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  1. Yes, I have both and won't be needing them in Florida!
  2. I'm pretty sure I have what you want.
  3. This car is a Super with Roadmaster quarters on it. I will be using the Roadmaster quarters on my Roadmaster. Bill had amassed a collection of very nice parts, I will be using those parts to get me that much closer to the completion of the 53 Roadmaster
  4. Just back from a nice trip through a Forrest Gump like monsoon.
  5. If you want real high quality bias ply white walls, let me know, I'm a Goodyear dealer.
  6. Every bit as nice as described if not BETTER! Thanks John.
  7. I am excited to say that this is coming south to me!
  8. As always for me I am the exception! I cant see any stamping at all inside or out.
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