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  1. contacted meet register iam getting a refund
  2. I have never seen any of that listed as annual maintence
  3. unfotrnately money is tight and i had to cancel my hotel.. guess the aaca got a donation for my registration fees etc
  4. interest is dying in cars made before 1970
  5. so people are coming but not with cars i guess
  6. if only went to free ones i would get maybe 2 or3 a year
  7. any thing within 2 hours and no rain
  8. without driving my car to okc highly doubtful. only about 35 miles so far
  9. the may on line bugle isnt yet available?
  10. Its the size of the spare in my 94 taurus and seems to be no longer made
  11. and rain all week and next weekend
  12. i wont take a large amount of cash from a stranger, 100000000 times more ikely to get fake money than have an issue with a wire transfer
  13. same info is on every check you write