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  1. Did you try Bobs out of California?Sometimes he has parts not in his catalogue,give him a call 805 434 2963 email
  2. I agree with Hubert ,rubber items deteriorated just with age ,new fresh rubber items ,if available ,are the way to go. The brake hoses can be made , Some of the NAPA stores can do this using old ones for patterns. I once replaced a flexible fuel line on my 52 Plymouth that was a new old stock, leaked worst that the one I took off!!Changed to silicon dot 5 on my 49 Buick when rebuild the brakes with no problems that was about 3 years ago.
  3. Hello I have always been able to find new wheel or master cylinder for replacement so I have never had any relined .You could check Hemmings or the Buick Bugle,White Post Restoration advertised for years that they did this type of work, sorry I can’t recommend anyone directly for relining .Gary
  4. Exactly as Ben Bruce said posting at about same time.
  5. Hello again,the oil to the rocker arms just sort of flows out around the the arm and push rods it’s not a high pressure flow .As the rocker shaft carries the oil through to the arms with holes in line with them, as long as there is a flow of oil to all of the arms and getting supplied may be ok.
  6. Hello the fitting in the head has a very small hole to help restrict oil flow,might want to remove and clean out it and line , that old oil gets really gummy ,if you really feel adventurous,you may also want to drop the oil pan to clean it and oil pump pick up screen, probably be amazed of all the sludge in it. I had a 41 Packard that the oil screen was so plugged that it collapsed luckily it could still pull oil .hope this helps.Gary
  7. Hello, the 2 door Sedan fastback and convertible use the same skirt the four doors are recessed to fit under the Back doors so the don’t fit the 2 door types they are hard to find by the way .Also they will interchange between the Super and Roadmaster, Specials have a different skirt ,Hope this helps.Gary
  8. Love to see pre war cars on the road especially a nice 1941 Buick Gary
  9. I had ordered a top boot for my 49 Buick, as LB was the only maker of the correct on out of same material as top, tan stayfast .after not receiving it after 6 months,they said they didn’t have the material but only after contacting them several times. I finally canceled the order, and still don’t have a top boot. That was about a year ago. I wish ARO 2000 made one a good source for tops. Gary ps I seen the same thing happened in tool and die shops , the owner dies or retire and someone else takes over, and not in business long after that.
  10. Hello.Can anyone recommend a rebuilder for a 49 Buick speedometer?, it works somewhat but doesn’t return to zero but usually sits around 30 mph even when stopped ,also reads much higher that actual speed .Thanks ,Gary
  11. Hello I can remember at car shows Model A were very popular usually about half the cars were A s now seems to be rare to see any pre war cars even at AACA shows mostly rot rods and muscle cars. I have a 49 Buick and sometime it’s one of the oldest car there.
  12. Hello ,always makes my day to see a Model A Ford a 1930 Coupe was my first car I noticed the Michigan tags when I took photo.I remember driving mine in cold weather and as mentioned it was a Coupe,somewhat more snug than a roadster.Gary
  13. I agree ☝️!!And probably handle better!!
  14. Those Sedanettes are , to me ,the ultimate in 1940,s style. I had a 52 Plymouth sedan really dressed it up when I put white walls on it.Hard to find original cars in decent shape,looks good!!