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  1. I saw a new 1948-52 Ford truck rubber front mat advertised as untrimmed with no holes. I am going to try and get the width and length from the seller and see if it might work. Thanks for your comment on the rubber mats.
  2. I don't know how well bulk rubber would work as it wouldn't fit well around the hump unless it was glued down. The supplier said it would need to be glued down. I am trying to repair the old mat right now, I have cleaned it with acetone and am glueing it from the back side with black RTV adhesive sealant and Gorilla tape. Also the fellow working on my upholstery says he can fit a carpet with a trap door in the carpet. I try and keep the car original as possible, but I don't enter the car into car shows so having a dipstick under the hood wouldn't bother me if I knew where to get the parts.
  3. Pfeil, Thank you for your comment. I talked to them and they don't make the mats or know anyone who is making any. Maybe someone will start making them.
  4. Thanks- pontiac 1953 That would be an big improvement, Does the Olds pan fit with no problems?
  5. Thanks - The 55er I talked to one carpet seller and they said their carpet is too stiff to turn over and another is going to get back to me.So I guess I will see what happens. I wonder if I could glue some sort of backing on to the old floor mat? Like canvas or something.The old mat is cracked where it is bent over. I also thought of buying a mat for another vehicle and trimming it to fit possibly.Thank you for your comment.
  6. Question about the trans dipstick and the front floor mat. The automatic transmission dipstick is under the front floor.Access to it is from turning over the front floor mat.My mat is in poor condition.I cannot find a replacement. I have talked to people selling molded carpet for the 1950 and they say the carpet needs to be glued down, obviously this wouldn't work. Some people have suggested buying sheet rubber flooring, but that wouldn't fit right over the hump either unless it was glued down. Anybody solved this problem or have an idea? Thanks in advance!