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  1. Sold for $19,000 plus at least 17%. Went to a phone bidder.
  2. Just an update... Got the manuals yesterday
  3. I emailed David last week but haven't received a response. I could try again
  4. Has anyone ordered anything recently from the Buick Heritage Alliance? I ordered two manuals on July 28th and have yet to receive them. I tried several times emailing the contact listed on the BHA website but it is returned as undeliverable. I also emailed the BHA president last week. No response from him.
  5. It could be from the casting process. My '21 has a rod rolling around in the intake passage that would be extremely difficult to remove. The block had to have been cast around it.
  6. It turns out a 20's u-joint will not work on a '16. The newer u-joint is slightly bigger and longer. The housing hits the back of the u-joint before it can be bolted all of the way down.
  7. I was just getting ready to suggest slack in the timing gears or endplay on the water pump shaft. I had both problems on my '21 but it was more of a random knock than one that was in time with a cylinder.
  8. I have a '16 roadster with a worn out u-joint and a spare u-joint from the early to mid 20's. The newer u-joint will fit the transmission and driveshaft just fine, but is slightly bigger in diameter. Has anyone used a newer joint in an early car? It seems like it would work, but I'd hate to get it all together and find out its hitting something inside, and then have to tear it back apart again. Thanks
  9. As far as I know the pan was left bare.
  10. Here is an more recent picture showing the new top.
  11. It is a 1923 Rumely Oil Pull gasoline/kerosene tractor. This tractor is a model H 16-30 (16hp on the drawbar and 30hp on the belt). The engine is started on gasoline and when warm is switched over to kerosene. Kerosene has a tendency to preignite in a hot engine so the carburetor also has a section with water injection to prevent this. It has a two cylinder engine. The cooling system uses oil instead of water so the engine will run at a higher temperature for burning kerosene. The big box on the front is the radiator, and the exhaust is piped into the top of box and pointed upwards causing air
  12. What do I like best about it? It is unique. Many people have never heard of a Whippet. That guy on YouTube is me! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Here it is in earlier in the restoration. After some paint Not the best video but here I am driving.
  13. Here is my '26 Whippet. Body has all new wood. Just finished painting, and now it needs an interior and top.
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