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  1. Absolutely mint rust free body that was blasted and epoxy primed. 425 nailhead 400 switch pitch Powder Coated frame and Chassis 9.3 Olds/Pontiac triangulated 4-bar rear with coilovers Flat Out Entertaining C4 front crossmember with coilovers C5 front breaks 57 Olds dash with factory AC vents 62-64 GM buckets with Buick 1/2 Console All chrome done for both exterior and interior And much more, call for details. Located in Montesano, Washington 28500.00 Would consider trades for Henry Ford 32-34 3-window Coupe or 33-34 5-window Coupe projects. PM or call. My build thread here. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/204476-1957-buick-super-build/
  2. I have a very nice set of 57 Buick 40 & 60 series, Special & Century 2dr ht quarter moldings, 6 pieces in all 650.00 plus shipping. PM or call for more details Thanks Dan 360-509-8182
  3. Gary, Looks like your almost there. Great build...
  4. I have a 1957 Buck Super I'm parting. Fenders, hood, deck lid, glass, bumpers, seats, moldings, engine, transmission, radiator, grill, hubcaps, wheels, doors, dash, trim, chrome. Lots of good parts. PM or call with needs. Located in Western Washington Thanks Dan 360-509-8182
  5. Sorry for the long delay but this project has been on hold. I got sidetracked on a 1960 Ventura project and am just now getting back to the Buick. Here are a few pic of the Ventura.
  6. Dale, You pretty much summed it up here. I wonder how many individuals here would even have the talent to pull off a build like this. Its easy to pic someone elses build apart from the convenience of your keyboard. This would be a much more enjoyable place if the negative comments were left out of the discussion.
  7. Personally if they were to of kept it with a Buick engine I think the Nailhead would have fit the bill best. The 455 is a great engine but in my opinion dose not fit the car any better then the Chev engine. If I had only the two to choose from I would have made the same choice the builder did.
  8. Outstanding workmanship and dedication. I would have to go back and look as it has been a while but, does this car have the early metal back bucket seats? That in my opinion would put it over the top...
  9. I have a set of 57' quarter end trim in very nice shape, the drives one does have a slight abrasion on the lower back side as seen in the pic. It would be very easily polished out. 95.00 Shipped in the lower 48. Located in western Washington. PM or call for any inquires. Thanks Dan 36O-5O9-8182
  10. I have a 1957 J2 Tripower complete with original carbs and air cleaner. It has progressive linkage. The carbs will more then likely need rebuilt but operate freely and the bases and butterflies look to be in excellent condition. The air cleaner housing and horns are in excellent condition needing only to be refinished. The item is in Washington state 1750.00 PM or call with any inquires. Thanks Dan 36O-5O9-8182
  11. Have you test fit your inner sheet metal with the AC bracket and alternator in place? I was unable to use that bracket as it placed the alternator to far outboard on my 57'.
  12. When is that and, do you have to be a member?
  13. Got the Exhaust all tigged up now it will go off the be ceramic coated.
  14. Rob, I would pull the distriputor, make a 3/8" rod ground to fit the oil pump then use a drill to prime the engine. Pull the rocker covers and once you see the oil coming up through the rockers you know your good. Also once the engine is primed with the rocker covers off you can turn the engine over and see if you have any stuck valves.Turning the engine over untill it has oil pressure in a engine that has sat for 20 some years could cause damage. JM2C Good Luck.
  15. I don't know what brand they are. Is there some place on them that would tell? I came by them cleaning out a estate and they had 1957 Buick tag on them so I tried them on my Super and they did not fit. Then I tried them on my Century and Special and the fit perfect.
  16. I have a set of 62-64 GM Bucket seats for sale. These seats where used in full size GM cars. They have been recovered and the chrome is very nice. I am asking 450.00 plus shipping. They are located in Grays Harbor Washington. PM or call 36O-5O9-8l82. Thanks Dan
  17. I have a set of 1963 Pontiac Bonneville bucket seats for sale. The drivers side is 4-way electric. It has forward & back, up & down. I tested the electric with the seat laying on its back and it worked fine but I am sure you would want to take it all apart and clean & paint. The chrome is pealing and pitted but would be fine for rechrome. The lower chrome trim on the bottom of the seat frames are not included in the sale but the plastic red skirts are. The seats are in Grays Harbor Washington. I am asking 550.00 for the pair. Please PM me or call 36O-5O9-8l82. Thanks Dan
  18. I have a set of NOS fender skirts for 57' Buick Century, Special. The have originally primed and have some light surface rust as seen in the pic. I am asking 325.00 plus shipping. These are located in Grays Harbor Washington. PM or call 36O-5O9-8l82
  19. I used the 62-64 full size GM buckets in my 57'. I explain in detail the process in which to install from post 81 on. I used a string line at the top of the door jamb and a level on the back of the seat cushion frame with the back rest folded forward. Hope this helps a bit. http://forums.aaca.org/f118/1957-buick-super-build-339266-4.html
  20. Pulled the body back off Sunday and got my E-brake cable back on. A few more pics.