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  1. No but I did find that the engine number matches the title, thanks
  2. also does anyone know where the serial number is on a 1931 Plymouth? thanks
  3. does anyone know where the serial number is located on a 1919 Stude?
  4. looking for pictures and tech info dimensions ect. on a 1920 Packard Model E starter. or a starter of course working or not.
  5. We just got it in, The oil level if you will is about 3 inches about the full line on the dip stick and is "milky" its not gas or condensation Radiator is low.
  6. Hello, we just got a 1925 Chevy pickup and apparently the seller wasn't very forth coming. Besides head gasket or cracked block where else could it come from?
  7. hello, do you have to remove the starter to replace the solenoid? thanks in advance
  8. I just stumbled across this post searching for info. I know its an old post but here goes. I cant get my bb1 apart. The pump will not come out. any suggestions?
  9. Thanks all, I cleaned up the old one and soldered the wires back on and I am up and running. Thanks to all for the help
  10. any leads on where to find a self cancelling turn signal switch the bolts to the lower side of the steering column? Thanks in advance.
  11. Here is what I have thus far, When I turn on the right signal it stays on as normal until the steering wheel is moved then it cancels. When I rock the switch for the left signal it will not stay on I have to hold the switch in the left position. So I believe that the switch under the steering wheel is bad at least. I have to find the relay and test it. I want to thank all for your input. and thanks to m-mman for the diagram. Keep the info flowing.....