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  1. While we’re on the subject. Does anyone know the measurements of the correct badge for a 1915 touring?
  2. Ben thanks for the idea. Still no parts book. It’s a 15 C25 It’s a long project so I’ll just wing it at Hershey and rely on my Buick friends to steer me when I have that dazed look on my face
  3. STILL waiting for parts book from original order. Was hoping to have it by Hershey
  4. Same here. ordered about a month ago ??? Update got my order 9 18. Back order on one book. Nice quality reprints
  5. Hi Thanks good info I finally worked the nuts loose with heat and got the brake bands off. I do not know the length of my axles as i am not ready to take the rear end apart and haven't got any parts books yet. The car is worth replacing the axles if i can. i have machinist friends who may be able to help. Sounds like repair of originals is not recommended? I live in Harrison PM me for my phone number if you wish.
  6. I’d all so be looking for two axels for a 4 cyl 1915 if any are out there😊
  7. Thanks Applying heat is next I think.
  8. Yes! i am hoping so. new axles are not in the budget now i have a machinist friend coming to take a look Thanks
  9. Thank you Gary. I live in Maine my car came out of NH and was in the same family since new it has a lot of home made modifications. It looks to me like it was perhaps a speedster type build a long time ago. Yes I mean the round nob like fastener in the picture it seems frozen tight the shoes do move that it goes through. normally i would just "get a bigger hammer" approach but i dont dare risk breaking anything on this car:) I have been applying PB blaster on it. wont budge yet on either side. Backing plate is tight on mine. I have relined Ford A brakes. Could you tell me where to find linings for this?
  10. Hi everyone i'm new to early Buick's. just acquired this modified back in the day 1915 touring C25 i believe. Though not a candidate for restoration I plan on getting it running and keeping it as close to as is as possible. I am beginning mechanical work with the brakes. I am trying to remove the shoes for relining and having a problem with the knurled knob in the left of the picture. Is there a trick to removing it to get the shoes off or might it just be frozen and need careful persuasion? Also discovered a nasty surprise on the axle as pictured. Is there a source for replacement axles or is it a machine shop issue? ls any one know a source of useful repair and parts manuals? I'm sure i will be posting around a million more questions so thanks In advance.
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