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  1. I’m aware that “new” sending units are sold, but does anyone sell rebuild kits for sending units? I took the sender out of my 1940 Buick super which wasn’t working and discovered that it comes apart. I figured if I can get parts, it could be repaired. I checked online and couldn’t find anything.
  2. I want to change out the diff gears in my 40 to make it more highway friendly. I am aware that it’s a straight exchange from any 1940 to 1955. My question is that somewhere on this forum is a step by step instructions, but I can’t seem to find them. Anybody know the link to where they are? Or can somebody tell me what the procedure is? What would be the best gears to use?
  3. I thought the same thing but isn’t it insulated through the rubber sealing gasket?
  4. For those that followed my other post, this is a continuation of my 1940 Buick super. I grounded the gauge wire at the trunk connection and the gauge dropped to empty. Indicating the gauge and wiring was good. So, I started tackling my gas Gauge problem today. I dropped the tank and took out the sending unit. Much to my delight the tank and sending unit was changed some where along my cars life. The tank is super clean inside! Just like new. When I took out the sending unit, it had plastic washers under the 5 screws. Is that normal? Or should I replace them with metal washers? anyway, I tested the old sending unit while I had it out, sure enough it’s bad. I got my new sending unit today, hooked it up outside the tank and the gauge works perfectly! Thanks again to everyone who helped me through this frustrating problem. I do plan on connecting a ground wire to one of the sending units screws, that’s why I’m confused about the plastic washers. Any thoughts?
  5. Anyone know what size fuel line was used on a 40 Buick super? I need to replace the entire line from the tank to the fuel pump. I was thinking of using the steel braided ptfe line. Your thoughts?
  6. I’m trying to find information on part numbers I need for my 1940 Buick Super. It has the smaller straight 8. Looking for tune up parts, plugs, points, condenser, cap and rotor.
  7. When I turn my key on in my 40 Buick super,my fuel gauge goes from empty to past full. Where do I start diagnosing the problem? Can I access the sending unit wire in the trunk? I just bought the car and the gauge was not working.
  8. Both spotlights are made by the Unity company. Model S6. So apparently they are not period correct. Does anyone know about these lights?
  9. I understand the spotlights was a option on the 1940 Buick Super. Was it common to put one on each side? I bought my Buick that way.
  10. The speedometer on my 40 Buick super works, but the odometer and trip meter doesn’t. What could be the possible cause?
  11. Thanks Ben, so any type of hydraulic oil is fine?
  12. I’m new to the classic car world, that said I recently bought a 1940 Buick super. I was wondering about the shocks, can you refill them?, if so what kind of oil do you use? How do you tell if they need replaced?
  13. There is a data plate on the frame on the right side. I don’t see a plate on the firewall.
  14. The number I gave is the number on the plate in front of the distributor.
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