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  1. I might add that the Leslie that Mr. push button has pictured is autographed by Tony Curtis!
  2. Compared to what's available today, the Citroen 2-CV doesn't appear to be nearly as ugly as it once was. And, I'll bet that if I owned one for a while, it would begin to look even better.
  3. I'm okay with the '59-'61 Fords, although I favor all Galaxies, Impalas, Bonnevilles and the like, up through the early seventies.
  4. An easier way to remove the single nut on top would be to use an appropriate size deep well socket with a suitable extension end bend the rod back and forth until it fatigues and snaps off, that is, unless you want to re-use the old shock absorber.
  5. By whom? Does this hold true for Concours judges also, or anyone who compliment's one of my restorations?
  6. I've used the U-Haul option successfully several times, but the car needs to at least be a roller and you'll require a portable winch.
  7. . I was just about to write exactly the same words. Well said, Mr. Grog!
  8. As I recall, when I had a house built back in 1985 with an attached garage, the standard height for a garage door was 84 inches, with an optional height of 90 inches. Anything taller than that was considered a commercial door with a hefty price tag, and possibly violated the residential building code.
  9. . I agree! You may want to follow the great job that Eric W is doing with cleaning up the body towards the end, in the " 52 Buick Super Straight 8" thread. I'm now in denial about having any kind of disease. I recently told my wife that as long as I'm acquiring and playing with cars, you'll know that I'm healthy. When I stop, is when you should begin to worry!
  10. . Smooth move, dude! Before deciding to rebuild that 287, examine it closely. It may not need a rebuild or it may have already been done. I got lucky that way with my '57 Olds. I discovered that it already had a rebuilt short block, but the previous owner unknowingly installed a cracked head. After replacement, the engine runs perfectly.
  11. Just for the heck of it..... Does your engine have new ignition cables (spark plug wires) installed? By new, I mean modern plug wires designed for use with a modern, high output ignition system? I once encountered a gentleman with an early fifties Packard that had a hard starting condition. He nearly wore the battery down and overheated the starter before the engine would run. He stated that everything on the ignition system was new. I casually observed the "new" modern looking plug wires and asked " Mind if I try sumtin?". He was so frustrated at that point, that he said "go ahead, try anything". At that, I looked around and found a steel coat hanger and clipped the ends off and bent it into an arc and replaced his coil wire with it and said to him, "go ahead, try it". He looked at me as if he thought I was crazy, but two or three turns and the engine was running. I don't know........ I'm just sayin! Larry W
  12. This is a good clue indeed! If the spring on the points is weak or defective, it could conceivably cause the points to bounce and produce multiple inadequate sparks. Replace the points, get the engine to run, and then determine the cause of the spring breakage on the points. And from now on, carry a spare set.
  13. Learn how to weld. Then try to acquire some metal fabrication skills. Go to websites, many top fabricators are self taught. Read books on auto restoration. Keep the car and proceed slowly. Do the easiest jobs first, as you develop your skills and look back on your accomplishments, move on to the tougher ones. It may not be easy, but nothing that's worthwhile ever is. Never mind the money, you're doing this as a hobby, or you shouldn't be doing it at all. Above all, don't listen to those who say "YOU CAN'T " just because THEY CAN'T! Best of Luck to you. Post pictures of your progress, however much or little there may be. Larry W
  14. Key phrase, " I went alone". Whenever I visit a swap meet or car coral I go alone. Too often I was influenced by compadres, and past up purchases that I should've made and later regretted it. I will, however, attend a car SHOW with friends.
  15. I'm trying to figure out how committing adultery relates to a brake spring tool. Ouch!
  16. I eventually find things that I've lost always in the last place I look.
  17. Fifty three year old tires will deteriorate and leak through the sidewall, so I suppose an A/C hose would do the same. Both will break down on the outside and also within. I would take the original hoses to an A/C repair shop to have new ones fabricated.
  18. Ben and Curti are absolutely correct! However, make sure that you didn't inadvertently connect the timing light to the coil wire, (duh)), and examine the underside of the distributor cap for "carbon tracking". These consist of little lines of carbon that may look like cracks.
  19. My son was born in January of 1985, and just loves late forties and early fifties Mopars, especially since he heard one with a split exhaust. He is currently restoring a '46 Chrysler Windsor convertible.
  20. Yeah, the treatment I tried was rose colored eyeglasses. Boy, was that a mistake! Larry W
  21. I had a '65 Spitfire for a short time, when I first got married. The engine was already rebuilt, but the rest of the car needed restoration. I drove it around a little bit but couldn't keep it. I wish I could have brought it up to the level that yours is. Larry W
  22. count me in also as one of those who would admire your car and ignore the others, especially because my cousin's first car was the convertible version of yours in exactly the same color combo. It was early 1967 when I visited, and a friend was removing the cylinder heads to be sent out for a valve job. It was several days later when I returned and the engine was started. Apparently the factory stock car was fitted with dual exhaust and glass pack mufflers and I marveled at how cool it sounded. Pleasant memories! Larry W PS. I believe Land Rover still uses the 215 V8. Google "D and D fabrications". For more info.
  23. Thanks, Doug. I'll probably be there with a friend. Larry W
  24. Larry W

    Bumper ID?

    Wild guess would be early to middle fifties Chevrolet front bumper accessory bumper guard.
  25. I have two leads on Buick engine blocks for you. PM sent.