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  1. Hello ,I have a Super with just the flat gasket,the exhaust pipe has about a 1 inch of the pipe that fits into the manifold above the flange area. I had replaced the exhaust system a few years back , so it was a repro .
  2. Hello it may be a aftermarket part , the Bombsight trim was a popular add on to cars that weren’t even Buick’s.The original ones will have a 8 digit part number cast on inside of base .The 46 ornament is different from later models as it doesn’t have the crossbar connecting the ring with inner rocket . I think they will interchange with 1947 to early 1949.
  3. Hello ,try online,Auto color library, they have paint for the older cars, in lacquer or base coat /clear coat. Be advised that it will be a new mix formula as the old color tints are no longer available.As you have some color to match to that may be the best way .
  4. Hello my 49 had what was left of the insulation too, I removed it and replaced it with the gray type you have.There was also a sprayed undercoat directly on the metal ,this may have helped to glue it on.
  5. Hello can anyone recommend a cam regrinder for a 49 Buick Super with Dynaflow? Rebuilding the engine and cam shows some wear ,just looking for a good factory grind.Thank You.
  6. Hello here are some pictures from a 49 Super convertible on the door areas .On your door picture,the Phillips screw is holding the original strip on , the part you are wondering about maybe for the door post to window frame.It is held in with stainless runner and also glued .
  7. Hello ,I used Bobs for the rubber seals on my 49 Super convertible, some were formed like the door to vent window,others were extruded,like around the door edges and were a cut and fit job. Dons must be new vendor.
  8. Hello I have a 49 jack that looks similar to the one on the left.If you have a owners manual some time they will have an illustration of the jack. I never use the original jack on the 49 but rather a floor jack under the frame rail where the x member meets the side rail on the rear.
  9. Also depending on what model you have a Super or Roadmaster body parts are a model only from the cowl back they will interchange, doors rear fenders etc. The Roadmaster will use longer fenders and hood than a Super.Engine parts will interchange from a Special to a Super,both using the 248 engine.
  10. Hello, unfortunately you may find body parts for 1949 are hard to find, being a one year only body for Buick .The doors from a 1948 to 49 Cadillac or large series Oldsmobile will also work, but they are also hard to find. Good luck on your restoration. Gary
  11. Check the fuel pump also , if the diaphragm is weak it may not be pumping enough fuel also if is is leaking it may dilute the engine oil , found this out on an expensive lesson on a 1940 Chevrolet.
  12. I would setup an electric Pump as a backup with a switch to turn it on when needed, I did this on a Packard and it worked well having vapor lock issues also when first start up after sitting for awhile.Mount it close as possible to the tank , the ones I had work better pushing fuel than pulling, also add a in line filter. Also check the existing fuel lines and flex hose for leakage ,sometime the will suck air .
  13. Hello, I masked off the letters with 1/4 masking tape,then used krylon satin black,removed the tape then cleaned up any overspray with rubber compound.Seems to be holding up been a few years since it was done.
  14. Hello, the original gauge is a mechanical type that would work with 6 or 12 volt .Getting it rebuilt maybe better than trying to cobble up an after market one .I think Bobs offers a rebuilding service or check Hemmings.
  15. Hello, I would say early 1950,s definitely not a 46 to 48 or 49 grill.The 49 grills are a two piece setup as far as the “teeth “ are concerned, there is a right and left hand side ,and also the one piece upper bar that fits over the grill to hood.
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