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  1. The dead fish are known as ALEWIVES. It's a Lake Michigan thing.
  2. Go to the corner of 24th avenue and 56th street. There you will find a historic plaque that designates the original site of the Jeffery, Nash, AMC, Chrysler plant. Across the railroad tracks is/was the original home of Jockey International (think underwear). Also check out the southeast corner of 30th avenue and 52nd street. The address of the plant during it's last days was 5555 30th avenue. The large building just east of the Shell station on about 28th street and 30th ave was also part of the AMC complex with an assembly line bridge from the south crossing 30th avenue. AMC also occupied an old Simmons mattress factory on the lakefront near the museum. Don't go there at night.
  3. Also Standard/Amoco in the Midwest.
  4. How's your oil pressure? Worn bearings, whether they be rod or main, are generally accompanied by low oil pressure.
  5. Approximately where is this car located? Zip code?
  6. I just discovered this thread, and it brought back memories of the only 7 Litre that I had ever seen. It was in Milwaukee at City Motors on north 37th street and Wisconsin avenue in the early seventies. This lot was sort of known for having "beat to death" but rather reasonably priced performance cars. This particular 7Litre was dark blue exterior with white vinyl top and white bucket seat interior with a four speed and console. It didn't appear to be in all that bad of condition as I recall.
  7. OMG ! What a beauty ! I'd say that car is defiantly restored and not merely revived. And, I still appreciate the uncommon four doors and inline six. Nice work!
  8. I don't think that I would worry about how often the starter is used if the engine starts on the first turn, but continual cranking on a hard starting engine would cause more undue and excessive wear and tear on the starter.
  9. I,m thinking '64 Chrysler Imperial for the white car on the left.
  10. So it seems that David Kaplan is about as real as George Caplan!
  11. I'm probably wrong but wasn't David Kaplan the mistaken identity given to Cary Grant in the movie. "North by Northwest?", that's how the name rung my bell. Larry W
  12. I can't remember exactly when production of the 4.0L inline six ceased, but I'm sure it was when aluminum V6's began appearing in Grand Cherokees. I know that the reason for the switch was because the cast iron inline six was too heavy to keep up with ever tightening CAFE mileage regulations. I was once told that the inline six would bolt right into a '65 Rambler ambassador with little or no modification as that's what the engine was originally designed for. My last day at the plant was October 22, 2010. All that remains is an empty brownfield and a plaque that tells of where the Jeffery, Nash, American Motors, Chrysler Engine plant once existed. At the museum in Kenosha is the last 4.0L engine off the line. Everyone signed it, I think my name is near the distributor boss. Larry W
  13. Just take your Jeep to your local auto parts chain and they'll run a scan on it and print out the results for free. I usually visit a couple different stores and then compare notes. Your engine was proudly produced in the old AMC (formerly Nash) plant in Kenosha Wisconsin USA at the north-east corner of 30th avenue and 60th street. I know, I helped make it!
  14. Believe it or not, your local hardware store may have what you need. Take the original brush along and, if necessary buy an oversized brush and file it down to the required shape and size.
  15. I'm glad that you bought the car! The first thing I would do is get the engine to run and then replace the water pump. A running car is more fun to play with. If the cooling system holds pressure, you're home free. If not, and you discover that the block is cracked, just get another engine. A 289 should bolt right in if you can't find another 260. They're plentiful and relatively cheap. Good luck and keep us posted of your progress. It's a cool car! Larry W
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