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  1. Very nice video! Wonderful car! Ohio near Cleveland could be Oregon near Portland. Did you use a GoPro mounted on your hat/head or did you use a chest harness? I'd like to try something similar with my 1939 Roadmaster and my 1949 Super on the backroads near Portland.
  2. Who knows? Parts bin? More than one supplier? My car has a Stromberg carb and a Carter fuel strainer. Both are original, like the jack. The Forum helps us out by letting us have these discussions.
  3. Here are the photos of the patent numbers--one for the jacking mechanism and one for the base.
  4. Here are some photos of the jack in my 1949 Super 51. It came with the car. I believe that the jack is OEM. I don't know if jacks differed between Supers and Roadmasters that year. I've had the car since 1978. The tilt effect in the first photo is because of the wide-angle of the camera in my phone. I couldn't find any part numbers, but I did find the patent numbers. I hope that this helps you in your search. I will send the patent photos in a separate post.
  5. It could be the collar of the guy sitting behind FDR who is wearing a helmet.
  6. I didn't look closely enough. I'm sorry. Yes, the 56C above. Check with Pete Phillips. He is the go-to for postwar Sedanettes.
  7. It would be interesting to see a cowl from a 1949 50/70 series convertible.
  8. Here a photo of the seal in my 1949 Super 51--it is in two parts. This is a late production model car. The connecting rod bearing inserts were stamped "February 1949" and the window glass is etched "4-49." I purchased the car from the original owner in 1978. It was untouched when I got it. I've done an engine rebuild and put in a new clutch and new shocks.
  9. The Carter CARbureTER sediment bowl on my 1949 Super has a coiled spring in the bottom of the bowl with a porous ceramic strainer sitting on top of it. The spring keeps the ceramic strainer tight against the underside of the cap. It uses a gasket between the top of the bowl and the underside of the cap to prevent leaks. The gaskets are available from NAPA, regular size and large. See my photo. Interestingly, I have a Stromberg carburetor and a Carter sediment bowl. It is all original. Parts bin assembly, I assume.
  10. Best of luck on your licensing exams! Having your Professional Engineer license, your PE, will open doors for you in your career. I work for a public agency with many civil engineers and some mechanical engineers. The PE can be your ticket to your success!
  11. Are the idle circuits on your carburetor working properly?
  12. I had problems one time when I brought my 1949 Super in from one state to another to be registered. The inspector said that the number on the out-of-state title, 15188158, didn't match the frame plate on the car, 15I88I58. After a short discussion, he finally agreed that they matched.
  13. Here's a poor-quality still from "All Through the Night," with Bogart walking down a street lined with 1939 and 1940 Buick Limiteds. Nice cars! In the movie, Bogart is driven around in a 1941 Limited. Otherwise, the movie is loaded with other Buicks, including a B-roll scene of Limiteds racing around Central Park.
  14. Had both cars out last weekend. My mechanic's home provides a nice backdrop!
  15. Kanter Auto Products has them. We installed some on my 1949 Super several years ago, front and rear. Those and radial tires really improved the ride and handling. Not cheap, but well worth the expense!
  16. Also, "All Through the Night," with Bogart. Lots of late 1930s and early 1940s Buick Limiteds and other Buicks. Both movies came from Warner Brothers.
  17. I bought the AC strainer from Bob's years ago in case I broke my Carter strainer. It's on the shelf as a back up.
  18. Pete, Bob's has a complete inline AC strainer with an accordian filter, GF-406. It is a repro. My 49 Super has an inline CARbureTER fuel strainer. (See attached photo.) I believe it to be original. Yet the carb is a Stromberg. Parts bin. Hmm. I do need to straighten up the strainer and repaint the cap in red. (Can anyone recommend the proper Red shade?) Bob
  19. Here's a photo of the "K" heater in my 1939 Roadmaster. Barney, thanks for including the literature showing the hose routing!
  20. Matt, what a great car! A member of our local BCA chapter regularly took his restored 1941 Limited on regional CCCA CARavans. Three comments: 1) I was under the impression that Buick straight eights had a characteristic drone or moan at highway speeds. My 1949 Super finally achieved it when I installed the correct long muffler. 2) Did you consider using a pastry bag for the corn head grease? 3) The oil bath air cleaners are great! The only drawback is if your car backfires through the carburetor. It is like blowing through a straw into a milkshake; the oil blurps out through the air cleaner at the bottom and sprays the engine compartment. Short of owning a Limited like yours, I enjoy driving my 1939 Roadmaster whenever I can. It is well appointed and cruises effortlessly at 60 mph. What a fun "near luxury" car to drive, and it fits in my in-tandem garage! Bob
  21. For comparisons sake, there is a fully restored one at charvetclassiccars.com in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for $44,500. It is outside of Portland. Wow!
  22. I bough a quart of engine paint from Hirsch and asked my neighborhood paint store to put some in a rattle can for me. It worked well when I repainted the spark plug cover on my 39 Roadmaster. The store's fee to put the paint in a rattle can was very reasonable, and I still have quite a bit of paint in the quart can for future use. They did the same thing for me a few years ago when I needed to paint a drawer front in my kitchen with some oil enamel paint. No brush strokes to worry about!
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