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  1. not sure about november. last year it snowed in upstte ny that weekend
  2. AACA doesn't verify VIN and options, etc.
  3. sadly it is gone. Any repair with be noticable.
  4. the nos solonode i get on ebay didnt work at all
  5. with no shows to attend my electra hasnt been out of the barn since june
  6. i had planned to go until ohio was on the nys travel ban
  7. if resulted in greater mpg the preformance wouldhave noticable decrease
  8. my car show registration went in mail yesterday
  9. your on the nys no travel list so no i wont be there
  10. they applied to my september renewal but wont go back
  11. i saw pa now has quarentine rquirsements for a bunch of states
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