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  1. Hi Dennis's son I don't think it makes much difference whether they are front or back. But I think the one I have came from a front door. Now these ones are castings taken from an original so some cleaning and drilling is required. I would like $40.00 mostly for shipping as I live in New Zealand. Chris
  2. Hi Bo I found a 6V cut-out / relay on eBay. Probably just a matter of keeping an eye out on this site or others. Chris
  3. Hi Dennis How many do you need? Chris
  4. Hi Bo I have a 1917 ED 6 but the generator is the same model (EM 126 type 45 W) generator current regulation is by the third brush system. Rotation is counter-clock wise viewed from the commutator end. maximum current output of 19 amps is reached at 20 mph. Amps 6.0 @ 800 Rpm 12.00 @ 1000 RPM 17.00 @ 1200 RPM 19.25 @ 1400 RPM 15.00 @ 1700 RPM 12.50 @ 2000 RPM 9.00 @ 2500 RPM The relay closes at 8-10 mph and opens at 6-8 mph. I hope this helps. Chris
  5. I'm looking to rebuild the universal joint behind the clutch on my 17. But before I do I was wondering if anyone with a 1917 4 or 6 has replaced the universal with a modern one, if so what is required, is it a fairly simple procedure, is there much machining needed. Chris
  6. Hi Jay I'm just having my wheels rebuild at this time, when they are finished I will look through the bolts remaining. I should have some left over as I was able to recover some from wheels that were either broken or rotted. Chris
  7. Hi mbstude Also thanks for replying. Nice car I intend to paint mine grey as per the original. cheers Chris
  8. Hi I need some help from the members concerning the Transaxle in my 17. Problem: I filled the gearbox with oil next day came back to check that there were no oil leaks (all fine there) only to find that half the oil was in the differential. Sucked out the oil then replaced back into gearbox same thing happened. Now: have I overfilled the G-Box or is there a seal or something between the GB and the diff that needs replacing I'm not really enthused about pulling the whole back end apart. Hope someone can help. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi RBK I could be interested if you have a pair. Cheers Chris Rhodes
  10. Old car is alive and well. At the moment right in the middle of an extensive restoration of a 1917 SD6 roadster having just finished making new top bows so I'm looking for a set of top bow clamps, and have a set of original model T ones for sale of swap. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi looking for information on the quantity of oil (litres) required for the crankcase and the transaxle (gearbox / diff) of my 1917 6 cheers Chris
  12. Hi studeq Sorry if I'm showing my ignorance here but I presume PM stands for "Private message" so not too sure how to contact you that way. My email is studebugga17@gmx.com. but would really like to contact your friend as there are three of us that require gears. Regards Chris
  13. Hi Would anyone have a spare bevel gear (at the bottom of the distributor) used through 1928 GB commander engines as well a big and special six, or be able to borrow one for casting. Regards Chris
  14. Hi Would anyone have a spare bevel gear used through 1928 GB commander engines as well a big and special six, or be able to borrow one for casting. Regards Chris
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