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  1. my 70 wildcat at bowling green best so far 13.008 but i know it has a 12 in it
  2. when i started i ran low 16's all stock 2.78 open rear(but did get up to 19 mpg on the interstate) the converter dropped me down to 15.4 a posi carrier and dist re curve got me down to low 15's a 1 inch 4 hole carb spacer a 175 degree thermostat and cool October temperatures got me to a 14.58 basically all stock for a rear you need to find a 67-70 riv GS (these all came with a 3.42 gears) you can take the carrier and gears out and install in your rear i found mine for 500 on ebay bought the the whole car and parted it out or build a custom ford 9
  3. wow i didn't know we were down to 67 members in the BPG The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks. The Buick Performance Group is now officially the “Performance Division of the BCA”, complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family. scott
  4. yep i got a turbo 400 trans as for gears i dont think you can get 4.11 for the buick 9 3/8 big car rear they did make some 3.90 sets but they are real rare it took me 7 years to find a set of 3.42's scott
  5. well the nats are over the wildcat ran very well best et was 13.13 best mph was 103.9 average et was 13.20's my last run i got a .006 light.......sadly on the red side........ but hey i was this close to a perfect light next on my list is to remove the 2.78 gears(yes 2.78's) and install the 3.42 rear add a new converter and shoot for the 12's....... just to clarify this wildcat is no longer stock new engine 462 ci 10.15 to 1 compression b4b intake TA SE stage 1 heads shorty headers scott
  6. just emptying the trunk weighed the car today 4375 lbs with me in it scott
  7. at the GS nationals this week my best so far is 13.13 @ 103.xx car is pulling strong up to 5700rpms hoping for more with the cool air on Saturday just need to shave 14 more hundredths...................... 12's would be sweet........... scott
  8. the only thing i have done is block off the return line will have to take it out and see what happens scott
  9. well after some fine tuning it is pulling up to 5500 smooth no popping spitting or sputtering time to take it back to the track scott
  10. exhaust done dynomax super turbo long case mufflers with 2 1/2 " duals out the back went to the track and i have problems.......... car went 13.84 but was cutting out / popping and cracking at around 4700 rpm's never got a good run in.......... on a better note just got back from the BPG meet where i picked up a 9 3/8's big car 3.42 posi rear huge thanks to Tom Wagner scott
  11. i heard about this yesterday at the BPG meet in columbus roberta is a great person and i hope she gets well soon.................. scott
  12. just an update.................................................. its taken me two years and many dollars but this was just dropped into my wildcat it is up and running going to the exhaust shop in the morning gotta get all the bugs worked out but i am on the road again scott
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