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  1. this is why my cars are only shown in dpc
  2. i drive my late 60s cars all over the county but nobody seems to car about anything post 1940 here
  3. i gave up on jc taylor in 2002 when they said my 73 DODGE DART wasnt a collector and never would be
  4. Insrance safety regs require the use of the gloves
  5. by guess is sms is also a creditor
  6. i really miss the long lines when we used tickets and paid cash
  7. try greg duesler at trackside body works in fonda 518-844-5709
  8. named after joseph hudson the name "Hudson" came from Joseph L. Hudson, a Detroit department store entrepreneur and founder of Hudson's department store, who provided the necessary capital and gave permission for the company to be named after him. A total of eight Detroit businessmen formed the company on February 20, 1909,[2] to produce an automobile which would sell for less than US$1,000 (equivalent to approximately $27,885 in 2018 funds[3]