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  1. there is no benefit to antique plates in ny . it does allow you to register a yom but only benefit is using the plate
  2. more reasons to not live there
  3. THEY are all over 25 years old and belong on an aaca show field
  4. moog still makes the coils for my 77 electra
  5. when will details be available?
  6. was a great show.was there 2 days and didnt see it all
  7. and I have been to hemmings when the lot is half full, this was last year
  8. his car doesn't need a zzdp additive
  9. ny only dos that on cars 1996 and newer
  10. that 67 switch is a failure point and is not reproduced
  11. just notice if I do the rambler ranch tour we miss the membership meeting?
  12. if several hundred is inexpensive
  13. a stock harness wont work here with that much stuff not factory
  14. OIL I N 1933 didn't havw zinc i n it
  15. why isn't the gain on a collectible car taxed the same way as any other investment property?
  16. exactly. it should be only be fiiled to the top of the fins on a system with no recovery tank