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  1. Good morning all, can someone enlighten me on the transmission coil? Does it actually act as a coil there by increasing voltage?
  2. So does the positive wire run to the generator and the yellow wire with the pink connector " kill" the magneto?
  3. On the back of the magneto I see a positive and a 1(?) what is the tab for? The hot wire is going to the terminal marked 1
  4. On our 1915 Maxwell, we are not getting spark to the plugs. Coming of the ignition switch we have 6.4 volts going into what I assume is a relay.We have 6.4 volts coming out of it going to the magneto. On the magneto are 3 wires The hot going in and right across a wire coming out andon a pivoting arm a wire. On the one coming out if I jiggle the timer I get up to 3 volts on that wire on the pivoting arm wire I get .04 volts constant.I have also attach pictures as well as pictures of the switch and wiring diagram on back of switch.On the diagram the terminal unmarked I am not sure where the wire
  5. never mind I found it ( I hope will know tomorrow ) Napa P# 1002. Thanks anyway!!
  6. Hello, I have a 53 IH Pickup R100 l6 needing an oil filter cartage part number. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am looking for 5 wheels is why I am asking. Thanks for the info it is helpful.
  8. so as in not a 2 pc wheel . You have to remove the whole wheel not just the "rim" leaving the spoke part on the hub.
  9. What size rims were on a 1913 Ford Model T? Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking for a set of 5 1913 Model T rims with or without tires. Let me know what's out there. Thanks!
  11. No but I did find that the engine number matches the title, thanks
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