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  1. Thanks everyone, can’t wait to read through these! ❤️
  2. Hi all! The battery in our ‘39 8 special is getting low, about 2 volts out of 6. What is the best way to get it up to snuff and to keep it there? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much everyone, I can’t wait to read through this info! Thad
  4. Hi everyone! Should we cover our 39 Buick 8 Special (in garage with cement floor)? And if so, which cover would you suggest, and perhaps why? It's only a little dusty right now... Thanks! Thad from RI
  5. Thanks so much for the info! I greatly appreciate everyone taking the time to so thoughtfully respond. I enjoy reading all of them. The road we live on is a country road and has little traffic most of the time. A half mile away is a very large restaurant parking lot. I plan to drive it towards the parking lot and then learn more of the nuances there. I look forward to any other replies that can help me get going. I understand that driving it a few times a year is a good idea.
  6. Hey BuicksBuicks, like these??? https://www.mooneyesusa.com/product-p/upc5011.htm
  7. Thanks everyone, very helpful! I appreciate all of the responses and look forward to reading any more that may come in!
  8. Hello all, Looking to learn to adequately drive (just up and down the road) a 1939 Buick Eight Special. Any information would be helpful. Including links to any videos that would be exact or something very similar. Thanks! Thad from RI
  9. Thank you so much to those who gave solution oriented advice! Really helpful! Yes, it is in a garage built just to house it.
  10. Hello all, New antique car owner and new to the forum. I am looking for general advice on how to maintain a family heirloom 1939 Buick eight special. It still runs. Some general questions I have are: 1. How often do I start the car? How long to let it idle? 2. Winter is coming. Do I need to winterize the car at all? How does one go about this? 3. Looking for any other general advice people can give Thanks and looking forward to reading some responses! Thad from Rhode Island
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