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  1. So its seems that my 53 Roadmaster Riviera has an issue with vapor locking. It runs fine as long as the car is moving even in the heat of the summer here in South Florida. I'm considering doing a couple of things. 1 swap mechanical fan for electric. 2. Install an electric pump at the tank to be able to flip on in traffic and push past the vapor lock to the diaphragm pump. Looking for thoughts and input. What have you done and what did you use?
  2. So the weather has cooled and my honey do list is down to nothing. Its time to start the disassembly and swapping of the sheet metal from my parts car. Before digging in feet first I figured that I would ask you guys for any tips and tricks. The rear quarters and all front sheetmetal are getting swapped. Are all of the bolts accessable from outside in the rear wheel wells or do I have to pull the interior panels? Thanks in advance and Ill be adding photos as we go!
  3. Yes, I have both and won't be needing them in Florida!
  4. I'm pretty sure I have what you want.
  5. This car is a Super with Roadmaster quarters on it. I will be using the Roadmaster quarters on my Roadmaster. Bill had amassed a collection of very nice parts, I will be using those parts to get me that much closer to the completion of the 53 Roadmaster
  6. Just back from a nice trip through a Forrest Gump like monsoon.
  7. If you want real high quality bias ply white walls, let me know, I'm a Goodyear dealer.
  8. I am excited to say that this is coming south to me!
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