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  1. Hello thank you for all of the reply’s the new rear seal is supposed to be here tomorrow ,so that will be a weekend project. I did get the supposed “new and improved “one .Have to post how well it works when I get it in ,though most anything being an improvement.leaking about a quart in 500 miles 1st though it was the Dynaflow.Thanks again for all the posts and websites,hope this can also help others.Gary
  2. Hello got the pan down and see that there is a lot rtv around rear bearing and doesn’t look if the seals on sides of block are there .At least inside the block and pan are clean also rods are numbered so assume it was rebuild some time before I bought it.Thanks for the tip.Gary
  3. Any one have use the new type seal on a straight 8 Buick and did it work process of changing mine out.Thanks Gary
  4. Hello as mentioned the 49 Buick was completely resigned from the previous years ,trunk floors were even changed mid year from horizontal mount to upright,also causing a change in the deck lid at least on the convertible,,perhaps a floor from another C body car Cadillac or 98 Oldsmobile could be used but finding one isn’t likely .If the trunk floor is pin holes rust, usually from spare tire and most of metal is still good,you may be able to sandblast both sides and use por 15 and fiberglass mat for a repair.
  5. You are welcome ,Mr Putt of ARO was quite helpful when I was installing the top on the 49 answering my almost endless emails to him ,before you take anything apart measure and photo current location and top bows,I had taken mine apart for rechrome and repaint ,lots of special bolts and washers,will help a lot when reassemble it.Glad I could help,Gary
  6. Hello you may want to check ARO 2000 website,I bought my top for a 49 Buick from him and they had a lot of information on line.
  7. Hello Steele rubber has a how to do it on you tube that may help
  8. Hello I replaced mine on a 49 Buick, originally they were held on with staples I used small screws available from Bobs when replacing them, a 55 might have small clips to hold them on .The replacement felts come in a number of different types,be sure your suppler is familiar with a 55 ,to help bend the felt strip,place them in the sun or use a hair dryer to help with the fitting to the curved areas. I also replaced mine in a 56 Cadillac that was similar to the 55 Buick and found the heat helped on fitting. Hope this helps and good luck.
  9. Hello at the of development the Dynaflow transmission was smoother than the then current Hydramatic ,it’s main issue was leaking fluid and slower acceleration, but it was one of the first available automatic transmissions .Buick were luxury cars and that’s what the original buyer was looking for not sports car performance. It’s easy to condemn 70 year old engineering compared to modern standards.
  10. Hello on the photo with gas station it was just west of Silver Creek NY on US route 5 ,apparently it was used as a restaurant after being originally a gas station, you can see the former gas pump location in front of the Buick.Attached another photo
  11. Saw this interesting abandoned gas station restaurant on route 5 near Silver Creek NY on way back from car show in Hamburg,Ny Sunday.
  12. Hello,good luck on your brake project,I have a 49 Super that the brake system was rebuild,I try to find the softest shoes available on any of the collectible cars thinking that they don’t get that much miles to wear them out on easier on drums also and may have better stopping,the 49 brakes good ,no pulling and stops in a reasonable distance. Gary
  13. Hello,The Roadmaster being more expensive when new also adds to the difference.Roughly speaking it’s about a ratio of 3 Supers to one Roadmaster. I have a Super myself and would be nice to have the extra power of a Roadmaster,still does ok in modern traffic condition s, though I do tend to stay off interstates.Hope you get a chance to rescue the 47 Buick although I have seen nothing happen with cars they are going to”fix up someday “too bad , the 1940s era Buick’s were the nicest ever built. On the Super and Roadmaster they used the same body until 1949 also the Special into 49 mid year ,cars were hard to get in early post war years.
  14. Hello,concurring troubleshooting my power windows, replacing the wire going to switch in passenger door kept getting intermittent contact with short so replacing wire from cowl area to switch.and as you mentioned adjust the window track and stops.Good luck on your project.Gary