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  1. If you want to really stop dust, get the fabric, Dustop. It if quite soft and absolutely stops dust from passing through the cover. I use one on all my cars.
  2. Currently 63 Bill. Born February 1958. I was 4-5 when 1963 mandates came out. The 1975 Skyhawk was the first new car I ever bought and the 1964 Electra I own was passed from my Grandmother to my uncle (her son) and then to me. I was with her when she ordered it from Val Heim Buick in Troy, Ohio in the fall of 1963. Memories...
  3. Careful Marty, you're showing your age. I was still in single digits when this occurred.. 😁
  4. Amber didn't become into being until the 1963 model year. Before that, everything was white/clear.
  5. It's so hard to read meaning into a post via the internet. I'm sorry if I came off too strong.
  6. Well, thanks I guess. Photo below is my car, the factory built GSX Prototype.
  7. Wonder where the idea for that interior came from....????? Added in edit: Please google "Buick GSX Prototype" and note the interior in that car which is just as Buick designed it, contrary to the 1950 shown above.
  8. One does not in the middle of winter.
  9. That is NOT a correct VIN for a 1969 GS convertible. Should be 446679H256323.. Looks to be a typo....
  10. Just before the new year, this couple had their first child! A girl that is as beautiful as her mother!
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