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  1. Ted, I may have the seats in my sights. I'll let you know Tim
  2. Thanks for the time you took to reply. ol' yeller. Finding the titles is our top priority now
  3. We did not get to the garage clean out as expected. There was just too much to do in the house and we only had manpower for a limited time. I was able to take a few pics of all 3 cars but did not get to the cleanup part and did not attempt to move them. We also took 3 boxes of paperwork home still looking for titles. Found misc. parts in the house as well. Thanks Tim
  4. I took more pics and will have them up tonight or tomorrow am Thanks
  5. Thanks for the note TxBuicks. Just had a guy who is familiar with the cars from years ago offer $3,500 for the lot of cars and parts. Seems really low to me.
  6. Will do Wildcat65. We will hopefully start getting into the cars this weekend.
  7. Great info sean1997. Thanks much for putting that together. I had already found a lot of that on a quick search of the body tag but little nuggets like the group options and such. We will hopefully start getting into the cars this weekend. Thanks again. I appreciate the time spent
  8. Thanks for the response Rusty. I did find a bunch of keys and it looks like there are several car parts loose inside the vehicles and in the garage. I'll go with your advise and wash them and then take pics of everything that looks like it belongs to the specific car. The real key may be whether I can find titles. I appreciate your time
  9. The 2 pics I have will not be any good to get an idea of the condition of the cars. We will have to clear out the garage in order to pull them out and record some proper detail. It may be a week or more before I can get back there to do that.
  10. Milwaukee. I'll post the pics I have later tonight or tomorrow
  11. Hi, I've been charged with cleaning out an estate that includes 2 - 1965 Buick Skylarks and 1 - 1965 Buick 455 Wildcat. I am unsure if they run or when the last time they were run. I do know that 2 of the 3 have been sitting in a garage for at least 15 years. They look pretty complete as far as engines and body parts are concerned. Below are pics of the chassis tags from the firewall. I have researched the production numbers, styles and trims so i have all the basic info. Because of the very limited info, I'm not expecting an answer on value but if I could get an idea or two on how to start the process of selling and if I sell them as strictly parts cars what kind of number could I start at? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
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