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  1. My local airport has GRADE 100LL GASOLINE (LOW LEAD BLUE) at $6.44/gallon. I have no idea what that means...but I did find out I can get a pilot's license for about $6000 in 4 weeks, so, there's that!
  2. Not to throw gas on a fire, but the crazy politics alone would eliminate Arizona for me. New Mexico would be my choice as well.
  3. Old Tank may be right. It's possible you accidentally bent that u-joint with your first attempt at removal, or it's coming apart on it's own causing a bind.
  4. apply a little heat at the area of the splines maybe?
  5. make note of your removal angles. The perfect angle is even more important when putting it back together.
  6. American Restorations doesn't appear to be cancelled, as it is still listed on the History Channel's website, but it appears that only 4 episodes were originally ordered. imdb and wiki also have no additional information? Interesting. We'll just have to wait and see when they announce new episodes.
  7. I do believe Frank was here in Cincinnati at our Calvacade of Customs annual car show this weekend. We visited Antique Archaeology on our way to The BCA nationals in Iowa this past summer. Danielle spent half an hour talking to us while she opened up the shop and pulled a dozen motorcycles out into the parking lot to open up the garage for tourists. She has known Mike for many years. Mike has been doing this all his life and really is into the "hunt". In addition, he has a personal addiction to old motorcycles, while Frank collects oil cans. They got started doing what a lot of us do, buying a
  8. I've always used the Deltran "battery tender" brand. Always been afraid to try one of the cheapos like what what sell at Harbor Freight.
  9. Sarge, I'm sure the BCA office can remove you at your request. I'm also pretty sure that somewhere in the membership bylaws is the authorization to print and share the info, but I'd have to look into it to find out exactly where.
  10. Have you tried the Model T of America Club Forums? Model T Ford Forum: Forum 2010
  11. 22George. My solution has become quite moldy and stinky....did you experience the same issue? I'm surprised you got the same effect at such low temperatures.
  12. Colors are FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see more!
  13. Thanks Lamar! The '58 and '59 sitting next to each other in the garage is quite the sight! That's lots of little grille squares! She pushed the '65 Wildcat to the 2.5 car garage at the rental house, along with the '69 Deuce and the '22 T. (no comments about the "T" being half a car!
  14. No before pictures. I never take before pictures. These were rusty, but not caked with rust. The die went back in...the screw loosened up, but the die was still rusted to the handle. See the bubbles? Somethings at work here. See the mold? Can you smell it from there? I just dumped in a load of taps and dies....again, I forgot to take a before picture. Second picture is straight out of the mix, third is after a hot water rinse and light scrubbing with a nylon brush. Most could probably use a second bath, but are good enough for now.
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