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700 HP '48 Convertible

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Guest my3buicks
When WILL folks quit picking on a person that builds to his/her choice? I don't recall the owner/builder ASKING FOR OPINIONS.

Sure there are LOTS of cars/trucks that AREN'T my choice, but hey, this is America, each to his/her own.

I don't get it, if a grandmother introduced us to her granddaughter, and she wasn't an attractive child, would we tell the grandmother, SHE IS UGLY, or she should wear her hair another way, or dress better?

I enjoy originals, but also modified cars/trucks TOOOOOOOOO. I'm just THANKFUL to do what I can to enjoy the 86,400 seconds of each day.

Dale in Indy[/quote

Ok, you gave your opinion the same as i did, your opinion doesn't hold any more water with me as mine does with you. Doesn't mean either one of our opinions are right or wrong, they are just what they are, opinions.

By the way, if the grandmother had an ugly granddaughter I probably Would say so, that's how I am, but then again I be the first to complement if deserving

Btw, wouldn't telling this guy that you like his car better without the skirts be pretty much the same thing?4 Weeks Ago #73

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Still like your car, but, WITHOUT the skirts.

IMO, if skirts were meant for your car, Buick wouldn't have put the mini flares on the openings. Instead there would have been a SMOOTH transition to the skirts. NOTHING PERSONAL, for sure.


Dale in Indy

Dale in Indy

DOB 1937

*1941, Buick Limited

*1946, Buick Roadmaster

*1940's, Whizzer bike

*1957, France motor scooter

*1940, Rexner tether car

*2012 1946, 25" scale model of the Detroit parade float.

*1963 John Snowberger 24" hand formed Indy car, # 98

*2013, 27" Art Deco model of 1941 vision of a TRUCKS TO COME, by me.

*30" model of the 1940 GM FuturLiner, by me.

*30" model of the GOOGLE LOCOMOTIVE, by me.

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

You are probably right, I, maybe WE, and can do better in the future.

I really doubt you would tell a grandmother her granddaughter is UGLY, but if you did, then YOU need to rethink your comments.

I will do better.

Dale in Indy

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Grandmothers are better listeners than car builders, so they might be offended. Everyone is a better listener than a Buick owner, from my experience. That's why they made computers and forums for the Buick guys sitting home alone. Post #28, what was post #1 about?


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Guest my3buicks

Who sits at home on the computer anymore? You can be on the web and doing 10 other things at the same time.

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