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  1. that 67 switch is a failure point and is not reproduced
  2. just notice if I do the rambler ranch tour we miss the membership meeting?
  3. if several hundred is inexpensive
  4. a stock harness wont work here with that much stuff not factory
  5. OIL I N 1933 didn't havw zinc i n it
  6. why isn't the gain on a collectible car taxed the same way as any other investment property?
  7. exactly. it should be only be fiiled to the top of the fins on a system with no recovery tank
  8. as a cpa I take that's as insult to my profession
  9. 75000 k for a car that cant even be started
  10. ones I got from that place look nothing like nys originals. total waste of money
  11. if rebuilt maybe 1/2 of the rebuild costs. and I agree doesn't look like a fresh rebuild
  12. When I said same thing I got chewed a new one
  13. you do nt buff or sand a 2 stage before clear
  14. this post just shows that this group will never be happy at a meet
  15. all this is doing is damaging the hobby
  16. is anyone worried on wear that much metal went and did before the oil filter trapped it?