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  1. if break down or have an accident those 1/10 markers may save your life
  2. http://www.moultrieswapmeet.com/
  3. he never verified the guage is accurate
  4. no actual car requirements
  5. I tried once . 1/2 mile or more walk to see the cars in tents. its an event for the wealthy
  6. they create an event that 99.9 percent of car owners cant even get into .
  7. car corral had even more carts and even some atv that where made to look like a golf cart
  8. http://www.aaca.org/Calendar/aaca_calendar.html
  9. Car i had registeed broke down this am and cant make it. Can i subsitute my other car that has been dpc before?
  10. only 562 miles on my electra this year
  11. and she could have just as easily went thru the windshield and i bet she wears a bet when driving the bus
  12. issue is it came stock with seat and shoulder belts but had none
  13. NY state requires seat belts in cars 1965 newer. also no one under 18 can legally ride in a car withoout a seat belt