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  1. I am proud to announce that The Buick Club of America has secured insurance to host two Racing events per year. I would like to thank Alan Oldfield Brian H Clark Mike and Nancy Book as well as Brad Conley Kenneth Lisk for making this happen.Thank you to the BCA Directors for approving this. As this has been a work in progress for the past year details for future events are in the works...
  2. maybe you were thinking of this
  3. are you looking for the rotors or the whole assembly Recherchez-vous les rotors ou toute l'assemblée
  4. Need more info Stick or Auto.... Auto could be loose TQ Convertor bolts...or a dozen other things...
  5. My 67 Skylark With 73 455 TH400 Gear Vendors OD and 3:42 Posi
  6. Was really a great show I cannot wait until next year
  7. Congrats to those elected. I will run again. was nice to meet past and present BOD's at meeting today. I did suggest the Results should be posted in the Bugle and made a Sticky on forums. It took me some time to find it.
  8. Welcome to the Buick Performance Group a Division of the Buick Club of America. It will take a few days to move some posts around that were here for the modified division. Feel free to post your performance Buick..
  9. well back on this is what the BPG is about The Buick Performance Group Are you looking for reliable and helpful information about your Buick? Information that will help you improve and maintain the performance and appearance of your car? Information that is available to you in a variety of media formats including a printed newsletter, a website, and an electronic bulletin board? How about a club that is governed by its members through elected representatives? A club that is accountable to its members and encourages open participation and interaction between its members? A club that supports and promotes the reproduction of parts for your Buick(s)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then on behalf of the members and directors, I would like to introduce you to the new Buick Performance Group (BPG). Information about this exciting new club is contained below. Please take a few moments to read the information and learn who we are and what we offer. Also, please keep in mind that the BPG’s primary focus and responsibility is our members and their Buick powered automobiles. What is the Buick Performance Group? The Buick Performance Group is a non-profit membership organization dedicated and devoted to the performance, preservation, maintenance, restoration and racing of Buick powered performance cars. The BPG offers a member focused, family oriented community and encourages and promotes the sharing of information, development of new products, and open participation and interaction between all members. Who is the Buick Performance Group? The BPG was established by a large group of Buick owners to serve the needs of its members and their cars. The BPG is governed by a board of directors elected by the members. Our diverse membership includes many familiar Buick owners, vendors and restorers with extensive Buick knowledge, skills and related expertise. What does the Buick Performance Group offer? The BPG offers members a number of things, both tangible and intangible, all of which we believe are important. · Media – The BPG has a variety of informational products that include a quarterly newsletter titled "The Build Sheet;" a website and an Electronic Bulletin Board to post and responds to questions, items for sale, parts wanted, etc.; and a National Buick Event that offers racing, tech seminars, restoration information, parts vending, a show, and more. · Member Participation – Members are entitled to vote for the individuals that will serve them as officers and directors to run the BPG. Members may participate in all club events. The BPG encourages member opinions and inquiries. Members should express their opinions and ask questions freely without fear of censorship or reprisal, provided that appropriate standards of decor and professionalism are maintained (we are a family oriented community). Members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter (The Build Sheet), the bulletin board, and the website. We believe that the sharing of information and member involvement creates unity, builds friendships, and strengthens us all as a group. · Accountability and Professionalism - The BPG will be accountable to its membership, both financially and otherwise. Use of club funds will detailed in financial statements prepared and presented to the membership on an annual basis. The BPG is responsive to member requests and inquiries. The BPG and its staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner, including in all dealings with members, non-members and commercial organizations. · Diverse Membership - The BPG membership and staff are diverse and offer a variety of experience in different areas. Our members include event coordinators, Buick restorers, Buick parts vendors, racers, car owners, enthusiasts, engine builders, professional mechanics, body shop and paint professionals, GM Parts Professionals, and many others. We believe ALL members are important and value their participation! · Reliable and Helpful Information - The BPG will conduct parts comparison tests and publish the results without changes or modifications. The tests will be conducted accurately and equitably to ensure fairness and the results will be published as they occurred. NO favoritism to vendors will be shown. The results will speak for themselves. The BPG also will be documenting restoration projects and providing restoration tips along the way. The BPG also will be publishing various technical, specification and other information to assist members with the maintenance, repair, preservation and restoration of their cars. · Parts Reproduction - The BPG will support the reproduction of Buick parts through a variety of means to ensure that our members' cars can be preserved and maintained with quality reproduction parts that will be available at a fair price. · Discounted Advertising - Members will be entitled to post free personal ads in the club media publications. Businesses owned by club members will receive discounted rates on their commercial advertisements. What cars will be covered? The BPG is an inclusive, as opposed to exclusive, club. As such, membership is open to all Buick owners and enthusiasts. What does it cost? Membership in the BPG is $35 for a one year or take advantage of multiple year discounts. 2 Year $65.00, 3 Year $90.00 and our lifetime membership at $500.00
  10. 212 as of DEC 2014 the last year we solicited dues. 290 DEC 2013 All this information was provided to the BCA Directors.
  11. Most BPG members renew at our National Event..In 2015 we did not accept any renewals at the Norwalk Car show. It was the prudent thing to do based on the lack of financials involved with taking over that Event.
  12. 67 current members...we have not done a membership renewal since 2014 as we were in limbo about the Norwalk Event and did not want to take monies if we were not going to continue.
  13. BPG never dissolved...BPG non-profit GSCA for-profit...Never aligned. To promote the performance end of the Buick Badge and bring new membership. Mission has always been about Buick's and Fun. Different than the Modified Division of the BCA. I will let the Directors of the BCA answer the question on the division topic ,but as you defined it we are a "specific group of folks" geared towards performance.