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  1. im almost 60 and dont want my new car to have any of those things that older cars had.
  2. geeze, im pushing 60 and and i get the bugle to read the bugle on my lap top , have no use for a print version
  3. might have better on a local club forum or facebbok page
  4. this crap is majking me seriously consider not renewing my bca membership, i dont need this crap in my lfe.
  5. thats a great attitude shows wtats wrong with the hobby,
  6. in nys you cant use a yom plate number that is already in the system on any type of plate in use
  7. same25 year rolling cut off as what the aaca allows at shows
  8. its 15 dollars. no audit will ever look at it.
  9. i would deduct 1/2, and yes im a cpa
  10. iwith the ncreased standard deduction and reductions to itemized more taxpayers are not itemizing
  11. when i left state farm for travelers my insurance went down over 50 percent. they also lost my home owners. they were terrible with my one claim for a deer hit. refused to pay for moer than 3 rental car days for a vehicle thats wasnt drivable, i paid for 5 more days personally they will never see my money again
  12. hagerty only uses a list of towing companies. when called in october2018 was told a 4 hr wait. i called a local company and they refused to reimburse me. i dropped their towing coverage
  13. all this will do is drive more away
  14. tried freah cab with poor results
  15. appears that i wont know i will be able to see or do on friday until i show up?
  16. ok looks too costly to just go to show on saturday
  17. i stooped going when they charged spectators to park polus 25 each