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  1. for some reason this doesn't appear to a custom car show group
  2. in mustang judging an overstored car wont win.
  3. ny doesn't do vin verification when you register a car
  4. get a factory ford 1965 service manual
  5. there is a spot across from my friends 3 spots. they have 10 spots and 99.99% is camping. no evidence they are selling anthing
  6. with that change we are losing those cars since they now most be restored or never get an aaca award
  7. if car was delivered in a one plate state the backet wouldn't have been there??
  8. and how many aaca members paid to have the car restored or purchased it done?
  9. appears he wants everyone to pay for something I wont use, trailer parking
  10. guess that means the display only class wiil be huge next year
  11. no need to run break in oil for more than 100 miles
  12. SHE CANT SIGN TH TITLE that's in a prior owners name
  13. im almost 55 and belong to 2 regions. one has no members my age or younger other was a couple. you can see the list of cars I own. some are over 25 but the oldest is a 1966. when I do to an acca event with my early 70s most people walk by without looking. I have even received comments about why such cars are allowed at an aaca event. I get the impression most aaca members care nothing of cars made after 1940.