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  1. Absolutely mint rust free body that was blasted and epoxy primed. 425 nailhead 400 switch pitch Powder Coated frame and Chassis 9.3 Olds/Pontiac triangulated 4-bar rear with coilovers Flat Out Entertaining C4 front crossmember with coilovers C5 front breaks 57 Olds dash with factory AC vents 62-64 GM buckets with Buick 1/2 Console All chrome done for both exterior and interior And much more, call for details. Located in Montesano, Washington 28500.00 Would consider trades for Henry Ford 32-34 3-window Coupe or 33-34 5-window Coupe projects. PM or call. My build
  2. I have a very nice set of 57 Buick 40 & 60 series, Special & Century 2dr ht quarter moldings, 6 pieces in all 650.00 plus shipping. PM or call for more details Thanks Dan 360-509-8182
  3. I have a 1957 Buck Super I'm parting. Fenders, hood, deck lid, glass, bumpers, seats, moldings, engine, transmission, radiator, grill, hubcaps, wheels, doors, dash, trim, chrome. Lots of good parts. PM or call with needs. Located in Western Washington Thanks Dan 360-509-8182
  4. Sorry for the long delay but this project has been on hold. I got sidetracked on a 1960 Ventura project and am just now getting back to the Buick. Here are a few pic of the Ventura.
  5. Outstanding workmanship and dedication. I would have to go back and look as it has been a while but, does this car have the early metal back bucket seats? That in my opinion would put it over the top...
  6. When is that and, do you have to be a member?
  7. Got the Exhaust all tigged up now it will go off the be ceramic coated.
  8. Pulled the body back off Sunday and got my E-brake cable back on. A few more pics.
  9. Thanks for the complements. The back seat is out of a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire. It does fit nicely but I am only using it for the upholsterer pattern and will have my original 57' seat upholstered in the 62' Starfire pattern as well as the buckets. The same as the bucket seats the back is 61-64 GM the only difference is the pattern used.
  10. Okay I have some measurements. The Floor pan on my 57' Super from pinch weld to pinch weld is 64" but from door to door, doors closed, is 68-1/4". I also measured my 57' Special in the same place door to door, doors closed, is 65-1/4". Seat cushions are 24" and 7-1/2" between seats. Also I took a 1" section out of the rear track stands as the floor pan on these mid 50's Buick's are flat further back under the front seat while the early 60's cars the floor pan starts to angle down for the foot well in the back quicker so the rear stand has to be higher in order for the seat to sit level. Also I
  11. I think my floor pan "Super" pinch weld to pinch weld at rockers is 68" and the Special Century is 61". I will get some measurements later today.
  12. These seats would work perfect in your 55'. This series of GM seats are actually 62-65. 62-64 fold at a angle and the 65' seats fold straight up. A easy way to tell is the 65' seats have 2-hockey sticks one on either side. You are correct in that my car does have a wider floor pan as it is a Super but the placement of the seat is going to be the same in your 55' Special as the seats in order to look right will hug the hump. If you look at the pictures of my floor pan you can see the hump is wide and flat. I will get some measurements for you tomorrow but if my memory serves me correct I believ
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