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  1. I have two fender skirts for my 1950 plymouth but no clips or hardware to attach them to the fenders. What kind of clips / hardware do I need to install them? Where can I purchase these? Thanks!
  2. Hi I live in humid S Louisiana. I noticed that my generator was not fully charging the battery. I replaced two wires, removed the regulator and wire brushed the contacts in both the regulator and generator then reinstalled. It worked but 24 hrs later had the same problem I repeated the above and again, it worked. I then applied some lithium grease to the exposed wire connections and now it does not work. Is there some safe substance i can lot on these exposed connections to prevent corrosion? Connections are steel as are the screws holding the wires to the connections. Are new voltage regulators made of steel or brass? Would brass screws to hold the connections together be better? Thanks
  3. No I'm not sure. How do you cute vapor lock?
  4. I have a 1950 Plymouth that starts great cold and after a normal shut down. However if I stall it on a hot day it floods and has to sit about 15 minutes before it will start again, usually with a shot of ether in the carb. Why is this happening and how can I cure it?
  5. My rear turn signals work when the headlights are not on but the rear signals do not when the headlights are in. Is this correct for a 6 volt system?
  6. If I replace the 6 v generator and regulator do they need to be polarized? Thanks
  7. My amp gauge shows zero with my engine at idle. With lights on it shows a very slight discharge just to the left of zero. Is this correct?
  8. Went out to start my 1950 plymouth in humid weather. It's under a carport. I think I flooded it. Ran ok previous day. Any suggestions on how to get it running?
  9. Went out to start my 1950 plymouth in humid weather. It's under a carport. I think I flooded it. Ran ok previous day. Any suggestions on how to get it running?
  10. I am the original poster. The car was bought in Indiana and shipped to Louisiana. When I had a physical inspection done be the Louisiana State Police they found an original engine number stamp on the frame which does not match my engine number. That's the issue. In Indiana the car was titled with the engine number not the frame vin number. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of a good Louisiana attorney who can help me with a major antique car title problem? Thanks!
  12. Not sure at this point. According to Plymouth blogs the frame was stamped with the original engine number and that is what my state is saying. So confused at this point I don't know.
  13. Hi. I'm at my wits end here in Louisiana. I purchased a 1950 Plymouth in Indiana. The engine number and frame numbers do not match. Therefore I cannot title and register it here. The engine swap was made 2 owners back in VA. I contacted him and he said that they only used engine numbers in VA so he did not worry about the frame. I can't sell it or even junk it without a title. It's a beautiful car in mint condition. I'm thinking of taking my losses and donating it to a university or museum of i can do it without a title. Can anybody help me out there?Thanks Any thoughts on how to title it or donate it without a title? Thanks
  14. No it was originally from VS. Thanks very much for your help!
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