  6. If you want to really stop dust, get the fabric, Dustop. It if quite soft and absolutely stops dust from passing through the cover. I use one on all my cars.
  7. Currently 63 Bill. Born February 1958. I was 4-5 when 1963 mandates came out. The 1975 Skyhawk was the first new car I ever bought and the 1964 Electra I own was passed from my Grandmother to my uncle (her son) and then to me. I was with her when she ordered it from Val Heim Buick in Troy, Ohio in the fall of 1963. Memories...
  8. Careful Marty, you're showing your age. I was still in single digits when this occurred.. 😁
  9. Amber didn't become into being until the 1963 model year. Before that, everything was white/clear.
  10. It's so hard to read meaning into a post via the internet. I'm sorry if I came off too strong.
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