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  1. is there a built in adjustment to move the bolt holes back? Some other cars I've had have had the ability to move the seat back on the brackets.
  2. Thats what I was saying above. Its not Shell Grey its White
  3. The car had been repainted in its life. Its painted the same color as the paint behind the door panels and were some of the newer pain had failed and peeled. The firewall had been repainted in recent years as the PO was going through the restoration.
  4. Yes indeed. Photos and details of condition please.
  5. A shot in the dark for the fenders?
  6. I may have figured it out, I was getting my info from Here is what I've found from the color charts the previous owner just handed me
  7. From my research my car should be Shell Grey with seamist top according to the body tag. Going through paperwork posted below I see something different. I can visually see that the paint under and behind things is the original paint yet not Shell Grey?
  8. If anyone is looking for the Goodyears I am a dealer.
  9. Al, I'm not sure if you received my message?