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  1. Hello Robert That would a great help. I'm not to sure if they are the same but it wouldn't hurt to ask your friend or if someone has one that I could borrow to get some castings off. Which would also help my friend from Australia. ( Hi Merv ). Plus if he has a choke assembly as per the picture that would be fantastic. I'm located in New Zealand and my friend Merv is from Queensland Australia.
  2. Hello RBK Unfortunately not my car. Its in a different country. Would you have these parts in your vast array of Studebaker bits? Cheers Chris
  3. Hello I'm looking for some information and some parts. Firstly the information: I have a 1917 ED 6 roadster which is being rebuilt. The seats are there but I have no way of attaching them to the floor, ie no way to adjust them or the frame to sit on a per the first photo. I'm hoping someone has some idea or pics of the frame. The second request is for a steering wheel clamp and a choke lever as seen in the attached photos. Cheers Chris Rhodes
  4. Hello Wenche I have a complete dash and instruments for a model 54 stude. the only difference is the stude dash has a fancy face instead of the plain one on the 53. cheers Chris