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  1. put plastic on ground and install vents
  2. never seen online payment for shows
  3. sounds the fuel weakened oil did major damage and likely rings never seated
  4. no such bill was ever been introduced since
  5. buick red engine paint is readily available
  6. i heard a gentleman walking past my 91 chrysler at hershey saying he doesnt want cars built after ww2 at aaca showsa
  7. 6inches oft his weird white stuff last night
  8. car season here is over. snowed some friday and roads are covered in salt
  9. shelter logic but the ones that are good to store a car in cost more than 500
  10. do really think any aaca judge would now that info about such a obcsure car?
  11. next question is what amount is car insured? i have seem the need for a total repaint result in collectors cars being totalled
  12. so they change to way you want and the area you keep posting of is completely empty
  13. sliver one 30 plus shipping. blue one 40 plus shipping
  14. 40 dollars plus shipping.
  15. 40 dollars plus shipping. i believe its from a mid 1960s chrysler
  16. those brackets are way too small for a dpc badge