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  1. Adam, Check these guys out. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=362000520153&category=34207&pm=1&ds=0&t=1497886485000&ver=0 I also keep a spare pair of T3 for swapping out at the meet. One works, one doesn't. But at least you have the correct bulbs in and won't get dinged for non-original headlamp bulbs. I don't think they make you do the drive by and check systems anymore like they used to (headlights work, horn, blinkers etc). But if you are driving it, those all have to work anyway. What I did was go through the drive through with my Halogens (used for everyday driving) which work, then swap out to the T3 the morning of the show. It takes about 10 minutes to do it. Rather easy. For what its worth. Jim
  2. Both stunning vehicles. Really like the color combinations. Wagons only had 2 tone below the sweepspear, but it still looks fantastic with that paint job.
  3. Doug, are you saying you're getting the 1957 Buick bug? 😀 At least you'll be in good company !
  4. Adam, So now your are a 1957 guy? Welcome to the club! Great find and great car. Can't wait to see what you going to do to it. Looks pretty good right now in the condition it is in. Jim
  5. Pete, There is a Chrysler / Mopar relay that will work for this. I don't have the part number, but I had the same problem and bought one at the local parts store that looked and worked just like the original Buick one. I want to say the part was used on a Jeep. Maybe try there. Jim
  6. Chris, Try Steele Rubber. Also, you should be able to buy it from CARS as well. I think it is pretty much the same from 1957-61 on all dynaflows. Hope that helps. Jim
  7. Geez Lance...don't tell him that!! :) Now he may want it as a trailer queen!! These beauties are meant to be driven, not trailered..
  8. I agree with Willie. I have done many of those by low pressure blasting on the metal top, tape off the plastic parts though..and follow Fr. Buick's approach to nylon stiff bristle brush and either Simple Green or Citrus Based Cleaner. It will take a bit, but will clean up nicely.
  9. ttt..still looking for this: Any condition, just need all the parts. Stantions especially, but would like a complete one. PM me if you know or have one.
  10. ttt Looks like this: Still looking, Any condition as long as all parts are there, stantions especially. Thanks.
  11. Alex, Are you still in need for parts? I have many 1957 Buick parts for series 40/60. I can also help you find the parts if you need some help. Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks, Jim