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  1. I have spoke to Dave a few times. He was able to send me some literature but no parts and doesn't know anyone.
  2. I have the engine back together, but I am in need of a starter. Any leads?
  3. does anyone know where I can find he vin #?
  4. Well we were told when we got it that it was a 16. as stated on the title. But Thanks to this forum, we might have been had. Here is a picture of the engine plate.
  5. Jon, I got it off. The following numbers are on the side U5 22363 The U5 appear to be cast into the body and the rest stamped.
  6. hello, we have a Kelly truck with a 4 cylinder Continental engine in it. The engine has a zenith carb with a governor on it. Does anyone have any information on this engine truck or setup? I need to rebuild the carb. (see photos ) Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone give some insight to this ignition switch? I have power going to it but nothing coming out. if anyone has a wiring diagram they would like to share I would appreciate it. Thanks
  8. I did find this plate on the engine.
  9. I guess I was mistaken as we did get it from this museum. They offered flatbed, stake-bed, van and bus models. This two-ton bus is a classic Stoughton 1919 model. It shows the extensive use of wood framing and paneling. These Stoughton buses were powered by either Continental, or Midwest engines, depending upon which model and/or year. It would be a few more years before wood-framed and panel buses would cease to be built, but metal was gaining favor as the new mantra! This 14-passenger Stoughton bus is on show at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, Home of the famed Spruce Goose
  10. hello, we recently got in the above bus. Can anyone tell me what this is running from the front of the motor to the intake? Thanks
  11. Well, with shipping I have $35.00 in both setup converters, but yes that's $35.00 toward the conversion. Thanks all!
  12. Update all, I got a setup converter from amazon, ($13.00) (2.25 x 2.25" 1.25 deep) 5V to 12V setup 3 Amps 36 watts. Same issue. I spoke to a local auto electric shop they said not enough amp or watts so back to amazon and for $20.00 I got a 5V to 12 V 10 AMP 120 watts ( not much bigger in overall size) a little better problem is when rolling up the voltage drops from 12.25 to 4.78 ? For shits and giggles also battery was low and I wanted to start the car, I put my jump box on it. 12volt box, standard ) windows worked fine no voltage drop. WTH? (heck) why the voltage drop I wonder? Thanks for all your input and patience with me. are far as making them hydraulic again, I was looking at over $1,000 window. EVERYTHING inside the door has been removed and changed from OEM>
  13. such as this? Share FacebookTwitterPinterest Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Roll over image to zoom in RELATED VIDEOS 360° VIEW IMAGES 6V to 12V Step Up Converter, DROK DC 12V Boost Converter DC 5V-11V to 12V Voltage Regulator Module 3A 36W Volt Transformer Power Supply for Car Stereo Radio LED Display
  14. its a 48 Super. I had a couple guys tell me that 8 volt system when running puts out around 9.5 to 10 volts and that this would make a big difference and I wouldn't have to change anything else.
  15. Hello, my problem is that somewhere down the line someone removed the hydro electric widows and replaced with 12 volt power window motors. they roll down slow and you have to help them roll up. I believe that 6 volts is just not enough power for the 12 volt motors.