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  1. Can anyone help me with how the jack was stored in a 1949 Buick Super 4 door sedan? A photo of the hold down mechanism would be great. Thanks, Glenn Manes BCA 40198 Wheat Ridge CO.
  2. Try tying the steering wheel so the front wheels are straight. I would not recommend towing very fast. Glenn Manes Wheat Ridge Co.
  3. Try heating it with a propane torch, getting it just hot enough that a paraffin candle will melt and flow into the threads when rubbed onto the end.... Glenn Manes Wheat Ridge CO
  4. Thanks Bob. The search continues. Glenn
  5. Thanks Bob, I do not know which winding it is , field or armature.
  6. Hello all, There is a member in our club who has a bad generator on his 31 model 8-67. Delco 940T2 2. We have had it to a couple of shops here in Denver area, but have had no success in getting it repaired. Does anyone have a good spare they are willing to part with, or know if a reputable shop that can possibly rebuild the one we have? We have been told that the problem is in the winding. Thanks for any help. Glenn Manes Wheat Ridge CO
  7. Morgan, I agree with Don. The babbitt looks to be in good condition. I think if you go to the local auto parts store and purchase some "plasti-gauge" ,probably about $5, and verify current clearance you will find everything to be ok. Give everything a good cleaning, adjust clearances to about .003/.004". If you haven't yet, go to regresspress.com and get yourself a reprint copy of the Buick 1918 Six Cylinder Instruction Book. There are youtube videos of plastiguage usage if you are new to that process. Good Luck Glenn Mane
  8. Morgan, Personally I think that option 2 is in your best interest for peace of mind and time. If there are any problems you will discover them in that process. The rear end itself is pretty much indestructible as long as it never was run dry, or got water contamination that sat in it for a long period of time. The whole process could be completed in a good afternoon. Good luck. Glenn Manes Wheat Ridge CO.
  9. Hugh, Looking at the wiring diagram, if you wire 2 and 3 together, I believe you would not be able to shut the engine off after started, The ignition coil would be wired indirectly to the output of the generator. Glenn Manes Wheat Ridge CO
  10. The saddle arrived this weekend and I was successful in enlarging the bore to 3/4" from 5/8". There was not a terrible amount of steel left at a couple of points but I think it will be fine. Glenn
  11. OK, I bought one on EBay today that has the smaller hole. I will see if it can stand a larger bore once it arrives. Thanks to all for the help. Glenn
  12. #18 has a 3/4" strap but only 1/2" mounting hole. But thanks again for the try. Glenn
  13. Thanks Larry, From all I have seen it looks like the 1/2 and 5/8 use the same casting, the 5/8 just has a larger hole. I am not sure there is enough meat left after the 5/8 bore to go another 1/8". I will continue my search. Worse case I can learn to do some sand casting and try to make my own from the one I do have. Glenn Manes, Wheat Ridge CO.
  14. I checked the catalog. Same problem, 1/2 or 5/8 hole. but thanks for the lead.
  15. I am in search of a top bow saddle or rest for a 1913 Buick Model 25. These saddles were pretty common for cars and carriages from this era. I have seen many of these come up on EBay. Mine is about 3 1/2" in over all length, but the mounting hole is a 3/4" bore, and all I have seen have either 1/2 or 5/8 holes. Thanks for any leads, Glenn Manes BCA 40198 Wheat Ridge CO
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