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  1. 1949-52 Headlight Assembly . BU-185 $140.00
  2. Extra clamp may be for Dynaflow hose .small hoses for the heat system and also cooler for the transmission .Also there are 3 outlets on the water pump for small hoses also.Sorry I can’t remember how they are routed .Being a Roadmaster it would have had Dynaflow .
  3. Hello again, I did not mean to turn this post into a debate of the the car hobby.only posting my observations, fortunately for Model A and some early V 8 owners there still is some sources of interior kits for them .
  4. Most upholstery places aren’t familiar with installation of the older tops that have the tack strips that have to be nailed on unfortunately most of the people that had the older skills are gone,can’t stop the passage of time,few younger people are interested older pre war or even early post war cars , or history in general,I am making my opinion this on what I see at car shows .So LB probably had a small market for their kits . I think my 49 has on of their kits installed.
  5. Call or email Kanter and ask what parts were changed then compare the description of what is on your car..I don’t know if anyone on the forum would know what front end parts were changed.What is the car identification number on registration and title?
  6. Frame number is usually near steering gearbox on top rail if it can’t be found,call Kanter and ask them what difference in parts after the engine numbers.Maybe then you can check to see what parts are on your car.
  7. Try the number on title they normally use that for VIN.
  8. Check your car number,you will need parts for the series 50 . Number is usually on fire wall next to data plate or stamped into frame near steering gearbox.And call them with the frame number.
  9. Front shocks at 265.apiece Rear at 195. A piece plus core charge. Kanter seems to be a little higher in price but the seem to have all parts available in one
  10. Kanter has a front end kit that has much of the moving parts for a 49 it’s $ 465.00 not including shock absorbers.
  11. Hello I hope someone would continue on with the upholstery kits , but people don’t seem to be restorations of pre war cars like 20 years ago.LB were the only ones to offer the correct top boot for a 49 Buick,I had ordered one but never got it,fortunately I did get the money back.
  12. Are your shock absorbers in good condition?Now would be the time to change them if you are putting in new springs, also the upper outer pins on front may need replaced.The ignition switch is a two part assembly, the outer part the key goes in and the actual electrical switch that is mounted into the dash, that is wired into the harness. I had my shocks rebuilt by Apple ,but the are others that can rebuild them.
  13. Does the switch itself have a circuit breaker or fuses on it? Might be worth checking switch if it’s out of car with a hot lead on input and test light on the outlets and also check the input on car to make sure the switch is getting power,sounds like it is with the other lights working.