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  1. why isn't the gain on a collectible car taxed the same way as any other investment property?
  2. exactly. it should be only be fiiled to the top of the fins on a system with no recovery tank
  3. as a cpa I take that's as insult to my profession
  4. 75000 k for a car that cant even be started
  5. ones I got from that place look nothing like nys originals. total waste of money
  6. if rebuilt maybe 1/2 of the rebuild costs. and I agree doesn't look like a fresh rebuild
  7. When I said same thing I got chewed a new one
  8. you do nt buff or sand a 2 stage before clear
  9. this post just shows that this group will never be happy at a meet
  10. all this is doing is damaging the hobby
  11. is anyone worried on wear that much metal went and did before the oil filter trapped it?
  12. had same issue with my 73 dart which has very small tail lights by todays standards, got pulled over, got a warning to check them when I got home. th ights work as they did in 1973 and I checked by walking to rear of car and they were lit
  13. was texting with a friend down under and he said it is a major deal there. major fines for importing a car with any asbestos anywhere on the car including engine gaskets. . what era cars have it except in the brakes?
  14. for some reason this doesn't appear to a custom car show group
  15. in mustang judging an overstored car wont win.
  16. ny doesn't do vin verification when you register a car