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  1. bassman

    back seat

    will a 53-54 desoto rear seat fit my 51 desoto, i believe it came out of a firedome.
  2. i wood like to thank ever-one for their input and help they provided to. as yall know it was dropped by the da. as far as my family walking home i will take care of that in a proper maner . again thank you.
  3. ya, now that i talked to her how am i going to get an appointment? she will probaly just tell me the same thing. i don't know why something so easy is being so difficult. im not really good at the talking thing to defend myself,people half the time dont understand me. i just wana get this resolved but i can't get no help from no one. so it makes me think if i get a laywer he can go thru the wright channels,cause no one gives me the light of day.i just wana take my car out but now i am afraid of getting harassed and having to go tru this all over again.
  4. hey yall.went to da's office yesturday and they told me i have to dispute it in court. so i guess i have to hire a laywer.as far as the officer i was talking to the secratary at the da's office and she said they hear at least once a month a complaint about him.
  5. i put a 800 cca and 2 gauge wires to mine and it made a big differnce.and i still got to ground the body but havent got there yet. i found the battery at batteries plus, they had the highest ccas
  6. thanx chicago cool site.seeing how i have 2 fords.
  7. ya i think why he stopped me was he thought it wasnt registered,but it has been for a year , everybody has been wacthing me work on the car because i have no garage.i had 2 cars in frount of me and 1 in back of me and i dought he seen my girls till he stopped me.i am going to complain, i dont need any points , im a cdl driver and i have a clean license. and its not that i dont beleive in seatbelts i wear them all the time,even my children, but if i put them in that old car i have to redesign alot ,just to make them work properly.
  8. im in wilsons mills johnston county. the cheif from what i heard around town favors this officer. but i also heard from a local deputy sherrif that they had many complaints about him and said i should file a complaint.not that it has anything to do with it but i have darn drug dealers up the street but it doesnt seem theyre trying i have 3 children playing on this street all the time, its a dead end street.you see stange cars go down and then 5 minutes later leave. but any talking to other neighbors a lot of people dont favor him.and you being in law ,was it wright for him to make my wife and 2 girls walk home in the rain?
  9. went to the cheif today and he never heard of this exemtion, he said it sounds like a gray area. he said that a ticket for no chids restaint is different but he said hell call the da's office and ask them.
  10. o i meant to say GRAY area not gay,
  11. from what i gathered so far under the north carolina law nc child passenger safty law-G.S.20-137.1 the exemptions say vehicles not required to have belts(such as cars made before 1968 and pus suvs,and vans made before 1972,and large buses) www.buckleupnc.org/laws_cps.cfm and thats under that law but like u said it seems to me also that it is a gay area. he woundnt even let me get another vehicle they had to walk home in the rain. the law changed for booster seats after she was out of one, so shes been riding in the back seat of are regular vehicle and always with a belt.
  12. i finialy got the 51 desoto were it can drive.when i got it i promised to my family to get icecream with the 51.the store is about a mile and a half away,and what do you now it the Rousco wana-be cop pulls us over and gives me a ticket for my daughter not being in a seatbelt and a child booster. shes 7 but north carolina law is 8 or 80 lbs.she was in the back seat.he wrote me up a (G.S.20-137.1). now i know that im exempt just want some ideas on how to handle this.thank you for your help and have a happy labor day.
  13. i have a 68 F350 with tube type rims and i want to put non-tube type rims on it. its a dually so i need 6. does any body know what other years,makes or what ever will fit it. thanx.
  14. just bought a 56 f600 and would like to know were the best place 4 parts is.
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