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Cincinnati Taj-Ma-Garage

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I've got to get some help and fix the insulation covering all around the shop.  That material degraded probably because it was supposed to be covered by 

something!    This spring I think I can swing it...we moved and the old house has not sold yet.   Selling house will help a lot!


I will also get this back from paint and detail shop :)



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The Great Lift Installation yesterday - started at 10, 4 cars out, 2 lifts out, trip to Ace, trip to Home Despot, back to garage, back to Home despot, erect 2post lift, back to Ace (closed) back to home despot...wiring not cooperating, 1 lift back in , 3 cars back in...done for the day.  My brother in law Max was the only reason we got as far as we did.  Just a few things to finish up and the other lift can come back in and the inop 68 LeSabre can go on the lift for fuel and brake line replacement.



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