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  1. Bill, Can you tell me which model you purchased? They seem to have 2 that will work for my 1957 Buick, one with a "light/lamp" terminal and one without. 82051 is without the lamp terminal, 82051-2 is with. I'm thinking of putting one on my wagon as I am rebuilding it for trailer towing. Thanks for your help on this. Jim
  2. Thanks David..I appreciate it. Good point of the front end dynamics. Wonder how it would be affected with disc brakes?
  3. BTW, I will read the "math class" and figure out what is compatible to the adaptation. I appreciate it, sir!
  4. Thanks Willie! I would like to actually go to a dual master cylinder / booster set up with a proportioning valve, since I recently purchased a Shasta AirFlyte and am planning on towing it with the long roof. I know it's not "original" but would feel a heck of a lot safer with a dual system towing a travel trailer with the wagon. Any recommendations on that and how to install it? Thanks.
  5. Interested in making the conversion on my long roof as well..any recommendations on what Master Cylinder / Booster to use? Also, how about the linkage hook up from MC / Booster to stock pedal assembly? I was looking at scarebird with buying my own components, but if anyone has had a good experience with purchasing the whole kit from someone, I would like to hear about it. Thanks!
  6. Doug, I get what you are saying, but just as much, it is about risk taking and enjoying the car both. I drove my 1957 Buick to my first meet in Charlotte in 2012, subject to all the road dangers that any automobile would encounter, which in the big picture are fairly low probability, freshly restored, and got a Senior Gold award. It never crossed my mind to trailer the car, ever. In my humble opinion, the cars are meant to drive, and if you want to have it judged, the go at it. As for all this discussion about $$$$$$$$$ of the restoration and judging and stuff, I would suggest that those who are not familiar with my posts, How to do a frame on restoration? By 1957buickjim, December 16, 2010 in Me and My Buick show that doing it by yourself, with a good understanding of the restoration process and program management skills as well as budgeting, can get a senior award without spending $$$$$$$$$$ (a ton) with elbow grease, mechanical ability, friends with cars and capabilities. Sure, any hobby will cost money, and it is how a person spends their discretionary money in ways that makes them happy, be it a boat, casino's, camping, whatever. Sure, you can spend a boat load, and judging is not for the faint of heart, but if one actually reads the judging manuals and follows them, and does some research, you can get your car to that level without the restoration shop investment, if you have the drive and passion for it. I understand it is an individual undertaking and personal decision regarding the restoration and how you might get it to the meets, with everyone having their method and reasons. All is good with that. That's what allows us to be a brotherhood in the hobby. Regardless of how you got your car to the show, the benefit is the discussion, the beauty, workmanship and the camaraderie that surrounds the event and the people. There's my 2 cents worth..I know I'm probably gonna get some change with that.. Jim
  7. OK team, installed a washer jar in my 1957 Buick. So what color is the 1957 windshield fluid supposed to be? Green? Blue? Just trying to get it correct! Thanks for the help.
  8. Great Story Doug! What a cool and fine grandmother you had. Funny how parents can be when their parents step in to help..Can't wait to Car-a van to 2020 nationals with you and Joe in our Buicks! What a great trip that will be! One more chapter to the journey for sure!
  9. Hey Doug, Great time yesterday! The eight plus hours in a car for the International Buick parts transfer was flawlessly a blast! It was a fun time traveling with you and just having Buick fun! Thanks for all your help and the fine conversation on our trip. It sure made the trip go a lot faster. Glad the BP was lenient with you (haha) and you made it back safe and sound. We will definitely have to get together again for another International Buick rad trip. Maybe next time, we will go to that place south of Detroit, Windsor! Thanks again my friend. It was a pleasure to have you as a traveling partner, rain and shine! Jim
  10. Adam, Check these guys out. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=362000520153&category=34207&pm=1&ds=0&t=1497886485000&ver=0 I also keep a spare pair of T3 for swapping out at the meet. One works, one doesn't. But at least you have the correct bulbs in and won't get dinged for non-original headlamp bulbs. I don't think they make you do the drive by and check systems anymore like they used to (headlights work, horn, blinkers etc). But if you are driving it, those all have to work anyway. What I did was go through the drive through with my Halogens (used for everyday driving) which work, then swap out to the T3 the morning of the show. It takes about 10 minutes to do it. Rather easy. For what its worth. Jim
  11. Both stunning vehicles. Really like the color combinations. Wagons only had 2 tone below the sweepspear, but it still looks fantastic with that paint job.
  12. Doug, are you saying you're getting the 1957 Buick bug? 😀 At least you'll be in good company !
  13. Adam, So now your are a 1957 guy? Welcome to the club! Great find and great car. Can't wait to see what you going to do to it. Looks pretty good right now in the condition it is in. Jim
  14. Pete, There is a Chrysler / Mopar relay that will work for this. I don't have the part number, but I had the same problem and bought one at the local parts store that looked and worked just like the original Buick one. I want to say the part was used on a Jeep. Maybe try there. Jim