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  1. All, after posting a bond, I was given the ok for registration. "Emma" is now legal again! Thank you guys, for your help! Daniel
  2. Please don't take me wrong about this but, at this point there could be a Mickey Mouse head stamped under that frame and I wouldn't care a bit!
  3. Update: The DOT investigators came for the title/registration check today. I invited them in and showed them some posts from earlier forums. I found a posting from Feb. 8, 2012 that had this same topic and photos of half-a-dozen pictures of 1946 to 1948 VIN tags showing the same screws that my car has. I also offered to call the technical advisor with them. They told me that they didn't need to talk to the advisor/historian, they were convinced. They went out to photograph and check the car for any obvious tampering evidence. They checked the numbers in their super secret files for stolen or wanted status, smiled and said, "No wrecker today, she checks out good." One more step closer! Now the file goes back to the admin DOT lady, who sends me a letter of value (hold on to your pants). I buy an insurance bond for $100 per year for three years, while it's registered, and then reverts back to a regular title. Things are seeming to get better! As a bonus, the nice DOT inspector left his high priced, State of Iowa flashlight on the fender. What a good day!
  4. Thank you so much for this photograph! This is exactly what I need to prove my case. Your screws are identical to mine. Emma and I will sing your praise!
  5. Thanks for the response. I'm feeling that when us old car guys have to deal with government, we have to teach them what is proper. That is why I was seeking corroborating evidence to state my case.
  6. Wow, what a super neat ride! The nice (hopefully) DOT investigator is coming next tuesday. I did find a really small drawing of the VIN tag in the owners manual, of all places. I have to admit it would be beneficial to get a photo of another 48 roadmaster with the same fasteners for the VIN, but these cars are hard to find, I'm learning. On a side question...Can I disconnect the hydraulics to the top to just raise and lower it until I can fix the hydraulics? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for helping me. My 48 has the tag on top of the data plate. My car has single slotted screws. There is also an identical tag on the driver's pillar. Are those phillips screws factory?
  8. Buick brothers, I am in a dilemma with my State of Iowa MVD folks. My 1948 Roadmaster has two VIN tags attached to her by screws. Is there an official publication somewhere proving that this is from the factory? Maybe pictures of other 1948 Roadmasters with the same fasteners on the VIN tags will help. Please help my "Emma" get clean paperwork! Thanks guys.
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