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  1. And another question, i’m looking for a Moraine power brake booster for sale. Someone has to sell? Thanks
  2. Good morning to all, a question for you. Is possible to see in my Buick is a pace car or not? Thanks
  3. No, isn’t in sale. Buy this in England because i love this engine. Now haven’t a project, think was a good price so buy. Now is in transit. Hope is all ok. If is a 305 is a good news? Thanks for all. If you can give me others specs are very appreciate. Thanks PS 305 or 306? and, intake may have been replaced. as I can see if the engine is a 305 or 267? Selle offer it as 267
  4. Good morning, i buy this engine can you help me to decode what is it and all numbers on it? wery thanks
  5. 1939 cadillac conv 39-6167 serie, is 2 passenger. But see more cars with rear seats. What is correct? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. Can you give me a range for prix? Car running, new interior, dash, new door panel new canvas top. Thanks
  7. Good morning, i’m looking to buy this car. Can we give me some info and if for you is a good car or not? matching and more? Thanks Mirko
  8. Good morning, i'm looking to buy a power brake booster core for my car, so can ship to rebuild in America and change later. Can we help/sell one? thanks
  9. Finally "finished" thanks to all IMG_1921.MP4
  10. IMG_1162.MP4 IMG_1163.MP4 IMG_1164.MP4