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  1. Holy smokes Gary! That is one fantastic looking Buick! Really cool and the interior is awesome! Love the 57 Olds dash in it. The paint is amazing in the photos. I'll bet even more amazing in person. Nice Job my man!!! You driving it to Nationals next year?
  2. Gary...WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!! Hey guy! Hope you're doing well. You got to let us in on this. It looks fabulous!!! share some pictures and stories about picking it up with us! Thanks.
  3. 1956322, Thanks! After reviewing what he did, I may try another path, in a similar method to incorporate it. His approach gives me some ideas on how to make it stock looking.
  4. Thanks for the info! I will look him up to see if any of that might work. Is it possible to get a name or something? Not sure what to look up on eBay for something like that. Thanks!
  5. Has anybody installed an aftermarket AC system in a 1957 Buick (Non-air vehicle)? Looking for what system fits, while trying to maintain as much of the original controls (modified -ok) and venting as possible. Not looking to put an underdash pod with 4 vents, but something hidden to most extent and hooked up to the factory defrost and dash vents. I did see the article by KAD36 on how he did it in his 55 Buick, which prompted me to investigate this for my 57. However, space claim and under dash area is much reduced in a 57, so his approach and system, would not work. Looking for anybody who might have done this with a 57 and getting some tips and info. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a used 1957 Buick Century / Special upper dash cover / pad with the center AC vent in it. OK with vinyl top in poor condition, as I am going to recover it. Just need the metal substrate with a decent working center vent. Having the duct for it would be a bonus as well. contact me w/ PM. Thanks. Jim Thanks for the use of the picture Buickman.. :)
  7. Rear cross member is completely different from the 1957, due to bumper mounting attachment scheme. 1957 frame has ears off the sides at the corners where the 1958 does not as it is flush at corners.
  8. Welcome to the Longroof Club Tony! What a cool looking wagon you got there! Rebuilding a generator is pretty easy, and something you could probably tackle. Have fun with your wagon and set up a thread in Me and My Buick Section of the forum! Looking forward to hearing more on your new Buick!
  9. GM's new marketing campaign:
  10. Joe, These would be a piece of cake for you to restore now that you have your first PhD Caballero under your belt! Heck, your storage area would look like a 1958 Buick Dealership with all these! you could even invite Doug over with his convertible, or better yet, he could go in with you and then you would have all the 1958 parts you ever needed for any possible issue! Hey, right now the price is pretty good on these, and they are Arizona cars... food for thought.... Jim Insert other media
  11. Bill, Can you tell me which model you purchased? They seem to have 2 that will work for my 1957 Buick, one with a "light/lamp" terminal and one without. 82051 is without the lamp terminal, 82051-2 is with. I'm thinking of putting one on my wagon as I am rebuilding it for trailer towing. Thanks for your help on this. Jim
  12. Thanks David..I appreciate it. Good point of the front end dynamics. Wonder how it would be affected with disc brakes?
  13. BTW, I will read the "math class" and figure out what is compatible to the adaptation. I appreciate it, sir!