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  1. Looking for a room at the host hotel. Let me know if your plans change. Thanks
  2. So.....whatever happened to these Buicks?
  3. There is only one. There was a dispute over who might be the director. Jack Gerstkemper presented a petition to be appointed to put together a committee to draft by-laws for the Division so that a director could be duly elected. There were apparently no existing provisions and the existing membership "roster" was outdated. So, Jack is the contact for the Division in the Bugle and for people to contact requesting to join or to confirm membership. (confusion as to "new" because there recently hasn't been a listing for Pre-war in the Bugle) Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I made such a motion at the BOD meeting to <hire an unaffiliated CPA, specializing in 501(c)7 non-profits, to perform an audit of BCA financials> Note, that is not exact quote. You'll have to wait for the minutes for that.
  5. Lamar, I really don't want to disagree with you, but I don't want to put this all out there under it's own heading either. Since it was brought up, incorrect assumptions made, and a response requested, I have offered to do so with the approval of Alan Oldfield, not of my actual words here, as he has not seen them, but in that I am aware of what occurred.. If you would like to move it, please feel free. I am no longer on the BOD and do not wish to enter into any further discussion publicly about this. As it will likely be a few more days before the official minutes are prepared (l
  6. The signage was fantastic! Far superior to my signage in Springfield, for sure. The "military precision" comment above was spot on. I know there were issues, there always are, but they were on top of everything. The bright yellow vests worn by all volunteers were fantastic, functional, and flexible. These were borrowed, but the NMC should look into purchasing a set of 20-30 of these for use at every meet. They will all fit in a medium or large flat rate box and were invaluable for guests. More economical than finding a solution every year. Lots of special touches, and I
  7. Booked my flight and sent my registration in today. Guess I'll show up after all. Looks like I'll be solo this year, so I am looking for someone with a room at the Marriott looking for a roommate. I'm arriving Thursday morning. Drop me a PM or email if you are interested in sharing a room. If not, I'll sleep in the bushes, just hopefully not the same bushes Lamar visits.... UPDATE! I have lodging! No bushes for me!
  8. This beautiful Buick has found a good, new home! Plus, it's staying in the USA!
  9. We toured Ron's Machine Shop in Shandon, Ohio last week as part of a joint AACA/BCA outing. They pour their own babbit and specialize in Model As and Ts, but will rebuild anything from that era. If the parts aren't available, they make them. It's quite an operation.
  10. SOLD, sold, sold! Listing this for sale for a friend. Owner passed away earlier this year. Complete stunning restoration finished in 2014. This car is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Car was driven to South Bend in 2015 and took home a BCA Gold Senior it's first time. Attached is a photo from South Bend and a pdf of other assorted photos. Please PM if interested and I can put you in touch with the representative of the owner/widow. More photos to come, hopefully. Serious inquiries only. $50k asking price, negotiable
  11. This is correct. If it's eligible to be on the showfield, it is now eligible for the Driven Award. We'll get it all straightened out eventually!
  12. Thanks for the reminder. I blew through one by accident as well. They don't have record of mine....yet. I'll keep checking. I don't have a front plate either??? https://www.getipass.com/searchbyplate#
  13. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I supported this man for President! Well spoken, Mr. Grandpa. My apologies, Roberta, I made your announcement separately right after it happened! However, I did neglect to mention that no one wanted to be Treasurer and work with Bill as CFO. The final straw that broke John and convinced him to be Secretary again was Nancy Book offering to send him homemade cookies monthly! Hold her to it John! Thank you for the kind words Alan and Chuck. I serve at the pleasure of the Membership, and now, the President.
  14. WOW. I was absolutely speechless after viewing this the first time. It brought a tear to my eye reliving the experience. I have sent my personal and BCA official thank you and appreciation to Mr. Bulgari and his team for allowing us to post this on our web page and here for everyone to see. Absolutely fantastic. I don't know how you could condense 3 years preparation and a week long Celebration into 11 minutes, but here it is. Also, apparently it pays to just park your car in a random spot occasionally! (1:18)
  15. I am pleased to announce that the new president of the BCA is................... Alan Oldfield! Congratulations Alan! Brian Clark (me) is the new VP John DiFiore has graciously relented and will serve another term as our esteemed Secretary (and unofficial sergeant at arms). Thanks John!
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