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  1. Other question, body number, is print only on firewall tag or also in other part? Thanks
  2. Know the code for the air ride suspension on firewall tag? Thanks
  3. unfortunately it keeps the original air compressor and pipes, but she has also been converted
  4. Well, is a very hard restoration, but love this car. Original color is green, but was paint desert glowe and after green. Interiors are green. I don’t want do a frame off so now can do this restoration type. Now have a problem, hope you can help me. The firewall plate is miss, i’m rebuilding it. This is a pro-form. Think my car have only air ride option, we know code? thanks for help OLDSMOBILE DIVISION GENERAL MOTOR CORPORATION LANSING, MICH. STYLE 58-3693 BODYN°_ M TRIM. 367 PAINT. 30-60-31 ACC. BODY BY FISCHER
  5. Mr, please help me. Why write clock delete? Is an optional?
  6. Thanks Mr, yes wagon with b pillar are very rare. Hope to do a good work
  7. Fuel, new battery and go https://youtu.be/0vaZXm1H0Eo
  8. Good morning my friends, after Buick now start restoration of this fantastic car, run but body isn’t in good conditions; interior is good but some works are to do. I want to do a conservative restoration, have a problem, is miss the body tag, can help me to rebuild it? thanks
  9. Good morning to all, some photo of my car
  10. And another question, i’m looking for a Moraine power brake booster for sale. Someone has to sell? Thanks