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  1. THEY are all over 25 years old and belong on an aaca show field
  2. moog still makes the coils for my 77 electra
  3. when will details be available?
  4. car is one of 13,000 sho s built in 1994
  5. i way but in will be in dpc
  6. not removing items from the car to get an award.
  7. what do there except cars from late 70s up to have for a battery when nobody makes reproductions?
  8. guess its not an hpof car. it will be staying home
  9. and the vent shades and window tint
  10. Next year it will qualify for HPOF. I has 3 none original things, Tires, which are how a current General Tire of the Original size, Radio, which will not get replaced with the long dead original, and the battery which is current replacement from Napa. There is no reproduction battery available. Car has all original paint and interrior. Does show use. How bad will i be docked for this stuff? Ted
  11. was a great show.was there 2 days and didnt see it all
  12. and I have been to hemmings when the lot is half full, this was last year
  13. his car doesn't need a zzdp additive
  14. ny only dos that on cars 1996 and newer
  15. that 67 switch is a failure point and is not reproduced
  16. just notice if I do the rambler ranch tour we miss the membership meeting?
  17. if several hundred is inexpensive
  18. a stock harness wont work here with that much stuff not factory