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  1. As stated 56 or 57. Let me know what you have just need that main case have tail housing and bell housing. Thanks
  2. Pulled it out today 56 and 57 only has the 4 volts attaching the gear box to the bell housing nothing inside the bell housing
  3. Had anyone remove the transmission on a 56 Continental? Can it be done without pulling the converter and housing? Looks awful tight. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. where would i find a transmission rebuild kit?
  5. No drive in any range only reverse. Fluid looks good smells burnt
  6. I would assume Ford as it is a Continental.
  7. What would be the possible causes for the transmission to only work in reverse? Thanks in advance
  8. Figured out that it actually comes out from the top. Take out dash speaker and pull radio out. Thanks
  9. yes I see the nuts my question was more does it come out the front by taking off the trim its mounted in or do I actually have to pull the console and half the dash? This thing has a lot of stuff behind it
  10. Good point I took it for granted it had been restored or at least the engine rebuilt.
  11. Does anyone know how to get the radio and clock out of dash? Thanks in advance
  12. We use 10w30 STP full synthetic. We do not have the original great in ours would you mind showing some pictures of your seat and frame? Thanks in advance
  13. as title states. Let me know what you have or any leads. WTB rear defrost switch for a 1961 Chrysler 300 G Thanks
  14. Dave, So this small duct is the reason they are saying that the sedan carpet will not fit the convertible? thanks, Chester
  15. ( By the way, the 4-doors are sedans with a center post, not hardtops.) Yes I realized that after the post (No pun intended ) I have called carpet mfg's all over 2 door and 4 door but not verts. Thanks for the insight.
  16. hello, does anyone know what the difference is between the 4 door hardtop and the 4 door convertible carpet is? I need new carpet but all I can find is hardtop. Does anyone have any leads as well? Thanks in advance.
  17. as title says. let me know what you have or any leads. Thanks in advance!
  18. Good morning all, can someone enlighten me on the transmission coil? Does it actually act as a coil there by increasing voltage?
  19. So does the positive wire run to the generator and the yellow wire with the pink connector " kill" the magneto?
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