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  1. never mind I found it ( I hope will know tomorrow ) Napa P# 1002. Thanks anyway!!
  2. Hello, I have a 53 IH Pickup R100 l6 needing an oil filter cartage part number. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am looking for 5 wheels is why I am asking. Thanks for the info it is helpful.
  4. so as in not a 2 pc wheel . You have to remove the whole wheel not just the "rim" leaving the spoke part on the hub.
  5. what is meant by non demountable? Thanks
  6. What size rims were on a 1913 Ford Model T? Thanks in advance.
  7. Looking for a set of 5 1913 Model T rims with or without tires. Let me know what's out there. Thanks!
  8. No but I did find that the engine number matches the title, thanks
  9. also does anyone know where the serial number is on a 1931 Plymouth? thanks
  10. does anyone know where the serial number is located on a 1919 Stude?
  11. looking for pictures and tech info dimensions ect. on a 1920 Packard Model E starter. or a starter of course working or not.
  12. We just got it in, The oil level if you will is about 3 inches about the full line on the dip stick and is "milky" its not gas or condensation Radiator is low.