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  1. https://www.deadnutson.com/1969-70-windshield-washer-hose-kit-ribbed-wall/ I contacted them about size and length. No response. I was going to order some and it says Not available. They must have found out I had a Buick......
  2. I took One Bid to the local cruise night. I found a few other Buick's.
  3. Short but sweet.........
  4. One Bid will be in a Wedding this afternoon. It gave me a good excuse to give it a through cleaning!
  5. That looks like the right stuff.
  6. I measured the tubes the hose connects to at 3/16th
  7. I had contacted them for the specs and he could not give them to me. I would at least like to know the ID. 3' for $34.00
  8. Has anyone ever found new vacuum hose with the ridge on the outside? I remember buying some years ago at the auto parts store. I found some online and the photo showed the ridges but what they sent me was cheap thin wall crap.
  9. I posted this video on Texas Road Warriors so I thought I would post it here as well.
  10. I managed to put together a short video of the weekend. Nice to see everybody.
  11. 1955 Buick Century or Special rear body mount section. This is the spot welded piece that goes between the rear trunk floor and the frame.
  12. The floor pan and 90% of the trunk floor in One Bid is in great condition. The rear body mount panel that is spot welded to the trunk floor and the fuel tank framework is in poor condition just like it was on Project 66R. I am planning ahead. Someday this needs to be replaced, so I thought I would start looking now. (These photos are from Project 66R before I decided to do the frame off)
  13. I have a 42-56 parts exchange book. This is the only page on brakes and backing plates. I hope this will help. Mud
  14. I spent 45 minutes carefully taping off the backing and turned my regulator down to about 70 psi and then blasted it with worn out glass beads. I also blasted all the wire ends on the harness. (This is why my car is not done!!!!)
  15. Dash Wiring...... Part #1
  16. I finally had some time this weekend to work on a few things. The wiring harness is next as I want to hook everything back up before the dash goes back in. I discovered something interesting. The fuse panel was made in des plaines IL. about 49 miles from me!
  17. My oldest brother passed away a couple of weeks ago. He will never see Project 66R finished but he did get to Drive One Bid. See you again down the road brother……
  18. Yes, it was pretty embarrassing when I finally found that it was the inferred thermometer. Electronic stuff can work one day and not the next. I felt sorry for the previous owner as he had done everything to keep it cool but the guy that did his radiator put in the wrong core. As for the inferred, I did get my revenge…..
  19. That was the original plan. However the radio doesn’t weigh very much now as he took out 5 lbs of components. Also this has the rear speaker switch hard wired in so I would need to feed the wire/switch through the dash to install the switch. I also have the stands that I made so when installing the dash it is at the correct height and all components can be connected before the final bolt in. If it was not for these things I think you are right about installing it later. (Anyone have an idea of exactly where the speaker switch wires go through? I have a hundred photos but not one of the wire routing)
  20. I thought it would be easier with the radio in. How hard are they to put in after the dash is in? I have never removed one before.
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