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  1. Mike, Had the same problem with my 57. All of the sudden, started to have issues and seemed like fuel problem. I did everything you did, and finally took out the Petronix ignition that I put in, and put points / condenser in, and re-timed it. Runs like a champ. I did some research and the Petronix does have some issues, especially with heat. That was my experience. Try that and see if it doesn't help. Jim
  2. Just my 2 cents worth, from what I have seen, the molded door handle / panel isn't the original. If you look at the 1957 Trim and Fabric book, they show for a Century and a Caballero a plastic molded piece, with tails so to speak that attaches to the door through the door panel. I respect Buick Man, and he is a pretty well versed Buick detail individual. However, I would venture to bet that the door panels, with integrated door holders were a late model year add, as Buick moved to that type in 1958 model, or conversely, the individuals doing the trim restoration on these vehicles had nothing to work with, hence maybe they had a 58 as an example. In all the literature that I have, it does not list a separate part number for a different door pull handle or door panel in the Century series. However, I will keep researching this, as it is intriguing. As for the engine turned v chromed IP insert. From what knowledge I have, the engine turned dash panel was on the Century. The chrome plated one was exclusive for the Caballero (on the 60 Series vehicles) I am not familiar with the Senior Series applications, as I leave that to Lance and Buick Man.
  3. Hi - here is a link to my 1957 Buick Restoration. Hope it is helpful to you
  4. The installation on the back glass for a Special / Century doe not use any rope or cord for install. It is installed by way of the inner garnish moldings holding the reveal moldings in place, by putting pressure on the seal. I used the CARS seals for my 1957 Buick Special, which used the sedan version of the seals and had no problems. You do have to work the seal a bit around the glass, but it fits and will work. It is very good if you can follow the directions as indicated in the 1957 Buick Body manual, which provides the procedure for the removal and installation of the glass, garnish and reveal moldings. Make sure your guy doing the restoration bought the correct gasket set.
  5. David, That would be great. Thank you very much. Keep me posted. Jim
  6. I'm looking for an evaporator housing for 1957 Buick from an AC system car. If it come with the evaporator core, that's a bonus. Please PM me if you have one or a lead on one. Thanks.
  7. David, Another observation on your engine compartment photo. It looks like the housing is attached to a spacer of some sort. I would also be interested in seeing photo's of that as well. I am curious as to what is housed in that spacer. Baffles? close out plate for vent? Has to be something in there. Help me with my curiosity if you can. Thanks again.
  8. David, That is a great idea! If I could ask you to provide me with the measurements or even photos with a ruler as a reference, that would be fantastic. I have the capability to make it out of fiberglass / carbon fiber material. Just would need the measurements with the features and a few detailed photo's of how it is attached, where outlet holes are, etc. Not sure anyone has one to loan out, but if so, I would be more than happy to pay for shipping to my place in Troy MI and ship it back once I have measurements / 3D model. Let me know if you can help a 57 brother out!
  9. Factory Evaporator went out in engine compartment on firewall, hence the looking for the 1957 Evaporator housing. Good observations on the eBay unit. As per David's (Buickman) comments, I am trying to get 1957 controls and components and put new, modern "guts" to them. I have been perusing the Summit Racing components listing and the Tahoe Evap core is one that was on the top of my list as a unit to use. I am doing this to a 57 Estate Riviera Wagon, so I don't have a trunk mounted option there, and the plumbing, even if i had the option would be night-marish to say the least! So onward I go in my quest, like Don Quixote!
  10. David: That is what I am planning to do, if I can find the proper materials (i.e., evap housing - see WTB in Buick Buy/Sell). I have already acquired the dash controls and the AC underdash duct as well as the AC dash cover for the car. I have purchased a PowerGen 90 amp generator look alike for the power draw as well. So far, I am lacking the housing so I can basically put in "new guts" - i.e., a modern evap core, new hoses, binary control, fan upgrade - as you spoke of, receiver / drier, and condenser. Right now my quest is for the case to start the looking for the matching evaporator core update. I'm glad you're thinking like me on this. I want to keep classic 1957 Buick controls and look, with modern performance.
  11. Willie, That was my plan, but I am going to do it off the factory bracket. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Thanks! Some of the websites were no longer in service (Comesky.com, wheatbelt.com; Vintageautoparts.com) - Still looking for a 1957 Evaporator housing if anyone has one out there..Thanks!
  13. Willie, Part No. is not the same with 57. PN for 57 is 1175088 - rear bracket, however my plan is to use a factory bracket, and custom fab an auxiliary bracket to mount a Sanden compressor to the factory bracket. I'd be willing to try yours, if you are interested in parting with it. Let me know. Thanks. Regards, Jim