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  1. Mark, I had a similar problem with my 49 when I attempted to title it in Washington over 35 years ago. The out-of-state title read 15188158. The frame number read 15I88I58. It took some talking with the WSP inspector who finally agreed to approve my application. Bob
  2. I like the 41 sedan in the background--the one with the fender spears.
  3. Got the 39 Roadmaster out yesterday and today for some rides around town. Nice and clear and 50 degrees. However snow may be in the longer-term forecast. Two inches will absolutely paralyze Portland! Having intermittent charging issues--sometimes charging, sometimes not. Need to check it out. Loose belt or failing generator. Hmm.
  4. What a nice afternoon in Portland, Oregon, for a drive in the 1939 Roadmaster. Tomorrow should also be dry. (Another drive is in the works!) Marty, it is great to see Fiorello. Someone here recently owned Jimmy Walker's 1929 Packard 640 Phaeton. Nice to see parade cars from back-to-back New York mayors.
  5. The car needs an interior somewhat like this. I know that in 1940 the interiors were less elaborate than they were in my 1939 model 81, but still, a repro like this one really makes the car shine.
  6. Do you have the domed nut and domed washer where the shift arm connects to the shaft? My 1939 Roadmaster does, now. When I got the car, it had a flat washer and a hex nut. The shifter seemed very sloppy, so I tighten the hex nut. Then I couldn't shift into 1st or reverse. I got the correct hardware on there from Dave Tacheny and everything worked fine, now. However, the shift pattern is very sloppy compared to the one in my 1949 Super.
  7. 700R16s. I wonder about the front end alignment. Toe-in.
  8. Under hard braking, my 39 Roadmaster sometimes pulls to the left, sometimes pulls to the right. Puzzling. Any thoughts?
  9. I just downloaded the owner's manual (385 page PDF). There is a "Vehicle Personalization" section about how to disable features that owners don't want to use on their new TourX. It is a really nice looking car! Please talk to the dealer and get these issues resolved.
  10. Mine is the third one in your list, the American Classic. The whitewall is the same dimension as what it would be on the old US Royal Air-Ride blackwall from 1949, as shown in the photo above. Tire height and width also seemed to be the same for both the US Royal and the American Classic. You probably shouldn't have any trouble with the 820R x 15. The 8.20 x 15 bias ply was the tire size for Roadmasters in 1949. Both Supers and Roadmasters that year were the same from the firewall back. The difference was the longer and heavier engine in the Roadmaster. Maybe others can weigh in.
  11. The TourX was tempting for me, but months ago I decided that I'd stick with my 2001 SAAB 9-5 Sportwagon. 2.3L four with a turbo. Lots of power. The five-speed manual really makes it fun to drive. I know that SAABs have their own set of issues, but I've been very happy with this car. Had it since 2004. Only 100k on the odometer.
  12. My mechanic's tire guy didn't follow directions when he put the weights on the 760R15s on my 49 Super. (I asked to have them mounted on the back side, only.) When he installed 700R16 Coker Classics on my 39 Roadmaster, he got it right--weighs on the back side, only. Both sets of tires were fresh and both sets perform very well!
  13. I've been running 7.60 x 15 America's Classic radial tires on my 1949 Super 51. Nice tires. They match the original 7.60 x 15 US Royal spare that came with my car when I purchased it from the original owner in 1978.
  14. It looks like a later engine on the 1937. Valve cover, plug cover, and oil filter canister appear to be 1940s vintage, not late 1930s. Also the turquoise paint.
  15. Pete, what a wonderful car! I took my original '49 Super 51 out to my storage location yesterday, about a half-hour away, and swapped it out with David Corbin's '39 Roadmaster 81. Both are great cars! So different, though, in their personalities. Here's a photo of the '39 Roadmaster near Franklin High School in Portland that I shot yesterday. It is similar to the photo of my '49 Super that appeared in the October 2020 Buick Bugle. Bob
  16. Good wax job! Water beading up on it. Nice car! Someone here in Portland, OR, has a very nice 1963 Buick wagon with the same color combination.
  17. I have several caps for my 1939 Roadmaster and for my 1949 Super sitting in the garage. I'll snap a photo showing both types.
  18. Two great photos of Braley & Graham Buick on West Burnside St. in Portland, Oregon. Torn down in the 1960s for construction of Interstate 405. The dealership then relocated west of town. It is now known as Beaverton Buick GMC.
  19. I had the 1949 Super 51 out both days this weekend in Portland. I ran across this largely original 1953 Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickup in the neighborhood this afternoon and I had to take a photo. Nice truck!
  20. First and reverse are not synchronized. Second and third are synchronized. You need to be completely stopped or nearly completely stopped to get into first without grinding gears. I am sure that other readers can elaborate on the topic.
  21. I recall my mechanic telling me that he loosened up the front motor mounts on my 1949 Super to push up the front of the engine a bit to get the pan out. Could that be correct?
  22. Check with David Tacheny in Minnesota. I was in a similar situation five years ago. Worn out transmission in my 1939 model 81. I put out the word on this forum and in the Buick Bugle. I ended up obtaining an NOS cluster and lightly used first-reverse slider gear and second gear from a source in California who is no longer in business. As I understand it, they are one-year-only parts. David couldn't help me with my gears then, but he has helped me with other 1939 parts.
  23. Did you buy one from someone in southern Oregon? One was for sale that looked very good. I have a 1949 Super 51 (four door). They are great road cars! I had mine out again today before we get 100 degree weather in the next few days in Portland. Everyone likes the big grille.
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