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  1. orde new filter and gasket from Macs. Thanks all!
  2. thanks all. I appreciate the in put. I will be changing the filter as the o ring gasket is leaking.
  3. hello, we have a 56 Meter Victoria 292 v8. Can some ID this and tell me where I might find some seals as its leaking. Thanks in advance
  4. right at the junction in the disturber
  5. Thanks all, I didn't do the conversion and the original parts are not here it is a Pentronics. I found a broken wire it was very hard to see. Runs fine.
  6. Hello, we got a 52 Chevrolet in and it has the electronic conversation points kit. We are not getting any spark. Ran fine when we got it, I am hoping someone on here has experience with it, anyway how do I go about testing this unit? Thanks
  7. Hello, my question is, can the seal around the shaft that goes into the side of the transmission be changed without tearing the transmission apart? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I am in need of the firing order of the 287, actually what I need to know is which terminal on the distributor is #1. Its location to the hold down clip? Thanks
  9. I have spoke to Dave a few times. He was able to send me some literature but no parts and doesn't know anyone.
  10. I have the engine back together, but I am in need of a starter. Any leads?
  11. does anyone know where I can find he vin #?
  12. Well we were told when we got it that it was a 16. as stated on the title. But Thanks to this forum, we might have been had. Here is a picture of the engine plate.
  13. Jon, I got it off. The following numbers are on the side U5 22363 The U5 appear to be cast into the body and the rest stamped.