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  1. 1957buickjim

    1958 Caballero

    Geez Lance...don't tell him that!! :) Now he may want it as a trailer queen!! These beauties are meant to be driven, not trailered..
  2. 1957buickjim

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    I agree with Willie. I have done many of those by low pressure blasting on the metal top, tape off the plastic parts though..and follow Fr. Buick's approach to nylon stiff bristle brush and either Simple Green or Citrus Based Cleaner. It will take a bit, but will clean up nicely.
  3. 1957buickjim

    1958 Buick NOS Radio kit for sale

    PM sent
  4. 1957buickjim

    Luggage Rack - 1957 Buick or Olds Wagon

    ttt..still looking for this: Any condition, just need all the parts. Stantions especially, but would like a complete one. PM me if you know or have one.
  5. 1957buickjim

    1957 Fiesta Wagon Luggage Rack

    ttt Looks like this: Still looking, Any condition as long as all parts are there, stantions especially. Thanks.
  6. 1957buickjim

    1957 Buick Wagon Roof Rack

    ttt - still looking
  7. 1957buickjim

    Wanted Buick 1957 2dr Ht Parts

    Alex, Are you still in need for parts? I have many 1957 Buick parts for series 40/60. I can also help you find the parts if you need some help. Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks, Jim
  8. 1957buickjim

    56 idle speed, ignition timing, etc.

    I know in a 1957 Manual, they have a specific section in the proper steps in adjusting tuning your engine by adjusting everything in a certain sequence. Not sure if it is the same in the 56 shop manual, but it is in section 2-10 as to what to do, step by step. This is the link to 1957 Buick, but should be similar for 1956: https://www.hometownbuick.com/1957-buick-engine-tune-trouble-diagnosis/. Might be worth a shot..
  9. Doug, Holy Moly! You are really starting your own 58 Buick Chop Shop!!! ? I am interested in finding out how the heck you got the coil springs out of the front. You sure are doing a heck of a job on the Limited. Keep up the pictures.
  10. 1957buickjim

    Want to buy: Upper Ball Joint 57 Century

    PM Sent.
  11. 1957buickjim

    1958 inside rearview mirror problem

    Pete, the garnish moldings should slide on the mirror on the left and right sides. The holes in the mirror bracket should line up with the holes in the garnish trim. Then the 3 piece assembly should be screwed to the roof / windshield surround. However, there is a sequence to putting in the windshield garnish. Lower windshield first, (Center, left, right) then left / right vertical garnishes, then the upper garnish assembly with mirror bracket. At least that is the sequence with a 1957 Buick, which I think the 1958 uses the carry over design from 1957. It also helps to use an awl / ice pick to line up the trim screw holes in the surround with the trim. Hope this helps.
  12. 1957buickjim

    57 4dr hardtop, not mine

    Matt, PM sent.
  13. 1957buickjim

    Yet another '57 wheel color question

    Lance - I measured it this weekend. It measured 2.25 inches on the whitewall from rim to edge. FYI.