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  1. if it bothers you that much dont watch the show
  2. maybe if many in the hobby werent convinced any car built after ww2 isnt an antque
  3. simplier to pay the extra dollar a gallon
  4. so id dont have car in friday judging you cant go?
  5. is general public allowed both days?
  6. my electra and friends 67 skylark and 87 turbo regal at a show yesterday in pittsfield mass
  7. tell him no sale
  8. worst part is no car activity late may to late september because its too hot
  9. contacted meet register iam getting a refund
  10. I have never seen any of that listed as annual maintence
  11. unfotrnately money is tight and i had to cancel my hotel.. guess the aaca got a donation for my registration fees etc
  12. interest is dying in cars made before 1970
  13. so people are coming but not with cars i guess
  14. if only went to free ones i would get maybe 2 or3 a year
  15. any thing within 2 hours and no rain