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  1. Actually Ed, the 455 (and 400 and 430) Buick big blocks weigh less than the small block chevy. I'd be much more concerned about twisting the car in half than the weight on the front end, that is if you could ever get it to hook. If I am not mistaken, those years of Skylarks are unibodies. Careful where you cut for clearance. The flywheels will not interchange, to answer the OP's initial question. Anything can be made to work but at what cost.
  2. I would contact Great people and are into Buick's.
  3. Link:
  4. This is my best friends creation. Causes quite a stir wherever it goes.
  5. For some reason, the link does not work, at least for me, to the minutes.
  6. Buckets were an option and sometimes not even available on a GS. The VIN is your best ally as all GS's had a specific VIN that was different than a GS (there is 1 exception but not in the year's you are looking into).
  7. Yep, check out Brand new and should bolt in when you give the proprietor the info on your set up.
  8. There was a mounting bracket that screwed into the floor and then the “box” attached to that bracket. They were simple brackets that many people either handmade a substitute or mounted the box itself to the floor sans any form of bracket.
  9. You would probably be able to sell several sets, especially gears in the 3.23-3.42:1 range.
  10. What he's talking about is a 9 3/8" rear end (size of ring gear) common on full size Buick's, Olds' etc in the mid 60's through mid 70's and not the ratio. A VERY strong rear axle used in most (all?) full size with big block engines. 350's most commonly used the 8.5" (ring gear) sized rear end in those full size cars equipped as such. There is zero aftermarket support for these rear ends and used/NOS parts are his only hope. The guy I mentioned above is his best chance for these parts.
  11. Monzaz (username) on would be your only hope. That rear end is not supported by any aftermarket vendor.
  12. Hummm, nope. My 72 has a solid bench.
  13. You do know why British drink warm beer, right ? Lucas also made refrigerators too!!!
  14. AKA THE 3 position switch....dim, flicker and off......
  15. B body = LeSabre & Wildcat C body - Electra E body - Riviera